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April 20, 2004
E-Zine #139

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First, a warm WELCOME! to all new subscribers!

I was recently introduced to some new software by Jason Bradley called "Cover Software Pro."

To cut to the chase, I was very impressed with how easily CSP creates professional looking covers. As a matter of fact, I'm sure this is the same software that most professional graphics people are using to produce covers that they're charging hundreds for.

The software plugs into Photoshop (version 6.0 or higher) and the support videos that come with it take care of the rest making the entire process quite seamless.

The support videos alone are well-worth the cost of the software. They're loaded with neat little tricks that I'll be using from now on with all my graphic work.

If you have Adobe Photoshop version 6.0 or higher installed on your computer, this is probably the single, most important discovery you'll come across all year.

I know I'll be using it for every ebook, report, and piece of software I sell or give away from now on. If you're in the online information business, you need to seriously consider what CSP can do for you.

It's simple to use and it will pay you dividends. Jason says the software has increased sales by as much as 300% and beyond. After watching just one video and producing my first cover. I would expect no less...

Take a look at my first cover produced right out of the box...

...now tell me that's not stunning!

Here's where you can grab your own copy of this software...

In my opinion, Jason over-delivers with this product and I have no reservations about recommending it. If you have any questions, contact me... I'll be happy to help if I can.

Dan Porteous

Cover Software Pro
Featured Sponsor
Cover Software Pro

Cover Software Pro
startup marketing and website promotion
Images Sell...

If your graphic is bad you're losing sales each and every day. So why not make yours the absolute BEST it can be.

With "Cover Software Pro" your ebook/software covers will look like a professional designed them...

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Secret Formulas for Writing Headlines That Sell

We all know the importance of a powerful headline. However, writing a great headline isn't as easy as it sounds.

An effective headline will literally force your potential customers to learn more. It will instantly ignite a certain emotion and intrigue them to read on.

In order to write an effective headline, you must learn how to use specific words to achieve a specific reaction.

Before writing your headline, you must first learn a little bit about the basic human motivators. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, human behavior is always the result of one or more of five basic needs. He listed these needs in a sequence that he refers to as "the hierarchy of human needs."

He believes that until a less important need is met there won't be any desire to pursue a more important need. Below are the five human motivators, beginning with the basic needs and continuing to the most important needs.
  1. Physiological - Basic human needs include hunger, thirst, shelter, clothing and sex.
  2. Safety (Security) - Human need for physical, emotional and financial security.
  3. Social (Affiliation) - Human need for love, affection, companionship and acceptance.
  4. Esteem (Self Esteem) - Human need for achievement, recognition, attention and respect.
  5. Self-actualization - Human need to reach their full potential.
When you are aware of the basic human needs, you can incorporate these needs into your writing. A great headline will appeal to your potential customers' emotions. You must feel their needs, wants and desires and write your headlines with passion and emotion.

When writing your headlines, keep in mind, you only have a few seconds to grab your potential customers' attention. If your headline doesn't immediately catch their attention, they'll simply move on and never return. Below are several different formulas used by professional copywriters to write compelling headlines.

How to

"How to Increase Your Sales Up to 500% by Using This One Simple Strategy"

Headlines beginning with 'how to' are very successful, as the Internet is all about information. Internet users have a strong desire to learn. A headline beginning with 'how to' immediately grabs your potential customers' attention and forces them to read on.


"Are You Sick and Tired of Working For Someone Else?"

Headlines written in the form of a question are very effective, as they appeal to your potential customers' emotions. When they read a headline written as a question, they'll answer the question in their mind. If the question identifies a specific need, want or desire, they'll read on.


"Double Your Income Within the Next 12 months -- Guaranteed!"

A command headline focuses on the most important benefit your product or service has to offer. It instantly demands your potential customers' attention and intrigues them to read on.


"Announcing a Brand New Breakthrough in E-Publishing"

News headlines are very effective and used to announce new products and services. They are written in the form of an announcement or introduction and create curiosity.


"Internet Marketing Exclusive is Pure Genius -- Our Sales Have Increased by 40%!"

Headlines written in the form of a testimonial are very effective, as they instantly begin building trust.

When writing your headlines, certain words, when combined together, will literally draw your readers' attention to your ad. Below are of few of these "Power Words" that consistently work.

Breakthrough Love Revealed
Discover Master Scientific
Discovery Money Secret
Easy New Shocked
Free Powerful Shocking
Guaranteed Profits Ultimate
Hidden Proven Uncovered
Incredible Results You, Your

According to a Yale University study, the following words are the most powerful words in the English language.

Money New You
Discovery Love Results
Save Health Guaranteed
Easy Proven Safety

Just as certain words ignite different emotions, certain subjects have a broader interest than others do. Some of the most popular subjects include wealth, love, health and safety.

Take your time and try the different formulas according to your needs. Use a combination of the power words and write a headline that sells. By learning the art of writing headlines that focus on the basic human needs and emotions, you can increase your sales considerably.


Article by Shelley Lowery - Copywrite 2004
Shelley Lowery is the author of Ebook Starter - A complete ebook design kit. Subscribe to Etips, for a wealth of quality information to assist you in Web Design, Internet Marketing & Ecommerce. All new subscribers receive a free copy of the highly acclaimed ebook, "Killer Internet Marketing Strategies." http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/wdm

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ONLINE WEEKLY REPORTS  (change weekly)

Is Your Marketing Strategy Killing Your Profits
With the wrong marketing strategy you could be killing your profits and limiting your business. If you know where you want to go and how to get there, your marketing tactics will help you attract many more clients... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipmarketing.html

Finding Your Home Business Niche
When some folks begin to think about a business of their own, they know in that very moment what kind they are going to start. Then, there are the rest of us... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipsales.html

Send Five Brochures
Over the years, I've found that just about everybody uses sales letters. Most agree that sending out sales letters is one of the best tried-and-true marketing methods around. Here's a variation on the old sales letter that is pure genius... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipbiz.html

Selecting a Quality Web Host
When selecting a professional web host, your first consideration should be the company. Check out their background. Talk with some of their customers and ask them if they've been satisfied with their service... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipdesign.html

Secure Servers
When you are viewing a page with an https://... URL and the lock on your browser is closed, it means you have a secure connection to a server. The server on a secure connection is often thought of as a "secure server," but that isn't necessarily true... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipsite.html

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Is "Spyware" Watching You?
  --a special report by Jim Edwards
Spyware is software that gets onto your computer and literally "spies" on your activities. The spying can range from relatively harmless use of cookies tracking you across multiple websites to extremely dangerous "keystroke loggers" which record passwords, credit cards, and other personal data... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/ezines/spyware.html

KwMap.net is a complex keyword refining tool, aiming to help you discover new keywords. It is a fact that search engines can only help you in finding something if you know the right keywords.
- sample map is using keyword "StartupInternetMarketing.com"

Free eBook and Software Tool
Learn how to increase your link popularity and get targeted traffic with this free download from Arelis - includes freeware tool for checking your link popularity... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/free/linkpop.pdf
Note: to download simply right-click and select "Save Target As"


    Syndicate Your Headlines Using RSS
    RSS is quickly becoming the standard choice for delivering
    syndicated web content. Have you ever wanted to syndicate
    your own content? RSS may be just what you've been looking
    for. This free report by Shelley Lowery will get you started...

    The Birth of a Professional Website
    This free download is brand new and available from the SIM
    site ONLY. It's a compilation of 10 articles by Shelley Lowery
    that completely covers the job of launching a professional
    website, as only Shelley can. HIGHLY recommended...

    Internet Marketing Basics
    If you're not TOTALLY familiar with the BASICS of marketing
    online then you owe it to yourself to grab AND read this
    dynamic 39-page report by Shelley Lowery. She discusses the
    many aspects involved with bringing your business online...


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    *Make Your Price Sell, The Masters Course

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The 13 Worst Marketing Mistakes

Are you disappointed? Your ads drawing minimal results?

Well, I've got great news for you, because we're going to change that forever right here and right now!

Let me show you which mistakes are killing your profits. And precisely how to correct them. And you'll soon have a powerful set of weapons to make sure all your efforts generate cash.

Mistake #1
Marketing To The Wrong Audience
Even with the world’s best product, copy and price - if you try to sell it to the wrong people, you'll flop.
Mistake #2
Assuming You Know What Your Customers Want
Listen to what your market has to say. Offer products based on your customers' answers.
Mistake #3
Focusing Your Copy On You
Customers don't care about your product. So talk directly to their problems, needs and desires.
Mistake #4
Assuming You Know What Your Customers Value Most
Poll your customers. Then adjust the benefits in your copy accordingly.
Mistake #5
You Think Your Ad Or Your Product Are Important
Forget about your ad and its fancy layout. Concentrate on hitting your customers right between the eyes with the most potent benefit you have to offer.
Mistake #6
Blindly Accepting Your Mail Will Reach Its Destination
Did you know that huge quantities of email are being dumped as spam? Remember, if your mail doesn't reach its destination, you can't sell!
Mistake #7
Blindly Accepting That People Will Open Your Mail
How many of us run through our in box with our finger on the delete button?

So follow the rules that ensure your mail gets opened.
Mistake #8
Assuming You Have Your Prospect's Undivided Attention
You're competing against everything that vies for your prospect's attention - other businesses, and their work, family, and hobbies.

So write hard-driving, persuasive pieces packed with so many benefits, your prospect can't help but be interested.
Mistake #9
Being Deceitful Or "Standing Too Close To The Shade"
Unfortunately, some get swept away by their own greed.

Better to solve your customers' problems, help them, and deliver more than you promised.

And you'll sleep well at night!
Mistake #10
Failing To Track Your Results
You should key your ads, sales letters and news releases to track precisely what's working and what isn't - which marketing efforts to stick with and which to modify or abandon.
Mistake #11
Not Having A Profitably Planned Follow-up Campaign
It's much easier and less costly to sell to someone who's already bought from you than it is to bring in new business.

Follow up from every sale. Strike while the iron is hot.

Send follow-up mailings at least every quarter. Build on their trust in you.
Mistake #12
You’re Trying To Sell Unrelated Products
You can't follow-up effectively with unrelated products. Pick an area to specialize in and offer the best group of related products that you can.
Mistake #13
Changing Your Marketing Out Of Boredom
If the market continues to respond to your promotions, don't change it!
. . .

Copywrite 2004 - All rights reserved.
Jonathan Gray has been helping people succeed in
small business for three years. Join his free "Help For
Beginners" Course now - free tips on HOW to do it;
WHERE to go: http://www.businessrich.com

If you have a promotion tip to share (or an affiliate program that would be of interest to the rest of us) or if you have a web design tip, or a specific question, please feel free to post all tips, questions, or answers to posted questions here and I will add your email or URL with it. It's FREE promotion!

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Consumer Trends

Here are a few of the findings from a recent survey by DoubleClick on consumer's perception of email and spam. Anybody regularly sending emails to more than a few people should take note:
  • 63% look at the FROM line when determining whether or not to open an email. This is up from lsat year.

  • When looking at subject lines, 59% report discount offers to be a primary reason for opening permission emails.

  • 27% of people who clickthrough on special offers from retailers buy right then and there, but an even great number, 37%, return to buy later.

  • 65% of men and 56% of women consider frequent email from a company they've done business with to be spam.

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