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It's a "Virtual Money Machine"

I can't say enough about Ken Evoy's new Site Build It! nor can I stress how important it is for you to find out what this is all about. It's so slick I can't see how anybody could turn it down. The way I look at it, the "really smart ones out there" will jump all over this BEFORE their competition does.

I've got free "full hosting" available to me on a friends server (it doesn't get much better than that) BUT I've STILL bought two of these sites with an immediate plan for one and no idea at the moment for the other. Take the time to find out what "Site Build It" is all about. You can't go wrong with this!


Site Build It! is the single, most comprehensive set of business-building tools on the Net, all integrated into a system that WORKS!

The Site Management software takes you by the hand and literally walks you through every step of developing your online business including some pretty complex stuff that MOST sites NEVER get the benefit of. When your site is done, it's a focused and refined machine properly prepared for site promotion. And guess what? ...It does that too!

It SAVES you TIME and TIME is MONEY. This is so important online because things can happen fast here. It takes a lot of time to properly prepare everything BUT when it starts, you want to be ready. With a Site Build It! site, you will be ready and it will happen a whole lot sooner!

I figure I could of done TWICE the job in HALF the time building with this service! That means I would now be 6 months closer to the financial freedom that I dream of... WOW!

Take the time to read about this and see for yourself. Major target markets are outlined. Find the one(s) that best fits who you reach, and follow the pop-up link(s) for that group.

Ken tell's it like it is!

Here is a brief outline of the major highlights you'll find there...
  • "Become your own affiliate." For ANY affiliate who visits the site, the benefits of Site Build It! are immediately obvious. It overcomes EVERY roadblock that stands between affiliates and success.

    But let's say that you're NOT an affiliate. Suppose instead that you have an online store, or a sales site that sells an e-book or a professional service. How does Site Build It! apply? Easy...

    "Become your own affiliate." Build a content-laden site related to what you sell on the Net. Use that site to build targeted traffic that you then refer to your own e-commerce site. Also, build a second income stream by becoming an affiliate for non-competing, but related, merchants.

  • The Leveraging of Time. When someone takes the Affiliate Masters Course, he learns enough to do it all by himself. The system works, and is powerful. But many parts, though effective, are tedious and time-consuming. Site Build It! reduces these to clicks of buttons. The user earns back the entire cost of Site Build It! in the first month alone.

  • The Value. To buy all of Site Build It!'s functionality elsewhere would cost well over $1000 per year. And you still would be missing powerful uses like the MASTER KEYWORD LIST building function. Most importantly... it's all tied together into a clear, clean system that works, AND that eliminates the need to know all the tech issues, Search Engine mastery, etc. All Site Build It! really needs from the user is... motivation.

  • Site Build It! is a full site in every respect with pages that all concern a central theme, with online help steering you properly (no tricks here -- you work *WITH* the engines), and with tools to leverage your time, you will score much higher at the engines. And that does not even begin to measure the value of all the tools... brainstorming and researching, traffic-building, bid-researching, etc.

  • The Guarantee is structured to basically allow a full, "free trial." If, for whatever reason, Site Build It! is not for you, Sitesell will refund you on a pro-rata basis for the "unused" part of the year *AND* allow you to keep your domain name, at THEIR expense.
SBI! does NOT just build a site -- it builds a BUSINESS. It builds traffic, not hype. They force solid business practices upfront. And they bookend that with strong, original and creative tools that build targeted, motivated visitors.

Folks, I'll say it again... this is a "MONEY MACHINE"!

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