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December 2, 2003

E-Zine #130

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First, a warm WELCOME! to all new subscribers!

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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting, or to give it its full name, search engine optimization copywriting or search engine copywriting, is the technique of writing the viewable text on a web page in such a way that it reads well for the surfer, and also targets specific search terms. Its purpose is to rank highly in the search engines for the targeted search terms.

As well as the viewable text, SEO Copywriting usually optimizes other on-page elements for the targeted search terms. These include the Title, Description and Keywords tags, headings and alt text.

The idea behind SEO Copywriting is that search engines want genuine content pages and not additional pages (often called "doorway pages") that are created for the sole purpose of achieving high rankings. Therefore, the engines cannot possibly view SEO copywritten pages as undesirable, and the rankings they achieve tend to be as stable as those that are achieved by other search engine optimization techniques.

Practitioners of the search engine copywriting method recommend around 250 viewable words per page, with one, or at most two, targeted search terms strategically placed within the text and other on-page elements.

SEO Copywriting Strengths

One thing that can be said about search engine optimization copywriting is that works for suitable websites and for suitable search terms (see below). SEO Copywriting can achieve rankings that tend to do well across the search engines, although no page can do equally well in all engines.

It is sometimes said by practitioners of search engine optimization copywriting, that the method tends to maintain its rankings as the engines tweak and change their algorithms, whereas other methods produce less stable rankings.

This can't be true. If 2 pages are in the top 10 search results; one getting there by the SEO copywriting method and the other by different search engine optimization techniques, they are both there because they match the engine's criteria (algorithm) quite well. When the criteria is changed, the match that each of them had is necessarily changed. The matches could become closer to, or further from, the engine's criteria. Whether each page goes up or down in the results depends on what changes have been made to the engine's criteria. It is a matter of chance, and not a matter of whether SEO copywriting was used or not.

SEO Copywriting Weaknesses

1. Competitive Search Terms

The technique only works for search terms that are not particularly competitive. Competitive search terms are those where many people are trying very hard to gain the top rankings for their sites. Casino, s. e. x, insurance, health and hotels sites are among the most competitive, and there are many other topics where people fight for rankings. For medium to highly competitive search terms, other, more vigorous, methods are needed.

2. Suitable Sites

Not all websites are suitable for SEO Copywriting. Many simply don't have sufficient text on their pages, and adding text would spoil the design or nature of the sites. Also, some sites that do have sufficient text sometimes don't want to be forced into changing what is written on the pages, just for the sake of the search engines.

3. Cost, and the Limitation of Targeted Search Terms

SEO Copywriting is a time-consuming process, and professional SEO copywriters are not cheap, therefore the cost of each page is significant. Since each page can target only one or two search terms, it would usually require a good number of pages to be made-over in order to target all the required search terms.

4. Tied to a Copywriter

What happens when a website owner finds it necessary to alter the text on a page that has been worked on by a professional SEO copywriter? It can't be done without either ruining the costly SEO work and, with it, the page's rankings, or re-hiring a professional copywriter to redo the work once the changes have been made.

5. Slipping in the Rankings

If a page is successfully optimized by SEO Copywriting, and is ranked in the top 10 search results for its targeted search term, then the optimization was worth the cost. But what happens when someone else decides to optimize a page from a different website for the same search term? If their optimization technique is successful, and the page gets into the top 10, the #10 page will slip to #11 - and off the first page of results. Then suppose another website does the same thing...and another...and another.

Sooner or later, the successful page will slip from the first page of search results. As soon as people decide to optimize their pages for the chosen search terms, existing top 10 pages are on the way down. Then what?

If the sliding pages were professionally SEO copywritten, there is nothing else that the technique can do for them, or if it can, the whole costly copywriting process must be redone. Adding one or two instances of the target search terms isn't merely a case of typing them in somewhere, because the final text still needs to read well for the site visitors. Again, the website owner is tied to a copywriter.


SEO Copywriting is good when there are not many search terms to target the search terms are on the low to middle end of competitiveness money isn't a problem, or if it is your own website you don't mind the text on your pages being frozen (if money does matter)

Otherwise, 'search engine friendly' techniques should always be done as a first measure, and real search engine optimization should be done for the search terms for which 'search engine friendly' techniques are unsuccessful.

NOTE: Competitive search terms are not necessarily those where millions of results are returned. They are those where people are competing hard for the top positions. There's a big difference.

Copywriting Tutorial

This article is about SEO copywriting and not about copywriting in general. Copywriting is a specialized field, which has the ability to make a website successful - or not. Those of us without that skill can flounder along or we can enlist the help of one of the best in the business. This copywriting tutorial is the best that I've found on the web, and I thoroughly recommend reading it. http://adcopywriting.com/Tutorials_List.htm

SEO copywriting and normal copywriting don't always mix very well, but it is worth taking the time to integrate them as far as is possible. After all, SEO copywriting will help to bring people from the search engines to the website but, if the website fails to sell itself or its products to those people, there isn't much point in them coming.

. . .

Article by Phil Craven of http://webworkshop.net This Website is filled with information and articles on Search Engine Optimization.

SIM's "Tip of the Week" back issues available at... http://www.startupinternetmarketing.com/ezines

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The Birth of a Professional Website
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Guerrilla Marketing Integrated Marketing
One of the key factors in marketing tody is integration. Integrated marketing gives your campaign a life of its own...

Rules, Regs, and Recommendations for Search Engine Copywriting -Copywriting is a primary factor when it comes to achieving good search engine placement. However, many times all that is done is to include keywords in the tags of a page and to include a few keyword mentions. While not extremely difficult, writing for the engines is a little more complicated than that... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipsales.html

Get Great Ideas From Customers
Because customers are using your products and services in the field, they are often your best source for new ideas... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipbiz.html

Highlighting Link Backgrounds
If you would like to highlight the background of your links when your mouse is placed over it, place the following code between your <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipdesign.html

Fear of the Internet
If your web site is primarily for those new to the Internet who may be scared about the possibility of being exposed to viruses and malicious scripts, it may be prudent to consider these tips for putting your web site visitors at ease... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/tips/tipsite.html

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3 Words That Pull Orders Like MAD!

1) Use the word "free" in your ad. People want free incentives before they do business with you. They could be free books, accessories, services, etc. For example, you could say. "Free shipping with every order over $50!" Another example would be, "Order within the next 5 minutes to get 3 extra bonuses free!"

2) Use the words "you/your" in your ad. People want to know that you are talking to them. This'll make them feel important and attract them to read the whole ad. For example, you could say, "You could be the winner in our next contest!" Another example would be, "You are experiencing the benefits already, aren't you?"

3) Use the word "new" in your ad. People want new products or services that will improve their lives like new information, tastes, technology, results, etc. For example, you could say, "Learn a new revolutionary way to lose weight!" Another example would be, "New! Just Released!..."
. . .

Author: Larry Dotson
FREE eBook! 5000 Words & Phrases That Sell Like CRAZY! http://www.ldpublishing.com

If you have a promotion tip to share (or an affiliate program that would be of interest to the rest of us) or if you have a web design tip, or a specific question, please feel free to post all tips, questions, or answers to posted questions here and I will add your email or URL with it. It's FREE promotion!

Send your tips, questions or answers to:

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Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were
a member of Congress... But I repeat myself.
startup marketing and website promotion--Mark Twain

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