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August 14, 2001

E-Zine #63

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I've made arrangements with Tino Hartung, from the Network for Professional Webmasters, for a special offering of his "Private Members Area" at Webhomez.net to all Insider Report subscribers.

I am currently working with Tino on a cross-promotion and he has agreed to give our SIM subscribers lifetime acess to his members area for just $9.95. This is a significant discount from his regular selling price of $17.95.

Members get access to 40 homepage templates including frame templates, tables templates, css templates, and even basic HTML templates for beginners. I've had a look a these and they alone are well worth the price of admission.

Also included are 3 eBooks, access to Tino's download area, access to his link list, and access to his online community.

This offer is for SIM subscribers ONLY and is available for a limited time only so take a few minutes now and check it out at webhomez.net/special7offer.html

I've got a new ebook for you this week. It's titled "How to Suck Up Hungry Customers Faster Than a Vacuum Cleaner on Steroids!" It's written by Sydney Johnston, author of Make Your Net Auction Sell!

Syndey shares her insider strategies for getting the most out of marketing on eBay and any other auction sites. She has made a living with auctions since 1997.

Today on www.100hot.com, the most heavily trafficked internet sites are:
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.1. Yahoo
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.2. Microsoft
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.3. Lycos
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.8. Excite
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.12. eBay
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.15. Nbci
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.18. Softseek/zdnet
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.19. Amazon
The Insider Report delivers timely tips on Internet Marketing, Online Advertising and Website Promotion.20. Cnet

How would you like to have YOUR products or services listed on these giants? For prices ranging from FREE to $1.20 per month? You can!

What do these biggies have in common?

They all have auction sites – meaning GUARANTEED placement. And they're cheap! At this time, Yahoo, eBay and Amazon charge for auction listings – the others are free! If you know how, you can use these auctions to promote your business – regardless of what it is. Fascinating!

You can download this new ebook free of charge here... http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/free/hungry.exe

Be sure to check out this weeks "Feedback & Contributions" for an inside look at META SEARCH ENGINES. Jim Daniels explains what these are, how to use them, and where to find the ones of worth. If you'd like to find things in a fraction of the time you're used to, I suggest you read Jim's report.

Your comments are always welcome.

Dan Porteous

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Make viewing EASY! See this report with your web browser. (graphics, hyperlinks and all--much easier and more fun to read) Clicking on the following link will take you there...

Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis

Understanding your Website's traffic logs is a crucial component of your online marketing mix. It tells you what your visitors do, of their own volition, so it's "market research that cannot lie!"

If you understand what you're seeing, you can make some great strategic and marketing decisions, not only for your Website, but for your business as a whole.

Here are seven key marketing elements to study in your traffic analysis:
  1. General Statistics

    Remember that a "hit" is recorded every time the visitor gets an image or some text from your site -- what you need to know is unique user sessions, and how much time people spend on the site -- how "sticky" and engaging it is. If you have tons of traffic, but the average time spent on your site is less than a minute -- you've got a problem!

  2. Most and Least Requested Pages

    So what's really hot, and what's not on your site? The most popular pages give you great clues as to what to offer more of. The least viewed pages may tell you that some of your content isn't as fascinating as you think, or this maybe a heads-up that your navigation isn't driving traffic as effectively as it should.

  3. Top Entry and Exit Pages

    These are great reminders that not all your visitors come through your home page, so you need complete navigation on every entry point to your site. And if people are leaving from pages that you don't want them to, perhaps you need stronger calls to action in those areas.

  4. Single Access Pages

    These are the pages where a visitor looks at the site then leaves immediately. Since the job of your home page is partly to filter the traffic that's not right for you, there'll always be some of these. But if you have a splash page, and significant numbers of visitors don't stay through it... perhaps it shouldn't be there?

  5. Cities, States and Countries

    No, your site isn't a huge hit just in Virginia -- those are all the AOL users! Unfortunately, because this information depends on where the ISP is based, it can be pretty misleading. But if you are getting a lot of hits from other countries, that might be a hint for some second language content.

  6. Referring URL's

    This tells you which search engines are sending you traffic, and which of your advertising and linking strategies are working. It also tells you about sites that may have links to you that you didn't know about -- check these out -- it's a great relationship builder to send a thank you -- you might even get some new business from it!

  7. Top Search Keywords and Phrases

    Once the search engines have listed your site, these tell you what the really hot search terms are for your business. Pay attention to these -- they may have some surprises -- one of my clients recently wrote a book on a subject that was really sought after on her site -- until she saw the top keywords, she had no idea it was so popular!
About the author:
Philippa Gamse, CyberSpeaker, is an internationally recognized e-business strategist. Check out her free tipsheet "Beyond the Search Engines" for 17 ideas to promote your Website. Philippa can be reached at (831) 465-0317 or mailto:pgamse@CyberSpeaker.com


SIM's "Tip of the Week" back issues available at... http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/ezines/archive2.html and http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/ezines
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Photoshop Tips
Recently I came across a very nice photoshop site that
has some very useful and unique information. GFX^TM has
some nice tutorials but the thing that stands out the
most are the 220 (and more all the time!) Photoshop 6
tips that will help even the most experienced photoshop
users... There is even a daily tip on the site. I've found
this site to be a great resource and I hope others will too.

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*Mastering Search Engine Placement
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*How to write sales-clinching copy on the Net.

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Postmaster from Online Automation is the ultimate software for turning your marketing system into a predictable, turn-key, cash-flow generating machine that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even when you are not!

The Postmaster program has been rated as the best choice by many well known marketers such as Terry Dean, Norm Sailer and numerous more. Automation Online features an online version of the Postmaster program available on a monthly fee basis.

This affiliate program has been one of my most profitable over the long haul. Here's the links you'll need if you want to check it out for yourself...

Postmaster Software:
*Product Info
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*Affiliate Info
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Postmaster Online:
*Product and Affiliate Info
- http://www.postmasteronline.com/home/10758

If you'd like to try it out, there's a free download version available at... http://post-master.net/rs/sims/dlform.shtml

* Check out SIM's Top "10" Affiliate Review at
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Conversations With Millionaires
The Ezine Publisher's Blues: Is NOT Publishing an Ezine the Answer? - Part One of Two
STOP! Don't Click That Link!
Pump Up Your Affiliates
Selecting the Perfect Background and Font for Your Website
Good Web Design: Create A Custom 404 Error Page
FREE Course on Search Engine Placement
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Having Trouble Finding Things?

The number one reason people visit the world wide web is to find something. That's right, people rarely "surf" the web...

More often than not, a visit to the web is prompted by the need to locate something. Whether it be information on how to start a business, the cheapest airline ticket to Las Vegas or that new portable air conditioner you've been looking for, people want something _specific_ from each web surfing session.

So of all the things you discover online, perhaps the greatest is the skill or ability to find things. After all, who out there hasn't spent literally hours searching for something online, only to end up cursing the computer and going to bed empty-handed at 2 in the morning? ;-)

Well today I'd like to help you save precious time by giving you the ability to find everything you need online a lot faster. No, I'm not going to introduce you to search engines, you probably know all about them already. Instead, I'm going to point you to the web's "meta" search engines.

What is a meta search engine?

Contrary to some people's beliefs, meta search engines do NOT search through meta tags. Put simply, a meta search engine is a search engine that searches other search engines!

When you search on a meta search engine it queries a host of databases simultaneously and returns the results to you in one list. True meta search engines represent a significant advancement in the science of searching the web.

I've been using meta engines to find things for years. Yet many people still do not know of their existence. Instead, they search like I used to -- laboring from one search engine to the next, wasting time looking through hundreds of listings at each. There is a better way, and it's 100% free!

Why use a meta search engine?

The major advantage of a meta search engine is the ability to access a cross section of engines on the web thereby greatly enhancing the coverage of your search. And a good meta search engine provides significantly more coverage than any one engine can, all within the same few seconds it takes to search any one engine.

So what meta search engines are the best?

First of all, I have to admit, I had a lot of help writing today's tip. I'm far from an expert on meta search engines so I called in a pro who has done lots of research. Megan from http://metasearchguide.com/ consults for Internet start-ups in the UK and lectures in the field of International Internet marketing. She knows meta search engines and what makes them tick! At her site she reveals her top picks. She also advises visitors to beware of the phony meta engines ...

"When reviewing the meta search engines it was interesting to see how many engines claimed to search a wide range of traditional search engines but if you actually take the time to investigate the results pages you'll see that a fair bit of bluffing is going on."

At Megan's guide ( www.metasearchguide.com ) she also explains deep space searching technology and reviews the meta search engines that offer it, and then reviews the standard meta search engines.

I tried all of the meta search engines listed at her site and my favorites are as follows...
  • http://www.profusion.com/
    Clean interface and easy to use. Shows a relevancy percentage on the results and enables printer friendly formatting and email results functionality.

  • http://www.IxQuick.com/
    This one includes searching for MP3 and Pictures and the interface is simple and easy to use.

  • http://www.one2seek.com/
    Searches About.com, Fast, One2seekDir, Google and Northern Light engines simultaneously. A clean look and simple to use. Also offers a family filter.

  • http://www.dogpile.com/
    My personal favorite, this one searches on about 16 engines and shows the results of pay per click search engines first.
That's it for today's tip.

If you're serious about finding things in a fraction of the time you're used to, I suggest you choose a meta search engine from Megan's http://metasearchguide.com/ site and bookmark it as your new search page.

Tip by Jim Daniels of http://www.bizweb2000.com and

If you're starting or growing a business online, Jim can help you through every crucial step at his new web-based guide... http://www.make-a-living-online.com

If you have a promotion tip to share (or an affiliate program that would be of interest to the rest of us) or if you have a web design tip, or a specific question, please feel free to post all tips, questions, or answers to posted questions here and I will add your email or URL with it. It's FREE promotion!

Send your tips, questions or answers to:
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Life is a succession of lessons which must be    
lived to be understood. --Ralph Waldo Emerson


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