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First, a warm WELCOME to all new subscribers.

This months feature report by Corey Rudl discusses cutting- edge web site optimization techniques and strategies that will improve your ranking with the free search engines... Don't miss it.

Jim Daniels has some excellent advice for all those thinking about creating your own product or service in our Feedback & Contributions section. His report will help you choose a niche and a format that's right for you saving you a ton of time, money and frustration.

Dan Porteous

Corey Rudl's Insider Secrets - 2004
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Corey Rudl's Insider Secrets - 2004
Corey Rudl's Insider Secrets - 2004
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Discover the Top 5 ''Dos'' and ''Don'ts'' of Web Site Optimization that Will Make or Break Your Ranking with the Free Search Engines!

If you want your online business to be successful, it's a good idea to optimize your site on a regular basis to make sure it's got a good position in the Web's top search engines.

However, in order to maintain your ranking, you have to keep on top of what's happening in the rapidly changing search engine industry. The rules that affected your ranking yesterday may be meaningless tomorrow!

Read on to learn more about the latest developments in the search engine industry and what key tricks you should (and shouldn't!) use to optimize your site to make sure it gets a high ranking with all the major search engines, plus the tools and resources you can use to keep it there.

The "Dos" and "Don'ts" are constantly changing!

The search engine industry is continually evolving. You need to know which of the major "players" is powering the smaller search engines if you want to know where you should focus your optimization efforts.

1. The battle of the titans

For the past couple of years, the major search engines have been preparing to square off against each other and battle it out for the industry's top spot. Google has been #1 for a while now, but Yahoo! and MSN have been making moves to steal the crown.

Google is still extremely powerful, with about a 55% market share. Yahoo! is the closest runner-up, with about 20% of users choosing it as their main search engine. And MSN is still a distant but threatening third, with about 10% of the global usage share.

Keep in mind, however, that Google and Yahoo! power many of the smaller search engines. For example, Google powers the free listings featured on AOL and Netscape, plus the paid listings featured on AOL, Netscape, Ask Jeeves, HotBot, Teoma, and Lycos.

Yahoo! powers free listings featured on MSN, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and HotBot, plus the paid listings on MSN, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb.

However, MSN won't be powered by Yahoo! for much longer! MSN came out with a preview of their own long-anticipated search engine technology earlier this month. They're still working out the bugs, and the official MSN Search engine is still being powered by Yahoo!. But you can expect MSN to go solo sometime over the next few months.

You need to be aware of these changes if you want to gear your optimization efforts toward the engines that will send you as much traffic as possible.

2. The changing rules of search

Of course, you also need to keep tabs on changes to the search engines themselves!

Search engines frequently change the algorithms they use to rank sites. They don't want unscrupulous site owners manipulating their indexing methods in order to get high rankings. By doing so, they damage the integrity of free search!

As soon as the search engines become aware of a trick being used by "search engine spammers" to boost their site ranking, they figure out a way to catch them.

So be careful! You don't want to catch yourself employing a "great strategy" promoted by a marketing "expert," only to find out it's a tactic the search engines hate! That could get you booted off their listings in no time flat.

In fact, that's exactly what happened at the end of last year, during what has come to be called the "Florida Google Dance."

Google made some major changes to their algorithms in November 2003 and started imposing an "over-optimization penalty" on any sites that appeared to be artificially boosting their site's relevancy for targeted keywords.

Many members of the business community were surprised to find their sites dropped from their high ranking in Google's listings. These people had to put a lot of work into revamping and resubmitting their sites in order to get listed again.

And many of the people who were penalized weren't "unscrupulous" site owners! They weren't trying to pull a "fast one" on search engines using frowned-upon techniques such as "keyword stuffing." They were simply trying to be smart marketers -- and some feel they were unfairly punished for it.

You don't want the same thing to happen to you!

So let's have a look at a list of what exactly the search engines are currently looking for when indexing sites -- and what they'll punish you for!

The "Dos":  Legitimate tricks the SEO masters use to optimize their sites and maintain their high ranking

The search engines don't want to be manipulated by marketers. They want to provide the best unbiased results possible for any given search -- or they'll lose users!

That's why they need to change their algorithms so frequently -- to stay ahead of the tricks people use to get top rankings.

That being said, there are still a lot of legitimate ways you can optimize your site without angering the search engines and causing them to drop you from their list.

Here are some of the best things you can to do ensure your site has a high ranking:

1. Ask relevant sites to link to your site

In the past, scoring a high ranking with a search engine was all about positioning your keywords in "prime real estate" positions in your text and site coding. All that has changed, however. These days, links are king!

Search engines place a huge amount of importance on the number of sites that link to yours. But it's not just the quantity of links that matter, it's also the quality.

Search engines look at how relevant the links are -- i.e., how much the content of the linking site has in common with the content on your site. The more relevant, the better!

Search engines also look at how "important" the linking site is. What kind of "online presence" does it have? How much traffic does it get?

For example, your site will get a higher ranking if it's linked to by sites such as BBC.com or nationalgeographic.com instead of, say, the personal homepage of your friend's neighbor's kid.

2. Pay attention to keyword inclusion and placement

Keywords may no longer be the sole determining factor of a site's ranking, but they're still pretty important. The most useful places to include them are:
  • In your domain name -- only make sure your keywords are in the root of your URL, not the stem! For example, if your main keyword phrase is "cell phones," try to get a domain name such as "www.cell-phones.com" instead of "www.mobileusa.com/cell-phones.com." Some search engines will actually penalize sites for including key words in the stem of a URL.

  • In the title tags in your source code

  • In the meta description of your site -- this is much less important than it used to be, but it can't hurt.

  • In your meta keyword tags

HOWEVER: Be sure you only include relevant keywords! Search engines will penalize you if you try to sneak in keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your site.

3. Create content-rich "information pages" to direct traffic to your site

An easy way to boost the number of pages that link to your site is to create some pages yourself!

However, you have to make sure these pages contain valuable contents that provide people with useful information. Search engines hate "pointer pages" that have no content and exist only to add to the number of links pointing to a site.

Be sure the information relates to the content on your site and has your keywords placed in advantageous positions. This will boost the ranking of your pages with the search engines and ensure they get lots of traffic -- which they can then redirect to your site.

4. Submit your site to online directories

Be sure to submit your site to important directories such as Yahoo!, the Open Directory Project, and About.com, as well as smaller directories. Your listing on these directories will help your ranking with the major search engines.

5. Multiply and conquer!

Create a "community" of related sites that link to each other. Why stop at only one information page? The more content-rich sites that point to your site, the better!

You can also boost the number of links that point to your site by dividing it into several separate sites that all link to each other.This works especially well if you sell a number of different products or services.

If you build a different site to focus on each of your products and services, then you can also concentrate the use of specific keyword phrases on each site. That's another great way to boost your search engine ranking.

The "Don'ts":  Tricks the search engines hate and why you should never use them, even if your competition does

Now that we've covered the "dos," here come the "don'ts." Although these questionable tactics have worked well in the past, the search engines absolutely hate them. If they catch you using any of these tricks, they may go so far as to drop you from their listings like a hot potato!

1. Beware irrelevant links!

Yes, it's a good idea to get a lot of different links pointing to your site, but the search engines only like RELEVANT links. If they find sites that have nothing in common with the content on your site linked to your web site, they'll lower your relevancy rating.

2. Beware irrelevant keywords!

Search engines hate finding irrelevant keywords on your site -- especially in your meta tags. If they catch you using keywords that have nothing to do with the actual content of your site, they'll penalize you for it.

3. Don't "keyword stuff" your meta tags!

In the past, people used to repeat their keywords in their meta tags over and over again. This used to get them a high ranking with the search engines -- but not any more! Search engines are on to this trick and will punish you for it by dropping your ranking.

4. Don't create "link farms"!

"Link farms" are the evil cousins of the "information pages" we discussed above.

In the past, some spammers used to build multiple "doorway" sites that existed only to multiply the number of links pointing to their sites.

Unlike content-rich information pages,these doorway pages would usually only include a string of keyword terms that would earn them a high ranking with the search engines.

The search engines have caught on to this tactic, however, and will drop you from their listings if they find you using it.

5. Avoid "free for all" link pages!

Don't bother placing links to your site on pages where everyone and their dog is invited to put up a link. Such sites have extremely low relevancy ratings and will cost you points with the search engines.

Essential tools and resources to optimize your site and stay on top of the search engine game

There are a lot of great tools out there that can help you optimize your web site while ensuring that you stay on the good side of all the search engines. Here are a few of our favorites.


Wordtracker: This great online tool helps you select specific keyword phrases that will direct more traffic to your site. Free and paid versions are available.

Optilink: A lot of search engine optimization experts swear by this software. It's a "link reputation analyzer" that helps you determine a site's reputation and why the search engines like it or dislike it. It certainly comes in handy when you're checking out the competition or looking for reputable sites to link to yours!

WebPosition Gold: This is a great piece of search engine placement software that generates Web pages designed to rank high on the major search engines. It also analyzes your existing Web pages, providing suggestions for improvement, and tracks your ranking on different search engines.


Search Engine News: Planet Ocean's online resource, "The Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars" is updated monthly and provides excellent optimization tips and information on the Search Engine industry.

Search Engine Watch: This free site is another rich source of tips and information on the Search Engine industry. Paid memberships are available for more advanced content.

Search Engine Guide: This free site contains a lot of useful information about the smaller search engines on the Web, and who you should submit your site to in order to get a better ranking with the bigger search engines.

Final thoughts

Recent research by search engine optimization experts suggests that there is a surprising lack of overlap between the results produced by the major search engines. All too often, sites that are ranked high on Google get a much poorer listing with Yahoo! and vice versa.

This could mean that webmasters are focusing their optimization efforts solely on one search engine while neglecting to improve their ranking with the other. They might be using optimization tactics that work for Google on Yahoo!, without being aware that Yahoo! uses different criteria to index a site.

Either way, sites that aren't optimized for both Google and Yahoo! are missing out on a lot of potential visitors.

And don't forget, MSN will soon be throwing its hat into the ring and switching from Yahoo! to its own search engine technology. When that happens, you should be sure to submit your site to MSN as well.

No one really knows what the future holds for the search engine industry, but one thing's for sure: Businesses that don't stay on top of the changes are going to find themselves slipping behind. Don't let that happen to your business!

. . .

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Corey Rudl is the owner of four highly successful online businesses that attract more than 1.8 million visitors per month and generate over $6.6 million each year. He is also the author of the #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online.

To check out his site that's JAM-PACKED WITH THE EXACT INFORMATION YOU NEED to start, build, and grow your very own profitable Internet business, I highly recommend visiting... marketingtips.com This guy really knows what he's talking about!


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How to Create your own Product or Service...

Are you considering creating your own product or service? This report will help you choose a niche and a format.

Most small business experts agree that the best path to long-term, reliable profits in business, is developing at least one product or service of your own. You'll enjoy bigger profits, as well as complete control over your business.

Plus, thanks to the web, you can easily let others sell for you on a commission-only basis. (Otherwise known as starting an affiliate program!) That's a huge benefit.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First you need find out if you have a product or service in you...

As you'll see later in this piece, your product or service does not have to be anything too intense or complicated. But it should be in a niche you are familiar with.

The first step is to simply reflect on your life experiences. consider all your favorite hobbies, past work experiences and quite simply, your interests. Is there knowledge you have gained over the years that might be valuable to a niche market?

If so, you may have an information product or other related product/service in you!

Heck, one of my clients developed a video on salsa dancing and sold 180 before it was even completed! That's just an off-the-wall real example.

Once you've considered a few ideas, it is time to do some research. This will help you discover if there is a niche market for your ideas. Start your research using this keyword suggestion tool from overture.com - one of the top pay-per-click search engines on the web...


At that page, enter a keyword related to the ideas you have in mind, and the tool will present you with the number of times that keyword was searched for via their network. Think along the lines of what your target market may be searching for. That tool will also show the number of times related keywords were searched on. This will give you an indication of what your niche market(s) bear for interest.

If you find a decent amount of interest, say a few thousand or more combined monthly searches on keywords directly related to your idea, then you may be in a solid niche. Next consider what specific information or help those people are looking for, and think of ways you can offer that help. Remember to keep a potential customer's mindset as you go along. Once you've determined there is a niche market in your area of interest, start developing a product or service to fill the need.

Thanks to the web, there are many product and service formats you can consider. They all have advantages and disadvantages.

Below is a quick guide to help you decide on a format for your new product or service. Along with each format, you'll find links where you can get more help.

Advantages: Easy and affordable to create and update. Instant delivery via web.
Disadvantages: Lower price point than many other forms.
Ebook Creator:

Print book
Advantages: Gives higher perceived value than ebooks.
Disadvantages: Difficult to keep updated. Costly printing fees.
Printing resource:

Audio book
Advantages: Customers can listen in their car, home or office.
Brings print to life.
Disadvantages: Production can be difficult. Quality can suffer if you lack knowledge or proper tools.
How-to resource:

Membership site
Advantages: Content can easily be kept fresh. Monthly charges guarantee residual income.
Disadvantages: Managing memberships and billing can be a hassle.
Top how-to resource:

Advantages: Offers real-time help. Can be recorded and sold as an audio product.
Disadvantages: Production can be difficult. Quality suffers if you lack know-how or proper tools.
Top how-to resource:

Telephone or email consulting
Advantages: You can offer one-on-one personalized help at a premium price.
Disadvantages: Time consuming. High cost can deter many customers.
More info:

Multimedia software product
Advantages: Can be delivered via web or CD. Pricing very flexible.
Disadvantages: Can be costly to produce unless you can do it yourself. Requires lots of planning and research to get proper tools.
Top how-to resource:

DVD Video
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Disadvantages: Production can be costly and difficult.
Quality can suffer if you lack knowledge or proper tools.
Info: Link at bottom of

To your success,
Jim Daniels

Jim Daniels is author of five Internet Marketing books and one of the few marketing experts who will still consult with you personally. (And he's actually affordable.) http://www.make-a-living-online.com/page5.shtml

. . .

If you have a promotion tip to share (or an affiliate program that would be of interest to the rest of us) or if you have a web design tip, or a specific question, please feel free to post all tips, questions, or answers to posted questions here and I will add your email or URL with it. It's FREE promotion!

Send your tips, questions or answers to:

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How To Write Sales Copy That PULLS

There is no great mystery about what works in sales letters (or autoresponder copy, web site copy, and brochures which are all written with the same techniques).

Start by showing your prospect that you know what her problem is and you understand how much she suffers with it. Then let her know you have an easy, affordable solution.

Notice I said "easy." Americans, especially, love a quick, easy solution that takes little or no effort to apply.

Next give your prospects enough information to dispel their doubts and confusion about what you sell. This may mean a full page listing all your product's features and the BENEFITS they provide. It might mean 12 pages (some of the best sales letters are 12 pages long. Corey Rudl's famous sales letters seen on his website are often 25 pages long).

Anticipate the objections a prospect will present. Mention those objections, then answer them in your copy.

Tell prospects how they can take action NOW to purchase your product or service. Give them several ways to order. Make ordering convenient with fast delivery.

. . .

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