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September 25, 2001

E-Zine #68

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I've got a very special ebook for you this week. It's titled "Search Engine Ascent" and I can't recommend it highly enough!

Ascending the search engine ranks can be a tedious and frustrating task often hindered by misinformation.

This collection of articles from renowned search guru, Sumantra Roy will most assuredly help you claim your rightful place amongst those elusive top search results.

Each article is short and concise - designed to unlock some of the mysteries of search positioning and help you work your way to the top!



The most infectious virus yet developed has been launched. Your computer can receive the virus via the internet or email.


Merely selecting an email message...even to delete it...will activate the Nimda virus. You can also get it by visiting web pages hosted by infected servers.

Here is the article at Wired News:


The only defense, according to the article, is to DISABLE ACTIVE SCRIPTING in Internet Explorer or Outlook. Do this through the Tools/Options/Security menu.

W32.Nimda. is a double-threat, operating as a hybrid between a virus and a worm. Like Code Red, it attempts to take over IIS systems by utilizing known security holes in the Web server. However, while Code Red used only one security hole, W32.Nimda makes over 16 attempts on a system trying different exploits.

The program is also spreading itself through e-mail through an attachment called "readme.exe". If an Outlook client is not set to high security settings the virus can spread itself using the Outlook client's address book. Filtering out .exe files at the mail server should prevent the spread of W32.Nimda in this manner.

Probably the most unique way in which W32.Nimda spreads itself is through the Web server of an infected system. Once W32.Nimda infects an IIS system, it downloads a dll and gains administrative access. Compromised servers may then display a Web page prompting a visitor to download an Outlook file that contains the worm as an attachment, according to Eric Chien, program manager at Symantec Corp. in Cupertino, Calif. According to an alert on www.incidents.org, reports are that Internet Explorer 5.x will automatically execute the file, which is called "readme.eml".

Nimda also uses the traditional method of propagating through network shares. It looks for shares that allow access to the Guest account with no password required.

Here's another report on Nimda that you may want to check out http://zdnet.com/eweek/stories/general/0,11011,2813122,00.html

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Dan Porteous

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The Hypnotic Power of Confusion

Startup Internet Marketing's Insider Report by Joe Vitale

"Did you walk to work or carry a lunch?"


My father asked me that question more than 25 years ago. I still remember it. Why? Because it's a ridiculous question.

A famous comedian in the 1950s used to ask people, "Got a banana?" The question might make sense if asked in the right situation, but he asked it everywhere. I've forgotten the name of the comedian, but I still recall his question. Why? Because it's strange.

As I write this, I am creating new business cards for myself. I decided to add a confusing line to it. After some fun brainstorming with my girlfriend, I settled on, "Ask me about the monkey."

Why is "Ask me about the monkey?" worth putting on my business card? As with my father's question and the comedian's question, it stops your brain in its tracks. It makes you pause. It makes you focus on ME. The theory is that once you stop someone with a confusing line, you can then implant a hypnotic command right after it.

In other words, if I write something like, "Apples desk fly dirt," and then follow it with, "Read my new ebook," the chances are very high that you are going to want to read my new ebook.

Why? Because the first line jammed your mind, and the second line slipped into your brain while you weren't looking. I've just upped the odds that you will buy my new e-book. And if you don't, of course, it doesn't matter because I never really told you to go buy it. See?

The same thing will happen on my new business cards. Since I'm now known as "The World's First Hypnotic Marketer," I wanted a strange, confusing line on my new card. When someone sees, "Ask me about the monkey," and then asks me about the monkey, I can simply point out that I practice hypnotic selling and I just got them to do what I wanted.

The Japanese practice this "hypnotic confusion," but probably unknowingly. A friend of mine who flew to Japan reported to me that the English phrases on all the Japanese products were bizarre. A tube of toothpaste might say, "Green days you not sing." A box of cookies might say, "Wood above fish."

How can you use this secret right now? Don't be afraid to be confusing. People tend to sort out whatever you say anyway and make sense out of it using their own terms. If you are describing your product in great detail, be willing to toss in something odd. It may increase sales.

If not, swirl up!

About the author:
Joe Vitale is recognized by many to be one of the greatest living copywriters. His latest project, the Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File is a collection of over 1,550 copywriting gems that took him years to compile. This is his personal swipe file that he uses to create world famous sales letters responsible for generating millions and millions of dollars of revenue.

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Search Engine Ascent
This free ebook features a collection of articles from renowned search guru, Sumantra Roy. They will help you improve your positioning in the search engines. Each article is short and concise - designed to unlock some of the mysteries of search positioning and help you work your way to the top!

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Advanced Hypnotic Writing

Advanced Hypnotic Writing is the sequel to Joe Vitale's blockbuster "Hypnotic Writing." It reveals how to use the phenomenon of hypnotic suggestion to turn your words into cash.

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No. It's generating MORE leads and sales from the dollars you're ALREADY spending. Let me explain....

Ads, sales letters, and web pages are much like salespeople. When they're compelling, they...

- Draw your prospects in like powerful magnets...
- Motivate your prospects with strong benefits...
- Instill fear of loss...
- Make sales for you, without any need for human contact....

However, when they're NOT compelling, they're like mediocre salespeople...


Can I be frank?

Unless your ads, letters, or web pages were penned by an experienced ad copywriter, they're bringing you just a FRACTION of the response they SHOULD be generating. And you may not even realize it!


Here's how I know....

Businesspeople who write their own copy - unless they've studied the science of writing "sales copy" - inevitably write about:

- Themselves...
- Their companies...
- What they're selling...

It's only natural; it's how we were taught to write in school.

Prospects, however, DON'T CARE about you, your company, or what you're selling. Their only concern is, "What am I going to get out of it? What's in it for ME?". For this reason, you must tell your prospects:


How can you tell if your ads, letters, or web pages are overly focused on you and what you're selling?

If your company name, the name of your product, and/or the words "I", "we", or "our" appear in your materials even half as often as the word "you", you're losing at least 50% of the new customers you SHOULD be getting!


Make this simple change today.

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