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Marketing Tips... a 7 part series!

The following series of marketing tips are compliments of Corey Rudl. The man walks his talk. He has four successful companies operating exclusively on the internet and enjoys 6,000,000 visitors annually. Having taken his "Insider Secrets" Internet Marketing Course myself, I can say if you are at all serious about trying to personally market your business on the internet, pay close attention to what he has to say here!

For the purpose of getting the most out the following 7 lessons, I suggest you start with the first and read through them all in sequence. Corey presents them one per day so you would probably do well to take your time and study them the same way.

Lesson #1
    What Marketing Promotions Do I Start First, For The Biggest Profit?

Lesson #2
    The MASTER PLAN for Developing a Successful Website

Lesson #3
    The Secret Behind Getting People to "Buy" Online When Most People Don't Plan To Buy Anything.

Lesson #4
    Are Your Promotions and Marketing Not Working? I Will Tell You Why!

Lesson #5
    Learn How To Attack Niche Markets For Huge Profits Online

Lesson #6
    Helpful Software to Promote Your Business (and Automate your Business!)

Lesson #7
    The Missing Sales Component of Most Websites

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