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Automate Your Marketing With Postmaster

Keep in touch and bring customers back to your website, it will build a lasting customer relationship.

It is simple, whether you are marketing a product, service or network opportunity online or offline, the key to success has always been communicating with people. The question is, "Are you taking full advantage of this incredible new marketing medium?"

Following up with your customers and leads is the crucial ''Secret'' to generating maximum profits and insuring your success.

POST-MASTER does it all; qualifying prospects, building mailing lists, selling more products, follow up, answering FAQ's, training and sending out company correspondence, and more!

We use POST-MASTER and have found it to be very helpful with our Internet businesses.

Postmaster At Work

These are a few questions you may have about Postmaster.

From now until the end of December, Online Automation is offering a 30 day trial of their 'FULL POSTMASTER ONLINE' system for only $1.00 - Click here for details!


A Comprehensive Online and Offline Database Marketing Software System. Postmaster offers professional features that will empower your total Internet communications.

Postmaster is a Professional Microsoft Access based software that merges your contact database management with an automated personalized correspondence follow-up system. The Postmaster Mail system uses MAPI (using your existing email client), SMTP (right to your ISP's mail server) or Offline Mail Printing System.

The Postmaster is a user friendly time saving outbound email and snail mail database manager. It will handle much of your personalized correspondence to small and large groups of people automatically. In each contact record, every message sent to a contact is recorded including any custom messages you've sent.

Postmaster provides a way to stay in touch with your contacts through ongoing and fully automated email and snail mail communications. Send a series of short personalized messages from Postmaster to let your customers know that you'll take extra time with them because you value their business.

Send Your Messages

  • Personalized to get their attention
  • Short to insure they get read right away
  • Consistently to build trust and rapport


Postmaster completely manages, tracks and sends personalized e-mail and snail mail correspondence AUTOMATICALLY to....Clients, Colleagues, Potential Customers, Organization Members, employees and more....Send multiple messages over time, unscheduled announcements or even a custom message to any given contact instantly. Send up to 3 attachments as well.

Turn 2 to 3 hours of correspondence a day into a few minutes. Send a series of short, personalized messages from Postmaster to let your customers know that you'll take extra time with them because you value their business. Personalized to get their attention and short to insure it gets read.

Automatically generate custom letters, envelopes and labels for any contact or a whole category. Automate your follow-up email or mail campaign.

Look up the history of correspondence with any contact in seconds. Postmaster tells you when you're to call a prospect and even keeps track of any phone communication and additional information in the notes section. All of your records are maintained and viewed in the contact information page of Postmaster. Harness the true power of database communication.

Order Postmaster today.


1)Copy in your signature line information (that goes out at the end of your messages) and your mail server information.

2)Type in your category names. Each can have two separate subcategory message series.

3)Copy and paste (or import!) your message series into any category. (sales presentations, training, FAQ, support, educational tools, ect.) Use the "Set-up Wizard" to take you step by step making your message series.

4)Copy and paste (or import from an existing database, spreadsheet or comma delineated text file!) the contact information you want for each record. You can sort, filter or search any of these record fields instantly. Click on the category(s) to choose the message series to send to this contact.

NOW go to "Send Messages" click on "Generate Messages" then in seconds the Postmaster engine pulls up ALL of your personalized messages to be sent that day. Click "Send". That's it. You can walk away or minimize and keep working! Or set-up the new Auto-dialer feature that will log you on to your ISP and send your scheduled email for the day while you're away or on vacation!


How much time are you spending with database communication?

  1. Keeping customers posted on specials and new products?
  2. Following-up with prospects requesting more information?
  3. Keeping track of your contacts and e-mail communication?
  4. Introducing a new product to your contact database?
  5. Motivating and training your employees and associates?
  6. Providing on going education for your customers and prospects?
  7. Making and personalizing letters, envelopes and labels?
  8. Sending information to frequently asked questions?

Postmaster affords you the opportunity to do much of this communication in minutes not hours.



The purpose of this Database Manager is to provide a EASY WAY to manage and track your contact database while automating much of your E-Mail communication. With Postmaster you can automatically send a series of follow-ups to contacts in multiple categories. Start each each person anywhere in the series and keep a history of the every E-mail and letter that you have sent each contact.

Postmaster can track all your correspondence even let you know when you're to call someone back! You are also able to search, sort and filter for any contact or groups of contacts based any field variable you choose. The Access 97' portion of Postmaster is very powerful and provides many tremendous database management and marketing tools.

How long do these projects take...

  1. You can add a client or prospect record in 10 seconds. Or import a whole group of contacts at one time into any category.
  2. Search or filter your entire database for any contact or group of contacts in 3 seconds.
  3. You can get a list of all the people you are to call today in 3 seconds. Also read about your last few calls and the most recent e-mail and snail mail messages you have sent for any contact in 5 seconds.
  4. You can check all of your "marked for deletion" records in 3 seconds. These contacts you are ONLY sending unscheduled messages to not the entire series.
  5. You can sort all of your clients and prospects by personal data, or by any field in your contact record in seconds. Search everyone by category too.
  6. Send all your personalized e-mail for the day in 60 seconds then walk away!
  7. Print out contact information from any category or query you filter for in just a few minutes.
  8. Send a special announcement to any category in the same amount of time it takes you to write the offer.
  9. Talk about leveraging your time. Let your computer and Postmaster do more of your work for you.


"I am so glad I was introduced to Postmaster!! I have been marketing on the internet now for almost 3 years. I have found that follow up is the key success and more sales. I always set aside two nights a week just to do my followups, but that really wasn't enough. It is amazing the number of emails I am sending out everyday. It proved to me how bad my followup system was before Postmaster! Every day I just go add more names of people who have requested information, and then click on "generate new messages." Everyone who should be "followed up" with that day, pops up. Then I click send! With more consistant follow up, came a higher consistancy of sales. Postmaster paid for itself my first week! I would not be with out it now! It helps me be much more effective and efficient! Thanks again for your wonderful program! I just LOVE it!!" Peggy Hendricks, Wisconsin

"Savvy marketers are well aware of the value of follow up. Of the various follow-up tools I'm aware of, I prefer the flexibility and other advantages of a desktop solution like Postmaster over server-based scripts and follow-up autoresponders. Postmaster makes it easy to manage your contacts and follow up automatically. This follow up tool would easily pay for itself when used by any serious marketer." Marty Foley,

"Wow!!! Am I happy! Your program is THE BEST! I only wish I'd had it years ago! I have a series of 11 letters I created, and I finished entering the prospective customer names in the program on Friday. Today is Monday (3 days later) and already picked up 2 customers. One after the 3rd follow up letter, the other after the 4th. On the following day, we had 4 more Orders! 150% increase in our orders! Awesome!"
Mr. Joseph Linn Petrashek, STARSCAPES®

"Postmaster is an excellent online marketing tool with many time saving features. Everyone knows that the fortune is in the follow-up, but who has the time? Especially when many on-line marketers work a full time day job. Postmaster makes that time for you, and allows you to get out the needed follow-up and to get the sale. It is a very versatile program in that it's uses are limited only by the user's imagination. I use it not only for follow-up sales messages, but also to distribute an e-zine. Postmaster is truly the time machine I've been looking for, and I am sure many will feel the same way. For this reason I would like to be able to resell Postmaster: I know it will help me to increase the bottom line. It is a product I can believe in and stand behind." Jim Hobbs, Florida


Startup Internet Marketing offers a full on-site Postmaster integration service package for our clients in Northern Ontario. This service package includes the following:

  • Installation and setup of Postmaster 3.0 for Windows software
  • Installation and setup of Incoming Email Services software
  • 150+ page 'cutting edge' Email Marketing Course by Terry Dean
  • Reprint Rights to two brand new killer online marketing courses by email
  • 12 hours on-site training for you staff
  • 30 Day toll-free technical Support
  • Hard copy of electronic manuals in a Binder(if desired)
  • Any and all incidental expenses
  • Client satisfaction guaranteed
Total investment is $1,000 plus the cost of the software which is currently $299US.

Click here for complete up-to-date information on the latest version of Postmaster and the accompanying "IES" module (Incoming Email Software).

For those that would like continued support with setting up autoresponders, producing salesletters, re-organizing categories, backing up contact databases and general maintenance of your automated marketing system, we offer an ongoing service package. Monthly, quarterly and annual contracts are available.

Startup Internet Marketing also offers a full range of in-house email and newsletter services for those that would rather not invest in an on-site software solution. Services include production, distribution, autoresponder setups, scheduled follow-ups, and maintenance of opt-in subscribers.

We also offer you the option of having us set you up with remote access to our mail server allowing you complete control of your own production and distribution from your personal computer.

If automated marketing is your goal, Startup Internet Marketing has the solution. Contact us today to arrange for a personal consultation.


Dan Porteous
Fax: 705-567-2757

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