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Guerilla Marketing Tactics for the New Millennium

It was early in 1997 when I was a struggling web site designer, I found myself in the marketing section of a local book store. I was looking for new ways to market my start up web design business.

I happened across a book called Guerilla Marketing Tactics and knew from the moment I cracked it open, it was very different than the usual traditional marketing books.

One idea seemed so wild that I just had to try it. Jay (the author) suggested among many other things, to go to the library and insert my business card into all the marketing books. Is that wild or what? It was so whacky, that it just had to work.

Within days the phone began to ring and I started getting new clients. They just "had" to meet me, anyone that could think of that idea was worthy of taking on their web site design and promotions. (Grin) little do they know that I had some help with the concept.

What I really like is how Jay gets you to think just a little differently, outside the box if you will. Rather than fighting in the mainstream of noisy advertising, all clamouring for our attention, Jay gives us a jump start in the way we think. He fine tunes our ability to attract new clients, without spending a fortune on advertising.

Here's another example based on the first. This is how Jay gets you to think for yourself. I took my business cards and dropped them off at trade shows. Everyone that had a free draw entry, I dropped my card into the box instead of filling out an entry form. Off my name went into several databases. I also schmoozed the booth personnel to get contact names and business cards.

I then followed up my card drops, by mailing a letter to every participant in the trade show. I told them, I saw your lovely booth at the show, but wouldn't it make sense to follow it up with an ongoing web presence? Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a web site address on all your point of sale material and advertising collateral?
Then a week later I phoned them, following up the letter and they would say, oh yea, I remember seeing your business card in our free entry box, so you're the guy.

I then took it a step further at the big Comdex Computer show the following year. I found a web hosting company that didn't do design, marketing or programming. I then found a programming firm that didn't do hosting, and the guerrilla inside me said hey, why don't I create a little joint venture on the fly?

What I did was take the business cards from the hosting company, the business cards from the programming company and my business cards, and made up a table sign with three piles of business cards. The little tent card read hosting, programming, design & marketing. I ended up with hundreds of business cards getting snapped up at a trade show, I didn't even have a booth at. I just had to show up and start thinking like a guerilla.

If you would like to train yourself to think like a guerrilla and spot marketing opportunities that others will simply miss, just check out Jay's latest work using the link below.

All my best,

Michael Campbell

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