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How To Find Out What Your Prospects Want

Who wouldn't love to have a crystal ball to see the future? Can you imagine an easier life as an Internet Marketer if you knew before hand what your prospects are looking for?

Instead of "pushing" pages,and see what "sticks", you'd concentrate your efforts on developing Web pages they WANT to READ! Web pages containing information RELEVANT to what they're LOOKING for!

Wouldn't sales be easier this way?

You BET!

Here's a set of free tools that will help you do just that... Your Own Internet "Intelli-Marketing" Tool Kit.

Just like the NSA (National Security Agency), I gather "Intelligence" to help me give visitors to my Website what they ARE LOOKING FOR! I use a set of FREE tools I call My Internet "Intelli-Marketing" Kit.

I use it with great results; and so can you!

But first, lets suppose you ALREADY have a product you want sell. How do you use these tools to help you?

Let me show you how easy it is!

One of the most popular search words is: FREE. Using the "tools", you'll be able to find out all the search term combinations that use the word FREE.

  • Free Help
  • Free Internet Access
  • Free Pictures
  • Free Information
Got the picture?

When you find a combination of search terms that could apply to your particular product, create an Information Web Page using these terms as a basis.

For example:

You want to sell a product that helps people stop smoking.

Instead of pushing the product (like the majority of people would do) you can create a FREE Report(information) Page that gives people VALUABLE FREE Information about the life threatening risks of smoking, and How To Stop.

Some additional Keywords you'd look for would be: cancer, lungs, nicotine, addiction, health, and so forth.

This free information page would then help bring targeted prospects to your product's sales page.

Now...Time to Build Your "Kit".


"Keyword Live" is a great, easy to use program that opens up a whole new way of looking at online keyword activity.

Since it is 'Live', you have an opportunity to look at searches not in just the scope of what people do on average over the last week, but what they do on Mondays, or what they do during business hours, or what they do at 7pm at night.

Keyword Live is available free here

Via EMail:

You can subscribe to Free EMail Keyword Reports. They furnish you with a report on the most used keywords and search terms. Both are FREE.

WordsSpot 200


Weekly top 500 Wordtracker keyword report

Live Online Search Displays:
  1. Metaspy.
    Gives Filtered or Unfiltered search queries. Refreshed every 15 seconds.
  2. Weekly Search Engine Keyword Statistics
    For Web and Internet Marketing.
  3. Ask Jeeves Peek Through The Keyhole.
    Shows 20 recent search requests, updated every 30 seconds.
  4. searchUK Spy.
    Displays 10 recent, non-filtered, searches from this UK search engine. The page is automatically refreshed every 20 seconds.
  5. Inventory Search
    Click on the "Search Term Suggestion List". Enter the term you want to search, and you'll get how many searches were done using that term and other terms that include it, in the past month.
Now that you have your "Kit"; let's:

Find Out What Your Competition's Up To.

To find out which questions show up for a particular term or search phrase I use: AskJeeves

It shows the "plain english" questions people use to make their searches, and the WEB PAGES relevant to these questions. For you, this can be like "money in the bank!"


Because what you do is design an Information Page that ANSWERS those particular questions that relate to YOUR product!

How do I know if this works?

Check out what comes up at AltaVista for these search terms:

  1. internet marketing ebooks
  2. internet marketing course
  3. free internet marketing
  4. make money online
  5. how do i make money online
  6. how do i learn internet marketing
(check who comes up when you click on the FIRST "Learn Internet Marketing"link)

Once you get used to having the "Intelli-Marketing" Kit working for you; you'll never want to be without it again!

Don't waste your time SPAMMING the Search Engines with garbage. Just Find Out What Your Web Surfer Prospects Want and...Give it to them!

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