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March 25, 2003

E-Zine #112

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Marketing aside for a moment... Darlene Racicot, artist extraordinare and fellow Northern Ontarian, captured the hearts of millions last year with her 12' ice sculpture tribute to the 9-11 firefighters of NYC.

She's done it again this year with a massive and timely artpiece titled "A Time For Piece." Her free ebook includes pictures of this new sculture as well as her famous "Never Forget" and a number of her earlier works. Visit http://neverforget.ca

Download ebook here http://neverforget.ca/ebook.html

Dan Porteous

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2 Persuasion Forces That Compel Fence-Sitters
To Buy Now

Let’s say you’re sending targeted traffic to a knockout sales letter with an irresistible offer. And yet, your sales conversion is still low. What’s going wrong? Your site visitors may be experiencing buying anxiety. And backing out of the buying decision at the last minute. So how do you remedy buying anxiety?

You have two powerful options you can deploy to remedy this problem. I call these two options, persuasion forces. They are Scarcity and Urgency. Chances are, you may have heard of them before. And maybe you already employ them to a certain degree. But before I show you a few clever tricks to amplify these two persuasion forces let’s define both of them first.

Urgency -create an offer where if someone buys they’ll get a free bonus, lower price, or special service with purchase of your product.
Example: "If you order within the next ten days you’ll get $550 worth of bonuses absolutely free!"
Scarcity - create an offer where only a certain quantity of product or variations of a product will be sold.
Example: "I strongly urge you to take advantage of this offer as we’ll only allow 15 lucky people membership into our inner circle."
Ways to amplify urgency:
  1. Make the timeline 7 days or less. Depending upon your situation you should experiment with giving them only 2-3 days to act.

  2. Tell them how you’re experiencing hardship by giving them a great deal and that you’ll pull the offer immediately once the deadline expires.

  3. Tell them if too many people order, you may decide to end the offer before the deadline expires.

  4. Tell them you’re making an offer with such a short deadline because you need to pay your taxes, fund some kind of expansion project, make up for an accounting mistake, or cover some kind of misfortune you’ve experienced.

Ways to amplify scarcity:
  1. Tell your prospects that you’re only allowing X amount of your product to be sold in this special offer and tell them how big your mailing list is.

  2. Tell your prospects that you have an outrageously small quantity of product that you’re making available in your offer. And then, three months down the road make the same offer again in order to meet your sales quotas.

  3. Tell your prospects that in the past, when you’ve made offers like this, your product sells out within 24-48 hours of making your offer public.

  4. Tell your prospects that certain people or companies on your list have a history of buying large quantities of your product and that if they don’t act immediately, everything may be bought up because they waited to long.

. . .

Mike Jezek, The Psychological Sales Letter Specialist is a Houston, TX based copywriter and author of several copywriting books. You can get a free copy of his "Sales Letter Super Weapons" ebook by emailing mike@worldresponders.com You can also learn how to wield compelling psychological copywriting tactics by reviewing his treasury of articles at www.irresistiblecopywriting.com

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Your Website as a Part of a Coordinated Marketing Effort Keys to an effective website strategy…
Getting More Sales From Your Order Page
Complaining Customers
Creating a Placeholder for an Empty Table Cell
Multiple Form Submission Prevention
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The Five 'Terrible Lies' About Selling!
 By Len Foley

Terrible Lie #1: You need to sell more to make more money.
Fact: You need to sell less to make more money.

I have a motto: In order to sell more, you must first learn to sell less, a whole lot less. Sound crazy?

I have a friend who just moved from selling photocopier machines to selling Mercedes-Benzes in the most prestigious dealership in New England. His secret? While selling photocopiers, he did the exact opposite of what everyone else in his company as doing: he focused less on "selling" and more on why his customers wanted to buy.

In fact, he stopped selling altogether and made his mission to discover precisely how he could solve more problems for his customers than anyone else in his company. He not only solved more problems, he made more money, and opened up more opportunities than any other "copier salesman" in his industry.

Terrible Lie #2: Most salespeople are "full of themselves"
Fact: The world's best salespeople are full of other people.

In my seminars, I play a little game with the audience. I say: "It's the last week of the month and you haven't made half your quota. Your boss in on your case, and you may lose your job if you don't make three sales in the next two hours."

Okay? So it's 9:30 in the morning and you NEED to make a sale, you pick up the phone to make your first call...

And here's my question: "What in the world is going through your head as you dial the telephone?"

The typical responses from the audience: "I wonder if I'll make this sale... I hope she says yes... This call better not turn out like the rest... etc."

And to these responses I ask: "And as long as you're thinking about yourself, how interested will you be in finding out how you can help your prospect?"

The typical answer: "Not too interested at all!"

And if you're not interested in your prospect, I add. "Why in the world would your prospect ever become interested in YOU?"

Terrible Lie #3: Selling is one of the worst paid professions on the planet.
Fact: Selling is the highest paid profession on the planet.

After spending thousands of hours studying some of the richest salespeople alive (people like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Mary Kay Ash), I came upon two very surprising realizations:
  1. The world's greatest salespeople never "appear" to be selling anything at all (in fact, you'll never catch a great salesperson making any irritating sales pitches or initiating a single close).

  2. And despite the fact the world's greatest salespeople don't "appear" to be selling anything, they still manage to outsell every one of their competitors!

Note: most people don't think of successful business executives and celebrities as salespeople; in fact, when most of us think of a typical salesperson we think of a "pushy" used car salesman or an annoying insurance rep. But these so-called "salespeople" aren't really salespeople at all, they're professional peddlers (cashiers in fancy suits). Which leads us to Terrible Lie #4:

Terrible Lie #4: Great salespeople use slimy tactics.
Fact: The world's best salespeople hardly use any tactics at all.

Selling (in the traditional definition of the word) is a crude, simple-minded pursuit, it's using deceptive gestures, words, and emotional appeals that persuade and manipulate our prospects into doing something he may (or may not) want to do.

Now, do you really think Steve Jobs became one of the most beloved CEO's in the world using ridiculous, simple- minded sales tactics?

Or what about Mary Kay Ash? Could you imagine her using "Leading Questions" or a "Porcupine Close" on national TV?

Of course not! The world's greatest salespeople wouldn't be caught dead using any kind of crude, slimy selling techniques... They interact with thousands (and even millions) of people each year; they make the most money... attract the most opportunities... and effortlessly rise to the top of every profession...

Terrible Lie #5: Great salespeople have the gift of gab.
Fact: The world's best salespeople have the gift of listening.

Professional salespeople also enjoy listening to their prospects (they're not simply waiting for their turn to speak); they never look for what their prospects can do for THEM; but are intensely interested in what they can do for their prospects!

. . .

==> If you're curious about a few more "terrible lies" taught in many sales programs, check out my free article: "The Top Five (Most Idiotic) Sales Techniques" for more information: http://www.21stcenturysalestraining.com/idiotictechniques2.htm

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Many of life's failures are people who did not realize
how close they were to success when they gave up.
startup marketing and website promotion-- Thomas A. Edison

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