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November 6, 2001

E-Zine #74

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This week's Tip of the Week is from Bob Osgoodby. He discusses the significance of price in your customer's buying decision along with a number of other considerations that we all should be paying close attention to when designing our website and writing our copy.

You'll find an interesting article featured in this week's Feedback & Contributions section titled "The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey" by Joe Vitale. He discusses the power of hypnotic writing and demonstrates it's many uses within the article itself.

Jimmy Brown has just released version 2 of his "Internet Success Ladder" and it's available free in ebook format. You can download it here http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/free/isl2.exe

I've just launched a new site that has nothing to do with marketing but if any one is interested in taking a look, it's at www.thestonecafe.com - if you're into some neat rockpictures, download the free ebook. It features more than 90 high quality close-up photo's of rocks and minerals found in the pre-cambrian shield of Northern Ontario, Canada.

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Price Isn't Everything, But...

Startup Internet Marketing's Insider Report by Bob Osgoodby
Some people equate the cost of an item to its value. Others comparison shop to try to find the best price. Maybe both are correct in a way, but most try to look at the whole picture.

If someone jumped out of a dark alley, and tried to sell you a Rolex watch for fourteen dollars, you might look askance at the offer. But if that's what you wanted, you would do your homework, find out the going price, and then shop around a bit.

Would you necessarily purchase the one at the lowest cost? Maybe you wouldn't. What factors would you weigh in your decision making process?

Probably one of the strongest would be the reputation of the seller. How long have they been in business? What is their background? What is their refund policy? Do they give the appearance of a business, or do they look like that guy who jumped out of the dark alley?

If you hope to have any chance of succeeding on the web, you must address this issue. You can't expect people to buy from someone they don't know and have never met. When you deal with someone in a retail "brick and mortar" business, you are in "face to face" contact. You can also see the product offered. Since you don't have this capability when buying on the web, sellers have to address that issue in a different way.

Your name, picture, a short "bio" and phone number go a long way to allay fears a prospective customer might have. But that should not be the focus of your website - your product or service should. However, it is important to include an obvious link, that takes prospects to where they can get that information.

It is extremely important that your whole operation reeks of "professionalism". This includes not only your web site, but also all the ads that try to entice people to visit you there.

Your ads should be concise and powerful, with only one purpose, and that is to get them to your web site where you will hope to make the ultimate sale. Bad links in your ad, misspelled words, poor grammar and ads that are too long will only guarantee one thing - failure. People are bombarded with so many ads on the web, that they quickly recognize the "weekend hucksters", and learn to avoid them.

I visit several dozen web sites every day constructed by people who submit ads to us, and am appalled at the "crudity" of some. If your web site looks like it was thrown up with little effort or forethought, you really have no chance of doing business.

In the same vein, if your web site is recognizable as an affiliate program, you also have little hope of doing a decent business. Most of these ads, to put it bluntly are "tired" and are immediately recognizable from their URL. This is why it is so important for you to have your own web site. You can have links to the affiliate sites, but the whole purpose is to first sell yourself. If you do that, selling your product or service is a whole lot easier.

If your product is highly overpriced, and don't forget that shipping and handling add to the bottom line, you will quickly recognize the error of your ways. Now, price isn't everything, but you must be competitive. If someone can get the exact same thing at a lesser price, and all other things being equal, they will shop there.

You must have a guarantee! If someone is dissatisfied with your product or service, you must be prepared to refund their money. And, you must also present an image where they will believe your guarantee. If they have a way to contact you directly, your guarantee will be a whole lot more believable.

Price isn't everything if you have all the other "ducks in order". Most people are willing to pay a bit more if they are comfortable with the seller. If they aren't, price doesn't matter.

About the author:
Did you know that subscribers to Bob Osgoodby's Free Ezine the "Tip of the Day" get a Free Ad for their Business at his Web Site? Great Business and Computer Tips - Monday thru Friday. Instructions on how to place your ad are in the Newsletter. Subscribe at:


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The Story of the Hypnotic Writing Monkey
by Joe Vitale

A monkey could use this material to write a riveting sales letter, ad, or email message.

The only condition is the monkey needs to be able to read.

I'll prove it to you.

Right now I have no idea how to write this article for Larry on "How to Easily Use This Material to Get Gloriously Rich."

So, in this case, I'm the monkey.

Now follow my path....

I grab this material and flip through it -- which is what I'm doing right now -- and I spot a phrase...

"You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going to learn..."

I add to that phrase something my monkey mind gives me, "...how to get people to do your bidding by using this amazing collection of hypnotic materials."

I now have this: "You don't realize it, but in the next few minutes you're going to learn how to get people to do your bidding by using this amazing collection of hypnotic materials."

There, I just wrote a good line. Any monkey could do it, as long as said monkey can type.

If you're like me, you'll probably want another example.

Stop! Did you notice that "If you're like me..." is one of Larry's hypnotic lines? It is. It's in this book. My monkey mind found it and used it.

And "Stop!" is from his book, too. I saw it and tossed it into the above paragraph. Made you look, didn't it?

Here's a fact for you: Any man, woman, child or monkey can flip through these pages and find words, phrases, and complete sentences to help them lead and control the minds of their readers.

Hey! Did you catch what I did? The phrase "Here's a fact for you..." is also from Larry's collection. It's a way to assume logic without having any. It works.

And did you notice that "Hey!" grabbed your mind?

It, too, is from this collection. It's a powerful yet simple tool for practically yelling out your reader's name in a crowded room. It GRABS attention.

Are you beginning to see how you can use this material?

Think about making use of this collection of hypnotic material and you'll begin to feel real power.

And did you notice that "Think about making use of..." is yet another golden nugget from Larry's book?

Yes, a monkey with typing and reading skills just might be able to write a good letter with this amazing collection of tried and true hypnotic words and phrases.

But more importantly, since YOU are smarter than any monkey, by the time you finish reading this material you will be able to take these words and phrases and weave them into hypnotic letters and ads that get people to act on your commands and suggestions.

Stop! Note "by the time you finish reading..." is ALSO from Larry's priceless bag of tricks!

Can you see why I'm so excited!

As you study every word of this book you will become amazed at how easy it will be for you to start writing your own hypnotic material.

(I can't resist. "As you study every word of this book you will become..." is also swiped from Larry's collection. This is becoming way too easy.)

But let me confess something:

(Yes. "Let me confess..." is a hypnotic phrase.)

When Larry wrote to me and said he compiled this material, I was angry.

("I was angry..." is from this collection, too.)

I wanted to be the author of these gems. I even offered to help add more gems to the package if Larry would let me be co-author. He agreed, but I could barely think of anything to add! Larry already did the work---and did it very well!

The further you read into this collection, the more you will realize why professional copywriters always have "swipe files." They use them for inspiration. In this case, Larry has done ALL the leg work for you.

("The further you read into this..." is from his swipe file.)

Remember when you were in high school, and you cheated to get a passing grade? Admit it. You did, at least once. Well, this collection is your cheat-cheat.

("Remember when you were in high school..." is swiped from this book, too. Do you see how easy it is to write with this collection at hand? It's so easy I feel silly accepting money for writing material like this for clients. But not THAT silly.)

Have you noticed yet that I began with no idea of how to write this article and now, with the help of Larry's collection, have written a very interesting and maybe even hypnotic piece?

("Have you noticed yet that..." is from this fantastic swipe file, too.)

So here you are. You're holding dynamite. Do you light it and throw it in a field to watch the dirt blow up, or do you light it and throw it where you know lay hidden gold?

FACT: The choice is yours. Use this material wisely.

("FACT" is swiped, too.)

Go forth and profit.

About the author:
Joe Vitale is recognized by many to be one of the greatest living copywriters. His latest project, the Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File is a collection of over 1,550 copywriting gems that took him years to compile. This is his personal swipe file that he uses to create world famous sales letters responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars of revenue. Click here to learn more.


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My great concern is not whether you have failed,
but whether you are content with your failure.
--Abraham Lincoln

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