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Where's The S.E.X. In Your Business?

It's absolutely amazing how SEX sells! I'm always amazed how many businesses, such as Coca Cola, Mercedes, Sony, etc., use sex appeal in their ads, to sell their products. Ever wondered why?

When you add the element of sex appeal, you add the element of emotion, and most people buy for emotional reasons than any other reason.

OK, I wasn't planning on writing about sex appeal, but didn't that title get your attention? Come on, admit it, you were curious to find out what this was all about, weren't you?

Well, I'll level with you. I want to tell you about about a very different kind of S.E.X. -- I call this the "S.E.X. Principle".

So let's study the S.E.X. principle for a second: Simplicity + Emotion + eXcitement = S.E.X.

In order to generate effective sales through direct mail or the Internet your site better be using the S.E.X. principle, or you'll find it extremely hard to make a sale.

1) Simplicity

How does your site rate on simplicity? Put yourself in the shoes of the average person who lands on your site. Is it easy to navigate your way around? Do things look complicated? Do you have a clear and simple presentation and sales letter, that everyone can understand and follow?

Creating a "simple" site, does not mean you're "stupid". Forget about trying to impress everyone with your cleverness. It's a fact that most people tend to judge things on first impressions. So when you've gone through all the hard work involved in getting clients over to your site, don't scare them away with your intellectual pride.

Some of the sites that have the greatest conversions of visitors to sales, are also some of the "simplest" sites. By simple, I mean everything is clear. They have a very well-thought out presentation or sales approach, and the customer is gently guided through the process in a very straight forward manner.

It is important to avoid distracting the visitor with blinking banners, fancy graphics, etc. that are not absolutely necessary. After all you want is for that visitor to read what you have to say and hopefully convince them to buy your product or service.

2) Emotional

Does your site appeal to their emotions? Remember emotional SELLS!

I will never forget a story somebody told me years ago, when I was first starting out in marketing.

Apparently this took place in a church, where a very famous orator was to recite the 23rd Psalm for a fundraising service. He did this with complete perfect eloquence, but the audience remained unmoved. It just so happened that an ex-Russian woman who had just obtained citizenship was present, and since she had been an actress her friends begged her to also recite the psalm in Russian.

She obliged them, but the difference was astounding. She used no eloquence. She used emotion. After she finished, most of the people in the audience had tears streaming down their faces. The applause was deafening.

One of her friends remarked that this was the best recital of the 23rd Psalm she had ever heard, even if she couldn't understand a word of what was being said. The Russian woman replied: "That wasn't the 23rd Psalm, that was the alphabet in Russian." - That's how important emotion is.

People pay a lot more attention to the emotional depth of your message than the logical precision of it.

3) eXcitement

Without eXcitement or enthusiasm you will never convince anybody of anything. If you can't get excited about your product or service, forget it.

Although there is always the danger of being over-enthusiastic, it is still far better than a dead dud.

I would much rather risk wildfire, than have no fire at all.

"There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment." - - Norman Vincent Peale

Try adding a little S.E.X. to spice up your business. It works.

--------------- About the Author ----------------
Jan Taljaard is a consultant, speaker, copywriter and author. His latest book "Money From E-Commerce", a fully interactive e-commerce course, is already becoming an international bestseller.

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