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Headlines Sell - Logos Don't

If you are utterly convinced that placing your Logo in the most prominent position on your Website will improve my quality of life, make my heart skip with joy, and cause my jaw to drop in rapturous wonder, then no one can stop you.

But if you are equally determined to generate some SALES, then please follow it with an equally jaw - dropping headline. Because the hard truth is that no one in the whole wide world is even remotely interested in your company Logo.

Except you!

Unless you are a household name with an instantly recognizable Logo, it tells your reader nothing.

We need to know, in no seconds flat, what your Website, sales copy, or advertisement is going to do for US. And its your headline that achieves it.

But this very basic and essential requirement is equally important to your off-line advertising.

I live in the UK. Some years ago, a disused gas station about 500 yards from my home, suddenly showed signs of life. Builders, painters and contractors buzzed around for weeks remodeling the site.

They had taken the gas pumps out so, being a mildly curious kind of person, I watched their progress with interest as I drove past almost every day.

Imagine the scene some weeks later...

It's Monday afternoon. 2 lanes of traffic. 15 miles per hour. And bumper to bumper. As I approach the refurbished site I notice something different. It's Grand Opening Day. Balloons, banners and brightly colored flags are everywhere.

At last. Now I'll find out exactly what they DO.

And there it stood in all its resplendent glory!

A beautifully molded illuminated sign, shaped like a Star Trek space ship. Straddled atop of a 30 foot silver pole, this magnificent example of man's creativity announced itself to an expectant world.

It read....wait for it......ENTERPRISE.

And nothing else!

Oh dear me. Another Chief Executive's expensive ego trip.

Keeping one eye on the car in front I twist my neck and spot two signs on the front of the office building. That's better..... WELCOME TO ENTERPRISE.

Now that's a revelation!

Every time I drove past I looked expectantly for some clue to their existence. None. No wonder it was always deserted!

Hold on though, I haven't delivered the punch line yet.

3 weeks later my car wouldn't start. I needed transport to keep an appointment and I needed it like NOW.

Rushed round to my neighbor's house. 'Sorry Joe I'm off to the airport in 20 minutes'. Typical.

Why take a trip now? Round to my other neighbor. No one in. Typical Welshman. Why can't he be there when I need him!

Phone Avis. 'Sorry, none available until later today'. Why can't they keep more cars in stock? Typical. Americans aren't they?

Signs of panic setting in. Phone Hertz. 'You want one NOW? We'll be round with it in one hour'. I should think so too.

While I'm on the phone groveling to my client, I resist the temptation to blame my situation on the typically poor quality of Mercedes engineering. The door bell rings.

Outside stands a dark blue BMW and a well dressed young lady with car keys and clip board in hand. Decent car. Don't like the color though. Why not silver? Typical Germans.

Mr. Robson? Sign here please. As I struggled vainly to get the pen to actually write - typical Bic French ball pen - the young lady asks 'Not using the people down the road then?'

Typical Englishwoman. 'Why do you think I phoned you?' I sneer.

Anyway..... 'What people? What road?'

'The new car rental outfit down the street'. And she half turns and points through the trees at the side of my house. Look, you can just see the sign from here. Looks like a space ship........'

Ho hum. Beam me up Scottie. Better not - he's a Scotsman.

PS. 4 months later I drove past 'Enterprise' and it was empty. Lock, stock and barrel all gone. The Chief Executive had even taken his beloved sign. But they had left the pole.

There it stood, swaying slightly in the breeze like a wagging, accusing finger as if saying......

I told you so. Next time use a HEADLINE.

Typical know-all Pole!

Copyright 2003 by Joe Robson * All rights reserved

Joe Robson is co-author of 'Make Your Words SELL' with Ken Evoy. Joe and Tom Glander own The Newbie Club which is bulging with unique NET and PC Newbie tutorials and eBooks. CLICK ON OVER to and look at their very professional Affiliate Program. It's BIG! Joe's Copywriting site is at


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