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March 26th, 2002

E-Zine #87

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Hello all. I got some really exiting technology to tell you about this week. It's called DigitalWebBooks and I think it's going to change digital information distribution as we now know it - forever!

DigitalWebBooks are 3D page turning digital catalogues, manuals, photo albums, etc. which can be produced with DeskTopAuthor.

DigitalWebBooks differ from past attempts to bring the look and feel of a book or catalogue to the web in that they are portable, small in file size, easy to construct and they actually emulate physical publications, with the added advantage of a simple point and click navigation. You can even send them on to a friend, customer or colleague from the internal send mail facility.

The simplicity continues - to turn the page forward you click on the right side of the page and to turn it back you click on the left side of the page. What could be simpler. No more waiting for each page to be downloaded and you can keep them saved in your folders for future reference. And who is it that said that the web would never be user friendly.

DigitalWebBooks require no plug-in, but you can choose to download a 144k plug-in and receive them in the proprietary .dnl format for further 100 to 200k file size savings. Truly amazing! You really need to see it to believe it.

Here is a sample link of an incredible VW Bora (Car). It's a self executing 18-page catalogue that is only 391K...

*VW Bora Brochure DigitalWebBook Sample Instant Download http://www.sitepronews.com/cgi-bin/ct.cgi?ad=32

The following is the same catalogue but in dnl format - 283K. *DNL Format Download (requires dnl viewer be installed) http://www.dnaml.com/download/samples/vwbora.dnl
*To View the DNL format first download the DigitalWebBook Plug-in (142K) here: http://www.digitalwebbooks.com/plugin/

There's a number of other samples available here...

You can create and send a personalized real life like Catalogue to your customer, create realistic digital manuals for your software package, produce realistic photo albums and share them with your friend and family. Make story books and novels come alive, you can finally set up your own publishing house for a pretty reasonable $98US.

A free demo version can be downloaded here...

I downloaded the demo and made up a couple of quick 2-page business cards for friends (demo version is limited to 2 pages) *check this one out... http://www.walleyetips.com/kwh.exe

I'm definitely looking into this further and will keep you posted on my findings.

Incidentally, I launched another site this week. When I first came online more than 2 years ago, it was to launch walleyetips.com BUT I somehow got a little side-tracked studying the many nuances of marketing online... ;-)
If any of you are fond of walleye fishing please take a peek at http://www.walleyetips.com

Your comments are always welcome.

Dan Porteous

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7 Ways To Make Money With Your Ezine

So, you've started an ezine, put your heart and soul into your new project ... now what? It won't be long before you begin asking yourself, "How the heck am I going to make any money with this?".

The fact is, ezines require a great deal of work. Unless you enjoy *not* being paid for your efforts, you've got to find some creative ways to generate some cash.

Here are seven proven ways that will help you to cover the costs of webhosting, e-mail software, and other tools that you'll need to publish your ezine.

1. Write Articles

You may have heard this a dozen times before, but writing articles really does work. Visit a few of the top ezine directories and search for ezines in your target market. Then, compile your list of "target" ezines and send off a personal, introduction e-mail offering your article for free publication.

more exposure = more subscribers = more sales opportunities

Just take a look at this real success story and learn how you can accumulate a fortune using this single technique:


2. Ezine Ads

Selling ads in your ezine is a great way to generate some easy cash. In fact, there are many ezine publishers who make a healthy living by using this exact formula.

Just imagine if you produced a weekly ezine and sold 5 ads at $40 per ad.

$200 in ad revenue per week x 52 weeks = $10,400 per year (pure profit!)

Solo Ad Mailings

As your ezine grows, you'll develop a list of several thousand opt-in subscribers. This list represents a goldmine of opportunity.

Why not use your list to promote related products that your subscribers would find valuable? Solo ads have been proven to be up to 50 times more effective than multiple ads contained within an ezine.

Spend some time and learn how to write compelling, persuasive ads. Click below to get a head start:


3. Sell Affiliate Products

If you're not already promoting various affiliate products within your ezine, you're seriously missing out!

Join a few programs that make sense. For example, if your ezine targets health enthusiasts, don't promote unrelated products (i.e. search engine software).

The best part is, none of your ezine subscribers need to know that your ezine ads contain your personal affiliate links!

Promote Affiliate Programs

In addition to promoting affiliate products, why not promote the affiliate programs themselves? Bear with me for a second on this ...

Seek out 2-tier affiliate programs. The beauty of 2-tier is that if you refer other affiliates into the program, you'll receive a percentage of their sales (tier-2 commissions) without doing a thing!

Include a couple of sentences in your ezine such as ...

"Here's something worth checking out ... I just signed up as an EzineAnnouncer Affiliate and instantly generated a few sales. You can sign up yourself by clicking here: www.youraffiliatelink.com"

For a directory of 2-tier affiliate programs, check out http://www.2-tier.com

4. Write a Product Review

A great way to generate some revenue is to write a product review. It's the ultimate "soft sell". At the end of the review, include a "click here for more information" hyperlink. Use your affiliate link and you'll generate some quick sales.

5. Offer a Free Gift For Subscribing

It's always a good idea to lure in new subscribers by using a desirable free gift as bait.

What should you giveaway?

There are several ebooks on the market (some are free) that you can "brand" with your own affiliate links. These could generate sales for you while you sleep!

Or, why not take a bunch of your articles and create your own ebook? You could include your ezine subscribe links throughout the ebook to drive new subscribers -- free advertising for your ezine!

To get you started, here's where you can get FREE ebook creation software (SbookBuilder):


6. Develop An Information Product

An ezine is a great way to get free exposure for your information product. Plus, if you already have a solid relationship with your readers, they're more likely to do business with you.

Many successful Internet marketers (including the author) started their business by first building a successful ezine and then launching information products that their ezine subscribers would find of value.

7. Charge For Your Ezine

Why not charge a monthly or annual fee for your ezine? If your ezine is extremely valuable and packed full of great information, chances are people will pay for it.

For starters, you could offer a free *lite* version of your ezine as a teaser. Then, use this as means to entice your subscribers to upgrade to the *paid* version.

If you'd like to find out more about how you can generate some serious cash with your *paid* ezine, learn from a real pro who's done it:


So there you have it -- seven great ways to make your ezine more profitable in record time. Give a few of these techniques a try in the next few months. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to generate some extra cash with your ezine.

(c) 2002 by Jason Potash

Jason Potash, the creator of EzineAnnouncer software, makes it easy to quickly launch your own successful ezine. Learn the 7 essential keys to ezine success. Click below for your free 4-part mini-course: http://www.ezineannouncer.com


SIM's "Tip of the Week" back issues available at... http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/ezines
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Identity Theft
Here's an excellent ebook available from the US Federal Trade Commission on the subject of identity theft. It's titled "When Bad Things Happen to your Good Name"...very eye opening. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/credit/idtheft.pdf

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Updated November 15, 2001

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How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions
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JavaScript Syndication Feeds To JavaScript-Disabled Browsers
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The Search Engine Masters Course
by Sumantra Roy

The Search Engine Masters Course is a 5 day email course on how your web site can get top rankings in the search engines.

The course teaches you how to select the most effective keywords for your site, how you can create pages designed to get top rankings in the search engines for these keywords, how you can get an optimum position in the Open Directory, how you can get a high ranking in Yahoo! and how you can improve the link popularity of your site.

One aspect of search engine promotion that the course ignored was the increasing proliferation of results from pay per click search engines in the search results of the major search engines. Many of the major search engines now display the top 3 sites from Overture (previously called Goto) in a separate section at the top of their search results. A few weeks ago, Google, which has quickly become one of the most popular engines, started its own pay per click advertising program in which the advertisers' web sites are displayed in a separate color at the right of the screen.

If you are not completely sure how the pay per click search engines work, the idea behind them is pretty simple. For instance, in the case of Overture, advertisers open an account with them and then bid for the top spots for various keywords which are applicable for their site. The position they obtain in Overture depends on how much they are prepared to pay Overture for every visitor that Overture sends to their site. The advertiser which agrees to pay the maximum amount per visitor to Overture for a particular keyword gets the top position for that keyword and the other advertisers are arranged in descending order of the amount they are willing to pay. Most of the traffic from Overture goes to the top 3 advertisers for a keyword, because most of the major search engines which display results from Overture display the top 3 sites from Overture at the top of their search results.

Google's pay per click AdWords Select program is somewhat more complex. In this case, advertisers are arranged based on a combination of how much they pay Google per visitor as well as how many times their sites are clicked on by Google's users as opposed to the sites of other advertisers.

Both Overture and Google have minimum bid requirements of 5 cents, i.e. you can't bid less than 5 cents for any phrase. Of course, there are other pay per click search engines but none of them can bring in the kind of traffic to your site that Overture and Google can - most of the other pay per click search engines don't have too many users.

However, while Overture's and Google's pay per click programs can definitely bring in a lot of traffic to your site, from the advertiser's point of view, there are several problems with both of them:

i) While 5 cents is the minimum bid requirement in both Overture and Google, for most of the popular search terms, you can expect to pay far more than 5 cents for every visitor if you want to get one of the top 3 spots in Overture or one of the top spots in Google because of the sheer amount of competition between advertisers for the top spots. For instance, in Overture, at the time that I am writing this, you will need to pay $6.53 per click for the #3 position for the keyword "web hosting" and $2.01 per click in order to get the #3 position for the keyword "internet marketing". Many small businesses will simply not be able to afford this.

ii) Most search engines which display results from Overture put the sites in a separate section called "Featured Sites" or "Sponsored Sites". Again, as mentioned earlier, Google displays the listings for its pay per click advertisers in a separate color at the right of the screen. Consumers are increasingly becoming aware that these are nothing but advertisements. Whenever human beings see an advertisement, they know that they are going to get a sales pitch for a product or service and hence, they don't come to your site with an open, ready-to-buy attitude. Thus, the conversion rates (i.e. the number of people that are buying from you as a percentage of the people who come to your site) are not likely to be very high for such pay per click listings.

iii) One way of ensuring that you get only highly targeted visitors from the pay per click search engines is to use the Title and Description of your listing to weed out the untargeted visitors. However, both Overture and Google limit the size of the Title and the Description that you can use. What is worse, some search engines like AOL which display the top 3 sites from Overture only display the Title of the listings and display the Description only when the user takes her mouse pointer over the listing. This means that you are very limited in what you can do to ensure that you get only very targeted visitors from the pay per click search engines.

iv) Overture has increasingly become very strict regarding the kinds of advertisers it accepts. For instance, if you are part of an affiliate program, and you want to advertise a direct affiliate link using Overture, it will most probably not allow you to do so.

Now, many of you gave us feedback over the last few months that while you loved the Search Engine Masters Course and would have loved to have hired us to get your site top rankings in the search engines, our prices were a bit too high for your budget. Admittedly, our prices were definitely on the steeper side. In response to this feedback, and in light of the problems that advertisers face with the existing pay per click programs (like Overture's and Google's), we decided to launch our own Pay Per Click Package.

With the Pay Per Click Package, we send targeted visitors to our customers' web sites from the major search engines at a FLAT rate of 5 cents per visitor. Customers can order the Pay Per Click Package by paying us an initial deposit of $150, which will entitle them to 3000 unique visitors. Once we have sent them the initial block of 3000 unique visitors, they can renew our service by paying us $150 for each additional block of 3000 visitors.

Here's how the package works: when a customer pays us the initial depost of $150, we will create a new domain for the customer which will be owned and operated by us. We will then optimize this new domain for the search engines for the keywords which are applicable for the customer's web site. We will add links to the customer's web site from the new domain so that the customer's web site can benefit from the traffic from the search engines. All these links will be encoded with code provided by an independent, 3rd party link tracking service called HyperTracker. We will create an account for the customer with HyperTracker and the customer will have constant access to this account so that she can monitor in real time how many visitors we have sent to her site. Once we have sent the initial block of 3000 unique visitors to the customer's web site, we will give the customer the option of renewing the service by paying us $150 for an additional block of 3000 unique visitors, and this process will continue indefinitely.

Our Pay Per Click Package is designed to solve all the problems associated with both Overture's and Google's pay per click programs:

i) While you can end up paying a lot of money per visitor if you were to bid for some of the popular keywords in Overture and Google, with the Pay Per Click Package, you pay us a FLAT rate of 5 cents per keyword, regardless of how popular the keyword is. To see what I mean, just go to http://www.overture.com and type in some of the popular keywords that are applicable for your site. Overture will display the amounts that advertisers are currently paying for each spot. You will most likely find that you will need to bid far more than 5 cents if you wanted to be within the top 3 listings. (And you won't get too much traffic unless you are within the top 3, as most of the major search engines display the top 3 results from Overture).

ii) The new domain that we will create for you will be displayed as part of the normal search results in the major search engines, rather than in a separate "Sponsored Sites" or "Featured Sites" section. This means that when users come to the new domain and then go on to your site, they will not come with the pre-conceived notion that you are trying to sell them something. This will ensure that your conversion rates will be far better with our Pay Per Click Package than with any pay per click search engine.

iii) With our Pay Per Click Package, you will be charged for a visitor only if she has clicked on the link from our domain to your web site. Once the visitor comes to our domain, she will get to read a detailed description of what your site is all about before she clicks on to your site. Hence, you will get far more targeted visitors with our Pay Per Click Package than you could have got with any pay per click search engine.

iv) Unlike Overture, you can promote direct affiliate links with our Pay Per Click Package.

The only disadvantage of our Pay Per Click Package when you compare it to either Overture's or Google's pay per click programs is that with our Pay Per Click Package, it will take at least 2-3 months before you start seeing an increase in traffic to your site (that's how long it generally takes to get web sites ranked at the top of the search engines). With Overture, your site will be displayed within 3-5 days and with Google's AdWords Select program, almost instantly.

Hence, a useful strategy that you can follow if you want to drive more traffic to your site right now is to order our Pay Per Click Package and also open accounts with Overture and Google. Then, in about 2-3 months, once you start receiving traffic from the new domain that we will create for you, you can simply stop advertising using Overture and Google.

For more information on our Pay Per Click Package, please go to our web site at:


To your success with the search engines,
Sumantra Roy

If you would like a list of the pay per click engines where you can get free advertising, just send me an e mail at mailto:dr.olthoff@nucreationsinc.com and I will be glad to get that to you.

Dr. Nancy Olthoff

If you have a promotion tip to share (or an affiliate program that would be of interest to the rest of us) or if you have a web design tip, or a specific question, please feel free to post all tips, questions, or answers to posted questions here and I will add your email or URL with it. It's FREE promotion!

Send your tips, questions or answers to:
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You can have everything in life you want if you'll
just help enough other people to get what they want!
startup marketing --Zig Ziglar

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