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Insider Secrets To Success Online

How Fast Learner Yanik Silver Succeeds

Yanik Silver is a fast learner.

He's been marketing on the Internet full-time for only a year, but he's achieving the sort of results you'd expect from much more experienced Internet campaigners.

Here's what is so clever about his latest product, "Autoresponder Magic" and how he's promoting it:
  • He created it FAST - a two-week project.

  • It has a powerful VIRAL marketing aspect - people are keen to promote it for him (I'll explain why later).

  • Nearly all of the 500+ page book was written by OTHER people.

  • It promotes his affiliate links - earning Yanik EXTRA COMMISSIONS.

  • As well as the basic product, there's an UPSELL to a more expensive product and SECOND-TIER commissions.

  • It has enormous appeal because it promises to make things EASY. It describes exactly how top Internet marketers use sequential e-mail autoresponders - "tireless moneymaking robots", and gives examples.

  • It helps you use a tool which SAVES TIME.

  • It SOLVES A PROBLEM. You don't have to agonize over writing autoresponder messages. Now you can model your messages on the powerful, proven ones in this book.

  • It has a VERY LOW PRICE - and a 100% money-back GUARANTEE.
That's a mighty powerful combination.

This is really smart stuff, making the most of the Internet in ways which would be impossible offline.

"Sales were WAY beyond my expectations the first day I released it to my customers," says Yanik. "We did over $10,000 in just four days."

Yanik, who is 27, has been marketing full-time on the Internet since February last year.

"Before that I was selling a marketing manual to cosmetic surgeons (offline)," he says. "And before that I was the marketing manager for a medical equipment company."

" 'Autoresponder Magic' was an idea I came up with to try to create a viral explosion of my affiliate links and help people create additional revenue streams for themselves."

In the same way that he found a niche and filled it with "Instant Sales Letters" - Yanik found another marketing niche, sequential autoresponders.

Autoresponders are like fax-on-demand for e-mail. When used well, they reduce your work and multiply your sales.

Successful marketers use sequential autoresponders to send a stream of messages to prospects. They begin with useful, helpful information and subtly introduce compelling selling.

"I asked the top Internet marketers to contribute any of their sequential autoresponder messages to be used in this ebook," Yanik says.

"People like Declan Dunn, Jonathan Mizel, Terry Dean, Ken Evoy and several others all contributed."

Only winning messages are included.

Jim Daniels, Harmony Major, Joe Schroeder, Sam Robbins Ken Silver, Dale Armin Miller, Scott Covert and Yanik himself all share their secrets in the manual.

This is what makes the book so valuable. You can see exactly how these skilled marketers win the trust of their prospects and gradually switch into selling mode.

Yanik's analysis will help you understand exactly how they do this.

"I substituted my affiliate link with their URLs inside the autoresponder sequence and compiled everything into a 500+ page ebook," he says.

"Compilation took about a day and then it took about three to four days to write a killer sales letter for the product."

"The whole gist is that people buy the ebook for the low, low price of $17 (there are too many free ebooks today) and then they get free resale/redistribution rights along with the rights to use the powerful sales letters I wrote."

"Also, they have the option to get all the affiliate links customized for themselves for $199 and then they would become my second-tier affiliates."

So you can sell the book filled with YOUR money-making links - that's a powerful viral marketing incentive.

Other marketers have been very quick to snap up the opportunity.

"So far, it's been working great for people selling the ebook. Kris Stringham and Scott Covert are both reporting that sales have been extremely high."

The full title of the book is a marketing mouthful - "Autoresponder Magic: The Ultimate Collection of Winning Autoresponder Messages To Put Your Web Site on Autopilot!"

To sum up, Yanik sells his own product, uses viral marketing and affiliate marketing, adds a second-tier component, upsells, gets other people to do most of the work - and makes it all look easy.

That's an achievement which is well worth studying - and the book is excellent value, too.

You can see how he does it here:

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