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The Truth About Associate Programs

Of course the BIG question everybody's asking on the Net today, is: "Can I really make money with Associate Programs?"

The answer is: "YES, YOU CAN!" -- In fact Associate Programs are one of the easiest ways to make money, and lots of it, especially on the Internet.

Think about it. A lot of the times you can start an associate program for free, so you don't have any *out of pocket* costs. Sometimes you can even get a free website, able to accept credit card payments, has automated follow-up mail, and all at no cost to you.

You don't have to invent a product. You don't have to design your own site. You don't have to process the orders or the shipping. All you have to do is promote your new Associate site, and the rest is automatic. Every time a sale is made, you receive a commission.


There are so many opportunities with Associate Programs on the Net today. But let's be fair, and put this in the proper perspective. A lot of people start a Home Business and fail. The same way that a lot of people sign up with an associate or affiliate program and never make any money.

The main reason for this, is that a lot of people get excited about a program or business, they're attracted by the aspect of making an extra buck, but are not willing to put in the effort that it takes to succeed.

Other times they are distracted by the next program that comes along, and the first one is quickly forgotten. Or, if they have given it a try for a few days or a week, and haven't earned thousands of dollars, they figure the program is no good, when in fact the fault lies not with the program, but in their own lack of consistency in marketing their program.


If you were to invest $3 a day, at an interest rate of 9% (which is possible), after one year you would have $1,095 plus your interest $98.55 -- OK, this doesn't look like a lot, but if you were to continue to reinvest this money, and continued to save a measly $3 a day, after 10 years you would have $18.133! After 20 years, you would have a whopping $61.062 just from putting aside $3 a day! -- Imagine if you decided to be a real big spender, and put aside $10 a day! Or $20!

What I explained above, is not a magic formula. It's a very basic way of generating more money, by following a very, very simple plan, that anybody can do right now. So, why don't they? It takes discipline, commitment and a plan. As simple as it is, most people couldn't be bothered.

Well, the same goes for associate programs. Doing that little bit of marketing faithfully every day, even if it's just a half an hour or one hour that you devote to your associate business, it will start to pay off. And in fact will pay off much more than the $3 example I showed you above!

In my interactive course *Money From E-Commerce* I teach my students how they can turn $100 into $500.000 in one year! Of course not everybody will accomplish this goal, no more than everybody will accomplish saving $3 a day, but the plan does work, and some will walk away with financial freedom, whilst others will stay stuck in their ruts, hoping on a $1.50 raise!


Follow up is an area sadly neglected by a lot of marketers, whether online or offline. Every time you get a lead, the secret to transforming a lead into a paying customer, is follow up.

You need to create a way to contact your leads automatically. On the Internet you can follow up on your leads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter where you are.

Your leads are your chest of gold. They are your life essence. Failure to follow up on your leads consistently will cost you a lot of precious business and revenue.

There are a lot of companies who offer an auto-responder service. One of the best that I have found, and that I personally use for all my follow up and lead generation, is Get Response. They offer excellent service, and have a multitude of special features, in order for you to personalize your responses according to your needs.


Another secret to succeeding with your associate program, is advertising offline. Now I know this scares some people, as they immediately start thinking big advertising dollars, but there is a very effective and cheap way to do this.

I provide my own associates with black and white flyers. They can photocopy or print these and distribute them everywhere they go. At the bottom of each flyer, there is a place for their own personal Associate ID number, or unique URL (all my associates receive their own free replicated e-commerce site).

The response is amazing. Simply by distributing this low-cost flyer, associates are able to generate hundreds of leads daily in the offline world.

Associate or Affiliate programs, are the wave of the future. As more and more companies and individuals are getting connected to the Internet every day, an associate program can be one of the most lucrative businesses you could ever hope for. Also, as the cost of living rises, more and more people are finding the need to create multiple sources of income. Associate programs make this easy to accomplish.

You can generate an income source from as many associate programs as you have time for. There are no limits to what you can accomplish, or how much income you can generate. We are only limited by our own inability to take persistent action.

"Victory belongs to the most persevering." -- Napoleon Bonaparte

Or as Nike puts it: "Just do it!"

About the Author
Jan Taljaard is a consultant, speaker, copywriter, and author. He masterminds the Wealth And Success Club together with Chris Hanley of Super Promotions Group. -- His latest book "Money From E-Commerce", a fully interactive e-commerce course, is already becoming an international bestseller. To contact Jan Taljaard directly, send an email or visit the Wealth and Success Club today, and get your own free replicated e-commerce site.

© Copyright 2000 by Jan Taljaard, All rights reserved. Webmasters and Publishers may reproduce this article, only in it's entirety, including all credits and information about the author and his Web site, and as long as no changes are made to the article.

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