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Treat Newbies With The Respect They Deserve

One of the biggest untapped markets on the Web is the PC and Internet Newbie market.

Yet most businesses people either ignore them, look down their noses at them, or 'suffer' their stupid questions and even stupider attempts to understand technology.

What a HUGE mistake!

Think back to when you got your first computer....

What were your experiences for the first few weeks or even months?...

FRUSTRATION! Screaming Fits? Tantrums?

Of course not. You're an adult. You didn't do childish things like that, did you?

Know something? I'm an experienced Internet Marketer and I STILL do. Why doesn't a Help file help? Why don't Tutorials teach? Why are manuals filled with gibberish? And millions of new PC owners are suffering the same thoughts at this very moment. Yet sadly ...

"No-one Seems To Gives a Damn"

When Newbies seek help, all they meet is Techie-Speak. When they refer to help Files they are left floundering. And if they read a PC for Idiots book they FEEL like an idiot!

Newbie's are simply inexperience people. Not Idiots, not Dummies, not Retards!

The day you get married, you become a Newbie Spouse. Not a Dummy. Your first day behind the wheel of a car makes you a Newbie driver. Not an Idiot. Hey, we're ALL Newbies at sometime, so why don't the experienced guys treat Newbies with respect, instead of patronizing them and trying to impress them with their recently acquired Jargon and Technical prowess?

A pat on the head is NOT the way to gain a Newbie's respect, OR HER BUSINESS!

And her first experiences on the Internet are not much better. Browsers, HTML, Search Engines, Java, Go-To, "Trust me and buy this", Credit card fraud ..."Who me -Download? Whoa there, where did it go?" ....

"Will someone please HELP ME?"

A revolutionary new Website called The Newbie Club at is changing all that. It offers bundles of Newbie-Speak Tutorials that contain not a byte of Jargon. And the first 2 in a series of innovative Newbie books are presented in a way that is totally unique on the Web. And there's even more to come.

I'm not surprised that response has been so amazing. And not just from the Newbies themselves. Affiliates are signing up at a remarkable rate. Why?

Because for the first time ever on the Internet, someone has found a way to speak to Newbies at their own level. Someone who understands their real problems and treats them with respect! Someone who has finally discovered that today's Newbie is tomorrow's 'Oldbie'. And from a business point of view ...a loyal customer!

So never assume that your visitor has a good understanding of technicalities. Even a 'simple' process like downloading your free ebook can be a frustrating and intimidating prospect for many people. Don't ignore them by thinking they're stupid. They're not ...

They Just Haven't Done It Before!

To illustrate this point, The Newbie Club's flagship product, 'Windows For Newbies' has been used by Computer Societies, Colleges, experienced PC users, and 'lonesome' Newbies alike. Even their Bank Manager bought 20 COPIES to teach his Bank staff the basics. Are Bank Tellers Stupid?

So why not look at your Website again. This time from a Newbie's perspective. Or better still, have a Newbie go through it. You will be surprised at the reaction you will get. And some of it could be pretty painful!

But if you're prepared to ACT on the feedback, you'll find that by making your site more 'Newbie-Friendly' your sales could substantially improve.

So stop ignoring this vast untapped market ...


And watch your sales improve.

Copyright 2003 by Joe Robson * All rights reserved

Joe Robson is co-author of 'Make Your Words SELL' with Ken Evoy. Joe and Tom Glander own The Newbie Club which is bulging with unique NET and PC Newbie tutorials and eBooks. CLICK ON OVER to and look at their very professional Affiliate Program. It's BIG! Joe's Copywriting site is at


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