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Why Break The Rules Of Selling?

Recently, in a high circulation daily business newsletter, I followed the thread of a discussion on ways to maximize visitor/sales conversion rates of Websites.

Here's my contribution .....

It saddened me when I read the suggestions and comments of so many experienced Internet Marketers, regarding the maximizing of conversion rates.

Or should I say it's what I DIDN'T read that caused dismay.


Hardly a mention of the single overriding factor that can dramatically increase conversion rates in any form of advertising - on or off the Web....

The right WORDS!

The accumulated experience of successful marketers over the last 8 decades, proves overwhelmingly that it's the WORDS that sell the product. Why else do traditional bricks and mortar sales operations employ sales staff?

If the presentation of their goods in verbal or written form was of secondary importance, wouldn't they find it easier and cheaper to simply display their goods and wait for the customer to buy?

Wouldn't Insurance companies, Auto manufacturers and house builders simply advertise the price and technical specifications to their prospects, and wait for them to thrust their check books in their faces?

Yet on the Web, that's exactly what many of the SAME businesses attempt. Then they wonder why their conversion rates are so low.

Sure, they spend time and money driving traffic to their sites. They employ highly skilled designers to improve the site's appearance. And they frantically introduce every high tech gizmo that hits the market .

But the idea of employing a professional Copywriter seems to fall well down the list of priorities.

Yet offline, these same companies would never dream of writing their own Sales materials!

Do they think that when someone visits a Website, her needs and buying habits miraculously change? Does she strangely have a new set of needs and wants as soon as she sits down in front of her monitor.

And miraculously, it would seem that she longer wants detailed information about the products being offered to her.

If this sad state of affairs was not so endemic amongst Internet marketers, there would have been no demand for myself and Ken Evoy to publish 'Make Your Words Sell'. Yet the huge demand for this book proves beyond doubt that there are more and more savvy marketers out there who are beginning to see the light...Hallelujah!

Graphics, gizmos, search engine software and the rest can have a measurable impact on sales. But only the right WORDS will persuade a visitor to buy! Nothing else. And I defy anyone to prove otherwise!...Now there's a challenge!

My new Website at is the result of 9 months research into the needs and wants of PC and Internet Newbies. And it has become a massive hit. Why?

Because the site speaks to the Newbies at their level, and in their language. No Techie-Speak, no jargon, and in a fun, laid back atmosphere. The Newbies LOVE it!

But our Affiliate sub-site talks a different language. Here we are speaking to business people, so we speak to them with a business voice, at their level, in business surroundings. And Affiliate subscriptions have surprised even us..

BOTH sides of the business have been wildly successful. And the success is due the choice of WORDS used. Not the sophisticated software we employ behind the scenes. Who cares about that? Certainly not our visitors!

In short, putting up a high-tech and gizmo-laden glossy site does nothing to improve conversion rates, unless the most important ingredient of all is present ....

The right WORDS!

Copyright 2003 by Joe Robson * All rights reserved

Joe Robson is co-author of 'Make Your Words SELL' with Ken Evoy. Joe and Tom Glander own The Newbie Club which is bulging with unique NET and PC Newbie tutorials and eBooks. CLICK ON OVER to and look at their very professional Affiliate Program. It's BIG! Joe's Copywriting site is at


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