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The Newbie Guide

Startup Internet Marketing is pleased to announce our association with the Newbie Club. Joe Robson and Tom Glander have done a marvelous job of explaining the Internet and the mysteries of your PC in plain English or "Newbie-Speak" to quote a phrase from their site. Be sure to sign up for their free "Newbie Club Insider" newsletter when you visit the Newbie Club website.

There is a wealth of information waiting for you at the Newbie Club but you can start by downloading the Newbie Club Guide To The Internet's Book #1, titled "Your Own Internet Business - An Overview".  It's a free ebook with 21 reports designed to help you start your internet business (not the same reports as below).  This book is highly recommended!  Click here to download now!

And when you finish reading "Your Own Internet Business - An Overview" come on back and get the next one in this same series titled "Scientific Advertising On The Internet". This one is free also and is considered a MUST READ!  Click here to downloaded now!  Both of these books come with redistribution rights so you can offer them as free downloads from your site as well.

  • The 7 Day Quick Start Plan
    The king of step-by-step internet marketing breaks down the 7 steps to a super fast start... This guide will get you up and running quickly! (highly recommended)

22 "Newbie Club" reports by Joe Robson
  1. We Don't Learn Japanese To Drive A Toyota
    Joe Robson show us how he increased sales by 400% by writing a new sales message in "laymans language." He brings the point home that maybe 'Techies' also understand 'Newbie-Speak' but not the other way around.

  2. Sorry But ... You Never Called
    Joe Robson very poignantly demonstrates how important it is to follow up with our customers.  And 'Mr. Auto' isn't necessarily the one to assign the responsibility to.  We can be doing everything else right BUT without personal follow up, we're missing sales!

  3. How To Win The Sales Copy Writing Game
    Joe Robson is at his BEST when he's talking Copy Writing.  In this article Joe nails down misconceptions that prevail among Internet marketers and explains why it's essential to know how persuasive Sales Copy is structured before you start writing those killer web pages and ezine ads.

  4. Why No P.S. On The Web?
    It's been known for years in the direct response industry that a skillfully written PS can increase response by up to 20%.  For that reason, no respectable copywriter would EVER write a sales letter without a PS.

  5. Without A USP You're Dead
    With so many people selling almost identical products, it's often difficult to tell the difference.  You have to isolate your product's Unique Selling Point and THRUST IT at your prospect.  If you don't, you're dead in the water.

  6. Headlines Sell - Logos Don't
    If you are utterly convinced that placing your Logo in the most prominent position on your Website will improve my quality of life, make my heart skip with joy, and cause my jaw to drop in rapturous wonder, then no one can stop you.  But if you are equally determined to generate some SALES, then please follow it with an equally jaw - dropping headline.  Because the hard truth is that no one in the whole wide world is even remotely interested in your company Logo.

  7. Leave Some Meat On The Bones
    Information, information, information.  We have an insatiable appetite for it. We thrive on it.  And on the Internet we DEMAND it!  Yet I am constantly amazed at the high number of Websites that skimp on this ever so vital ingredient, yet still expect us to BUY from them!  The truth is that if your reader is even half interested in your offer, she needs detailed information before she even considers buying from you.

  8. Follow Up With Your Customers
    No, I'm not about to give a lecture on Marketing.  But I have been in Direct Marketing for almost 30 years.  So I know more than many people that the way to substantially improve your profits is with follow-up sales from your existing customers.  Or as it's commonly called - Back End Sales. -

  9. Advertising Doesn't Pay?
    Joe Robson tells an entertaining story to and neatly weaves the elements of successful advertising to demonstrate how significant advertising is to your online success and the importance of staying on it.  There's lots to learn here!

  10. Copywriting Tips The Pro's Use
    This is Joe Robson's favorite subject and believe me... You want to pay attention!  He's the BEST at it.  There's a ton of tips and tricks in this article to teach you how to write copy that sells!

    If you ever decide you want to hone your copywriting skills to the max, check out Joe's "Make Your Words Sell."  I believe this course to be the BEST investment you could make in your online future.  It's the only one I've read 3 times and remains beside me at all times!

  11. Treat Newbies With The Respect They Deserve
    One of the biggest untapped markets on the Web is the PC and Internet Newbie market.  Yet most businesses people either ignore them, look down their noses at them, or 'suffer' their stupid questions and even stupider attempts to understand technology.  What a HUGE mistake!

  12. Just Give Me What I Want
    Joe Robson points out the importance of building trust with your customers and putting yourself in their head long enough to consider the significance of your site navigation, layout, design, graphics and more.  Good job Joe!

  13. Otto Responder Loses A Friend
    Joe Robson tells us a humorous story of a personal experience with Internic when he once tried to transfer his web hosting company.  We can all relate to the frustration we sometimes have to deal with when trying to do business with an "Otto Responder."

  14. How To Ask For The Order - And Get It
    I always enjoy reading Joe Robson when he's dissecting an element of copywriting.  Here he does just that with the element of "Asking for the Sale."  Listen up folks, there's lessons to be learned here!

  15. Toll Free Numbers Can Cost You Sales
    If you're US based it's time to wake up to the fact that life exists outside your country!  Internet users are mushrooming at a phenomenal rate all over the world.  And the growth of new potential customers is accelerating at an unbelievable speed.

  16. Watch Your Language
    If you haven't put in the effort to find out WHO your potential customers ARE then most of your copywriting efforts will be wasted.  Joe humorously discusses the many shortcomings inherent within the English language when dealing with customers around the world.

  17. What's So Different About Writing Web Copy?
    Good web copy doesn't attract the attention it deserves.  Copy just isn't cool.  Because good persuasive copy doesn't attract attention to itself.  It sits there on the page delivering its message skillfully and unobtrusively, focusing attention on the PRODUCT and the READER.  And quietly doing its job of selling.

  18. Misconceptions About Your USP
    Your USP is without any doubt whatsoever, the most valuable business asset you will ever possess!  And once you discover it, your business will improve dramatically.  I've lost count of the number of people who tell me they don't know how to find their USP.  And there are even more people who THINK they know what it is, yet have it all wrong.

  19. Why Break The Rules Of Selling?
    The accumulated experience of successful marketers over the last 8 decades, proves overwhelmingly that it's the WORDS that sell the product.  Why else do traditional bricks and mortar sales operations employ sales staff?  Graphics, gizmos, search engine software and the rest can have a measurable impact on sales. But only the right WORDS will persuade a visitor to buy!

  20. Downloading Mysteries Solved - Who Needs Techies?
    Joe Robson gives us some downloading tips and directs us to where we can get our answers to other mysterious downloading maladies that seem to only happen to us.

  21. Why Newbies Are Afraid To Build A Website
    Joe Robson recalls the frustrations he went through building his first website giving us all a "wake-up call" with his insights and reflections. Joe asks, "Doesn't it make business sense to make our products, software and courses Newbie-friendly? Doesn't it make business sense to talk in language that they can actually understand?"

  22. How To Avoid Email Nightmares
    These four tips could help protect you from identity theft, credit card fraud, or a complete computer takeover. All of which can happen without you even knowing about it!

FREE Newbie Club Courses - by email

Just send a blank email for the course you need. It's delivered every few days to your desktop - automatically! (AOL users must remove the "mailto:" part of the address, and type the address into your email client's send to line. Life with AOL is tough!)
Check out all of the great tutorials available to you on the Newbie Club website.

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