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Although the Startup Internet Marketing website features numerous free tools and services for those that choose to do their own online marketing and website promotion, many do not have the time to invest nor the desire to take on a new career.

For those that need to take their business to the next level in a hurry, we offer the following services...

Digital Web Books

I'm a BIG fan of this new and exiting ebook format. The Web Book software takes digital publishing to new levels. I'm using it to produce stunning ebooks, online catalogues, brochures, manuals, electronic business cards, special event cards, my newsletter and a lot more.

The new design and functionality featured in this software delivers a unique and impressive reader experience. Multimedia formats such as QuickTime Movies, QuickTime VR (Surround Photos) and most others are now supported as well.

A web book becomes a viral marketing machine when visitors download it from your website and begin passing it on to others. The embedded links continue to drive traffic back to you for years to come.

What I appreciate most about this software is the small filesize in which it compiles it's final output. i.e.-I've created a 39-page report "Internet Marketing Basics" that came in at a mere 190K. (perfect size for an email campaign, quick downloading from a website, or physical distribution on a measly floppy)

It is currently being used by such giants as Volkswagen, Toshiba, Norton and McAfee.

Here are some samples of Web Books I've created for a variety of businesses in my local Northern Ontario market...
Digital Web Books Would you like a Web Book created for your business?

Professional Graphics

If your graphic is bad you're losing sales each and every day. Images sell, so why not make yours the absolute BEST it can be.

Have our team produce professional looking covers for your ebook/report/software. Your customers first impression is their most significant step towards a final purchase.

Here are a few mini-samples...(they're all active links)

Texas Holdem Strategies by Startup Internet Marketing Free Monthly Insider Report

Costs are based solely on the the time required to deliver on your individual needs.

It is rather inexpensive to have professional photos taken for you. I further enhance your photos digitally until they are exactly what you are looking for. They are then delivered to you in multiple formats to meet your various needs.

Costs are based on $100. per day of shooting plus travel expenses.

Interested in getting a quote... click here for Contact Information

Web Site Design

Effective website design requires experience and understanding in many diverse areas of expertise. i.e.- marketing, copywriting, graphic design and optimization, effectively creating a site that is search engine sticky, the differences and limitations of different browsers and computer platforms.

It is vitally important that your designer understand you and your business and know how to most effectively communicate you and your uniqueness to your Internet audience.  To answer our question, we'll look at some important pieces of information that you'll need to find out before you choose your website designer.

  • Understand Your Needs
    What do you want in a website?  What are your needs and intentions for having a website?  Does the prospective designer listen to and understand your needs and intentions?  Have you checked other similar businesses to see what they are doing on the Internet?  Can a prospective designer offer any suggestions for improving upon what others have already accomplished?  The more clarity you have about your intended results for having a website, the more accurately you can communicate your needs to your designer and the more likely it is that you will achieve these results.

  • Experience
    Is the designer experienced in website design?  How long has the designer been creating websites?  What is their background?  How long have they been using the Internet?  Three years is a long time in Internet terms.  More than four or five years is a seasoned veteran.  Ideally, your site designer has a variety of experience.

  • Strengths
    What are the designers strengths and weaknesses?  The range of skills required for creating any type of website is more diverse than you can imagine.  If a designer tells you they have done or can do any project, I'd suggest you take that statement with a grain of salt.

  • Communication
    Is the designer easy to work with and talk to?  Is she/he able to communicate technical information so that you can understand it?  The process of creating a website can often be an overwhelming process for some people.  Consider hiring a designer with whom you have a good rapport and find communicating with easy.

  • Previous Clients
    Look at some of their previous clients sites.  Do they all look the same?  Do they load quickly?  Are they easy to navigate through?  Do you like their previous work?  Do they accurately reflect their clients' business?  Does the designer custom create each site or would they have you select from a list of prepackaged sites?

  • Budget
    What is your budget and what is the typical cost for the designer's projects?  As a generalization, the larger the company, the more they charge for their services (and often the more elaborate the sites they create.) Companies which create sites from a prepackaged template often cost less but don't provide you with custom solutions which may more closely meet your needs.  Site designers who are getting started will often create your site for a lower fee, essentially using your project to develop their skills.
Your decision should be based on many of these important questions.  Also use any other questions you find useful when hiring any other service business for a project.  Comparing website designers is sometimes like comparing bananas to bicycles instead of apples to apples.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  You might consider writing pros and cons for each designer on a sheet of paper to develop a more objective point of view.

The selection of your website designer is an important step in the creation of a successful website.  With time and patience, you too can join the thousands of businesses with successful websites.

Relevant Report: "Why Isn't Your Website Selling?"      

Startup Internet Marketing's web site design services include complete design, implementation and promotion to the top search engines.

Cost - $500  (more than 5 pages add $100/page)

Interested in getting a quote... click here for Contact Information

Sample Sites:

Read review by writer Joe Burns Ph.D., at HTML Goodies.  He has a reputation for being extremely critical with his reviews.

see review

Site Promotion

Just because you put up a website does not mean that anybody will ever see it.  There are millions of websites out there and they are all competing for visitors.  To draw people to your website you must remember three things: One: PROMOTE!  Two: PROMOTE!  and Three: PROMOTE!  When you are done, then you can go ahead and promote some more!  Yes, it takes time and energy - but with the right promotion you can have a successful website!  If you don't promote, you could try to sell hundred dollar bills for fifty cents on your website and you still won't get any visitors.

There are many ways to promote your site and many more ways being invented every day.  You have to stay on top of things.  Changes on the internet happen very quickly and if you don't keep current you will find yourself left in the virtual dust, so to speak.

Startup Internet Marketing has invested in the latest stealth technology submission software and it's truely amazing!  It's all about smart and responsible search engine submissions, not spam or free for all links.  We play within the search engine rules, of one page per web site, per 25 hour period.  We also track which page was submitted where, on what date, what page is next, for unlimited pages across unlimited urls.
  • record and list every single page of your web site
  • create a links page containing ALL your web pages - This will greatly reduce the time it will take for crawler based engines to find all your pages.
  • remove pages that you do not want to have submitted, or those that may already be indexed.
  • avoid third party or online submission service that are able to track what you do or know who your clients are.
  • stealth technology ensures no "footprint".  Many online auto submission tools are quickly discovered and ignored by the search engines.  This proprietary "stealth" technology plays "within the rules" and looks just as if a normal browser submitted your page.
  • we track your various home page submissions to popular directories and supply you with a sophisticated report detailing everything we've done.
        Site Ready Submission Services - $20 per page

        Site Preparation and Meta Tag Optimization - $50. per hour

Testimonial #1

Dear Dan

Thank you for your expertise and service on our Magamall website. The strategic internet marketing and search engine positioning you provided is far above our expectations.

Just in the first two weeks of service, our internet visibility and web presence increased substantially. We have witnessed a marked increase in traffic at our Magamall site since you've began optimizing it. With that in mind I look forward to using your services at our next site due online next month.

I look forward to a long and prosperous association with you and It is refreshing to finally find an internet marketing company with your high level of knowledge and service.

Best regards,

John Lafranier, CEO
Disticor Distribution Services

Testimonial #2

Startup Internet Marketing Services has made it possible for our small firm to achieve a very excellent presence on the internet.  Your services have brought thousands of interested people to our website and many have taken the time to compliment us on our efforts.  We thank you for that.

Our sales have actually increased six-fold in less than 6 months since we first implemented your marketing campaign.  We anxiously await our finished ebook you are currently producing for us.  We are excited by the prospects it will offer our company.

We highly recommend Startup Internet Marketing Services.

Don Sampson, President
Kirkland Games Ltd.

Automate Your Marketing

Breakthrough software that'll run your business for you

Mailloop - Explode the profits from your online business or newsletter without the usual headaches and growing pains using breakthrough software that'll run your business for you.

Mailloop is the only complete Internet email, newsletter server, web form processor, bulk email, customer database, and autoresponder solution.  No other software does what Mailloop does in one program.  It will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.
  • What Is Mailloop?  For overview click here
  • For more information on Mailloop including a special offer click here
  • For information on SIM's Mailloop Setup and Training Services click here

Postmaster - Complete "hands off" automation all in one solution.  Keep in touch and bring customers back to your website. Builds lasting customer relationships.
  • What Is Postmaster?  For overview click here
  • For more information on Postmaster click here
  • For information on the importance of follow up click here
  • For information on SIM's Postmaster Setup Services click here
  • For details of Postmaster's time-sensitive special offer click here

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