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May 20, 2003

E-Zine #116

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This week's Tip of the Week by Joe Kumar is an informative one. Joe is promoting a new ebook he's just released titled "30 Days To Internet Marketing Success." If you'd like more information about it, you can download his 37-page demo version.
It's excellent !!!

NOTE: right-click on link and choose "Save Target As..."

Also, Jim Edwards has some excellent advice on today's #1 technique for driving targeted traffic to your website in this weeks FeedBack & Contribution section as well. Don't miss it!

Dan Porteous

30 DAYS to YOUR Internet Marketing Success
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30 DAYS to YOUR Internet Marketing Success

30 Days to Internet Marketing Success

30 DAYS To Internet Marketing Success30 DAYS to YOUR Internet Marketing Success

Here's a useful resource that outlines step by step instructions on how to build your own online business in 30 days. I found it really helpful, and it can help you the same way it helped me.     >>> go here now <<<


Online Success Is No Big Secret!

I'll tell you exactly what to do to succeed online (even though no guarantees of how much you will earn obviously - as I do not know you or whether you'll apply what I'm about to teach you!).

a) Find a niche that you're interested in. A niche that has a problem and is willing to pay money for a product that provides a solution to that problem.

b) Create a product for that niche. This can be either a compilation product (from experts within the niche) or 1 that you write yourself. But if you create the product - you better be an expert at it!

By an expert, I mean you have to be qualified to create the product. For example, if you've made $2,000 a month promoting affiliate programs, then yes, you're qualified to write "How To Earn $2,000/Mth Promoting Affiliate Programs". If you barely make a few bucks a month online, then you're not qualified to create the abovementioned product.

What you should do, if you're not qualified to create a product for a niche that you're interested in, is simply interview experts within that niche, or pay several of them a nominal sum to create exclusive content for your product. Not only do you have a product at the end of the day, but you also have the benefit of 'borrowed credibility' from all of these experts combined.

c) Write a salesletter, with a headline that summarises the biggest benefit, and bullet points throughout (people read those bullets).

Copywriting is an art that takes time to develop, but if you simply write an attention-grabbing headline and arrange your main points and benefits in bullet-form, you shouldn't go too far wrong. Those are the most basic aspects of writing copy, and it's been said that all you have to do to become an expert is to master the basics.

d) Send emails to potential JV partners - other webmasters within your niche selling complementary (NOT competitive) products - and discuss cross promotions.

Simply send them an email, offering them your product to for free, and offering to pay them 60% per sale of your product that they make. Don't propose a 50-50 split anymore: every top marketer these days gets tons of offers from people offering 50% commissions to sell their products. What you want is your JV proposal to get NOTICED and ACTIONED.

e) REPEAT. Keep repeating steps b-d until you're earning multiple streams of large income, and then sell off the whole business for a million bucks (or 2000 copies of all your products plus the salespages and the rights in a package for $997 or something). Then, spend the rest of your life sipping juice in the Bahamas, while your fellow peers slog away till they're 75. ;-)

To Your Internet Marketing Success (in 30 Days),
Joe Kumar
. . .

It's Amazing But True! Even If You Have No Product, No Website, No Programming Knowledge And You're Up To Your Eyeballs In Debt, You Can Still Create Your Own Online Empire In 30 Days! Guaranteed! http://startupinternetmarketing.com/30days ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Fr^e Demo of Joe Krumar's New Ebook
"30 Days To Internet Marketing Success" is taking the net by storm and for good reason. It's been recommended by just about every online guru I've ever heard of and I agree with them totally. The demo features 37 pages of helpful advice that you will refer back to over and over again... http://startupinternetmarketing.com/free/30days.pdf

Ezine Directory
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*Mastering Search Engine Placement
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*Creating, producing and selling your very own infoproduct
*Finding the Perfect Price that will maximize your profit
*How to write sales-clinching copy on the Net

UPDATED Affiliate Masters Course
The Affiliate Masters Course is a fantastic stand-alone information resource. This course REALLY has ALL the info and strategies required to build a profitable affiliate-based e-biz from the ground up.

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What Separates the "Haves" from the "Have Nots" Online?
Write Sales Letters That Sizzle!
How to Create Your Marketing Program
Adding Color to Table Borders
Master Series: Many Ways To Use the IFRAME Tag

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The Web's Best-Kept Traffic Secret

Did you realize that thousands of website operators use a simple technique to generate targeted visitors to their websites without paying a dime in advertising? It's true.

In fact, the technique works so well that many of them don't want you to discover how they get those thousands of website visitors and make so many sales on virtual "auto-pilot."

Their method?

Creating tightly focused articles other people publish in their ezines (online magazines and email newsletters) and post on their websites. This method rates so powerful that some even call it "the web's best kept traffic secret."

Now, you may ask, "Why would an ezine publisher or website owner publish my articles for their subscribers?"

The answer: Content!

Over a 100,000 ezines and newsletters operate on the web (along with millions of websites) covering everything from pets and cooking to investments and real estate. Many of them need tightly focused content and they simply can't produce all of it themselves.

Look at it this way... it's the same reason newspapers use the Associated Press. Individual newspapers often can't afford staff writers to cover every story, so they accept articles from outside their organization.

You can do the exact same thing for various ezines and websites catering to your niche audience!

You can get valuable publicity -- exposure you often couldn't even pay for if you wanted to -- by providing valuable, content-rich articles in exchange for a byline and a link to your website (called a "resource box")!

The following represent only a few of the enormous benefits of writing and distributing simple articles online:

** Attain "Expert" Status **

Let's face it! In the eyes of virtually everyone who reads your articles you rank as the "expert" on the subject.

Just look at people who write newspaper columns. You may disagree with their viewpoints, but they still have an elevated status in your mind compared to the "average Joe" off the street.

** Pre-sell Website Visitors **

If your article appeals to a niche audience hungry for more information on a very focused subject, you actually pre- sell them better than any sales pitch. In their minds, you've already delivered content they really want so when they click over to your site you already have a "reputation" in their minds.

** Traffic Lasts Longer **

Even though the Internet changes very quickly, webmasters are usually very slow to remove content from their sites. Once you get an article posted on another person's website, you have an excellent chance of that article staying there for weeks, months, even years.

** Increase Links To Your Site **

In a recent search I found just a dozen of my articles posted on over 813 different websites! Not only do those postings bring me traffic, but they also help my search engine positioning because of my increased "Link Popularity."

** Builds Your Affiliate Base **

Fact: Affiliates always take the path of least resistance.

If you provide excellent articles they can easily post on their sites or copy and paste into their ezines, your affiliates will promote you more often and more effectively compared to those who don't give them tools.

Plus, as you make more sales and publish articles, other people will see you providing excellent tools and will want to sign up as your affiliate so they can use them too!

** Build a Huge "Opt-In" Email List **

You can use articles to build up a huge list of subscribers by simply compiling several articles into a series and delivering them at preset intervals.

Often called a "mini-course," this technique allows you not only to prove to your subscribers that you deliver great information, but enables you to capture their name and email adress so you can send them articles and special offers in the future (with their permission).

** Requires No Special Skills **

People often think they need to be a "writer" in order to publish articles, but that's not true!

FACT: If you have a passion for a subject and can talk and explain things like you would to a friend over a cup of coffee, you can write articles people will love to read.

So if you operate a website selling virtually any type of product or service (whether your own or as an affiliate), publishing and promoting with articles should rank high on your list of traffic generation strategies.

No other method of generating targeted traffic to your website provides the quality, quantity and steadiness of traffic in such a simple, straightforward, and cost- effective manner.

. . .

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co- author of an amazing new ebook, "Turn Words Into Traffic," that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate link!
Click Here > http://hop.clickbank.net/?danp16/ezarticles

If you have a promotion tip to share (or an affiliate program that would be of interest to the rest of us) or if you have a web design tip, or a specific question, please feel free to post all tips, questions, or answers to posted questions here and I will add your email or URL with it. It's FREE promotion!

Send your tips, questions or answers to:

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A recent study by The Dieringer Research Group reported that 40 percent of Internet users in the US changed their opinions of brands due to information they gathered online.

That means it's more important than ever to expand the presence of your business on the Web if you wish to influence discerning buyers. It's also just as important to build an effective Web site that educates and sells consumers on the products and services you offer.

eMarketer estimated that there were 152.8 million Internet users in the US in 2002. Multiplying 40 percent by 152.8 tells us that 61 million people in the US alone changed their minds regarding the products they wanted to purchase after conducting online research.

That speaks volumes about the importance of every business having a great Web site that can be easily found by consumers doing product research.
Source: MarketPosition Newsletter -- May 2003
To subscribe to MarketPosition, simply e-mail:
startup marketing and website promotion
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