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Leave Some Meat On The Bones

The Internet is aptly called The Information Super Highway.

Need to learn HTML? Surf the 'Net.

Want the latest Stock prices? Ask Yahoo.

Free 'How-To' download? Certainly, just click here.

Information, information, information. We have an insatiable appetite for it. We thrive on it.

And on the Internet we DEMAND it!

Yet I am constantly amazed at the high number of Websites that skimp on this ever so vital ingredient, yet still expect us to BUY from them!

Why DO they do it?

Especially when it has been known since time immemorial that...

Long Copy Out-Sells Short Copy

The truth is that if your reader is even half interested in your offer, she needs detailed information before she even considers buying from you.

Bundles and bundles of it.

And if she's interested in what you have to offer, she will read as much as it takes to get the full picture. Facts and information gives her both the confidence and the courage to make a purchase.

So I suspect that far too many writers are stingy with their information because they are afraid of producing copy which they think may be 'too long'. They believe that long copy will bore their readers.

So they cut it to the bone.

Big mistake!

The problem with this philosophy is that too often there's not enough meat left for the reader to chew on! She needs to 'taste' the product.

She wants to 'savor' it's flavor.

She needs a word picture to 'visualize' it's benefits. And only lots of information will satisfy her appetite.

Offer Her A Big Mac

Ever seen a MacDonalds poster without a full color picture of a large juicy Big Mac? Please don't write in if you have!

The restricted size of the poster means cutting the copy to the bone. But the picture adds the meat to the message.

So when you write your Web copy, it's your job to add the meat. But you do it with words.

Unless of course you take the route of some artistic Website designers. You could use a high resolution photograph which takes 25 minutes to load!

If you want to see a classic example of how long copy sells better than short copy, take a look at how Ken Evoy's site achieves this to perfection.

No, I'm not asking you to buy anything, but the long copy on his site has succeeded in selling one of the most successful books on the Internet.

Notice how he cleverly paints a picture of what the product will achieve for the reader. Watch his expert use of 'joints' that ease the reader from the bottom of one page and into the next. Some are so cleverly used that you feel you'll be missing something if you don't click through.

And notice his clever use of testimonials to add even more 'word pictures' to his story.

Go to and study his technique very closely. This is a clever man at work!

And it's living proof of the age-old advertising expression ....


With one very big proviso. It HAS to be interesting.

So Paint The Full Picture

One of the commonest questions asked of a Copywriter is "How long should a Copy Piece be?"

The answer? "As long as it needs to be TO TELL THE WHOLE STORY."

So if you're selling a Wall Chart describe it in FULL and graphic detail. And describe the chart using CUSTOMER BENEFITS. Not the features of the chart itself.

Instead of "A large full color chart" write "Measuring a full 48 x 36 inches and beautifully highlighted in 23 vibrant colors, making it extremely easy for you to instantly trace the...."

And instead of "Our Gizmo comes in Red, Blue, Brown and Beige," paint her a word picture.

Tell her to .... "Choose your favorite color from Sunset Red, Lagoon Blue. Autumn Gold and the extremely popular Yuck Yellow."

This Exercise Will Boost Your Response

HANDWRITE a fully detailed description of your product or service. Leave absolutely nothing out. Imagine you are describing it on the phone to a friend. Fill 2 sheets of paper if need be, until your description is as complete as you can possibly make it.

THEN cut out the fat.

THEN trim the excess verbiage.

Read your copy out loud.

And then trim again.

And when you're convinced that every single word does it's job of SELLING, whilst still painting a complete picture, you'll know your Copy is a winner.

But please don't butcher it to the bare bone. Leave just enough meat to titillate your prospect's taste buds.

And she'll order the full menu!.

P.S. If you're selling to vegetarians or vegans the principle remains the same. Just offer a salad sandwich instead!

Copyright 2003 by Joe Robson * All rights reserved

Joe Robson is co-author of 'Make Your Words SELL' with Ken Evoy. Joe and Tom Glander own The Newbie Club which is bulging with unique NET and PC Newbie tutorials and eBooks. CLICK ON OVER to and look at their very professional Affiliate Program. It's BIG! Joe's Copywriting site is at


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