"I'll Show You How To Take
A Losing Google Ad
and Turn It Into A

Did YOU BELIEVE it was easy to make a profit using Google Ads?

If YOUR Google Ads lost money instead of making it, join the many who have, including me.

Simply put, the majority of people who read the e-Books and THEN venture off to Google Adwords land, soon find out the hard way that it's not that easy to make the big bucks they hear about.

Let's face it, the ODDS of getting it right on our first try ARE NOT IN OUR FAVOR.

It takes testing and more testing. DURING ALL THAT TESTING you are spending money you just can't afford to lose.

Does this sound familiar?

  • YOU sign up for Google Adwords AND select your locations.
  • YOU create your ad AND select a few key phrases.
  • YOU set your cost per click AND wait for people to visit your webpage.

A few days or weeks later you notice a lot of clicks but no PURCHASES OF YOUR product. YOU start feeling DISCOURAGED. MEANTIME your Google expenses are piling up with no profits TO SHOW FOR YOUR INVESTMENT.

IN DESPERATION you rework your Google ads, change a few key phrases, add some keywords, create a new ad group, and test again.

This time you make a few sales but it's not enough!

What's wrong? Why isn't this working?

I'm here to tell you it does work BUT not in the way you read about it.


This is the first E-book I've read that actually tells you how to structure your autoresponders for visitor capture. Most E-books just say to send them at such and such an interval but no one tells how to actually structure the content of them to maximize sales potential.  Much needed information to fill in a big blank left in most E-books.

The way you tie it in to Google campaigns is pure genius. Highly recommended, particularly for those on a tight budget.

Thanks so much for this E-book, John.

Sandi Bowman

Imagine taking the same Google Ads campaign and...turning it into a winner! ALL YOU NEED IS a little TIME and effort...and the "Google Untapped Profits Guide".

You NEED the "Google Untapped Profits Guide" if:

  • You are new to Google Ads.
  • You are on a limited budget.
  • You are tired of losing money INSTEAD OF MAKING MONEY.
  • You want to maximize your Google Ads profits.

WITH THE "Google Untapped Profits Guide" no B.S. approach YOU CAN:

  • Make money DESPITE ads that are losing money!
  • Spend AIM FOR top ad positions.
  • Build a massive mailing list of FUTURE LOYAL CUSTOMERS.

AVOID the mistakes I made and Learn what I Learned, Painlessly.


The Untapped Profits guide will save the novice Google Adwords marketer a ton of money. I learned the lesson the hard way and wish your guide would have been developed sooner. As simple as the concept is it holds the key to making money or losing money using Google Adwords.

Shawn Nelson, MSA


Hello John,

I just bought and finished reading your book.

I found this ebook easy to read, with good examples, and there were some gems of insight along the way in its 20 pages that clearly show that a book doesnít have to be long to be valuable and worth its price.
It proves that just one technique well applied can make all the difference in your results.

Iím glad I got it before having to pay full price.

Best of lucks with your book,


I must be honest with you...this is a no-fluff, straight to the point how-to-do-it guide. Read and apply the 20 pages of compact information and turn your losing campaign into a money in your pocket winner!


It's your choice: spend A MERE $47 to put money in your POCKET or throw that same $47.00, and a lot more, away on losing google ad campaigns.

YOU HAVE MY 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION. TRY THE STEPS IN THE "GOOGLE UNTAPPED PROFITS GUIDE". If you don't feel it helped you turn your losing Google Ads into winners, you can request an immediate, no questions asked, refund and keep your free bonuses AS OUR GIFT TO YOU for trying THE 'GOOGLE UNTAPPED PROFITS GUIDE'.

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Dan Porteous