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Make You Ads Sizzle & Skyrocket Your Sales

Do your ads sizzle?

If you're like the average marketer they probably don't. Read some of the ads that are in the ezines you read, or the emails you receive and you'll realize how many of them are just the same old, same old.

It's not just the average marketer that's writing bland un-inspiring ads. Remember the big Dot Com ads that bombed during the Super Bowl a few years back?

They thought that throwing big money out was the answer.

They thought being slick and cutesy was the answer.

They were dead wrong!

If you want to write effective ads, you have to keep in mind:
  • We all think in pictures
  • When there's a choice between logic and emotion, our emotions always win.
  • There are only two reasons anyone will take action.
A. To move toward pleasure

B. To move away from pain
No matter how complex or sophisticated you and I think we are, deep down we all have similar hopes, dreams and desires.

I remember growing up, how my mother instinctively knew these rules.

My parents had a bar in the country.During hunting season, all the weekend warriors would stop in our bar. They were on their way to their big adventure and we were a stop off point.

These city people were full of expectations of the big hunt to come, but they also knew they would be out in the cold and snow, hoping to bag their big game.

Once there were enough of them in the bar, my mother would walk into the kitchen and start rattling the pots. A little while later she would start simmering the soup.

You could see their faces react when they started smelling that soup cooking.

But my mother wasn't going to leave anything to chance. As soon as the soup started getting warm, she'd call me and say "honey, you want something to warm your belly."

Talk about sizzle.

Then I would do my part, although at the time I didn't realize what was going on. I'd say, "mommy this is good."

Well that was the clincher.

Those hunters weren't seeing just a bowl of soup anymore, they saw:
  • Warmth to help fight the cold.
  • They were ready to experience, "country cooking."
Man alive she couldn't keep up with the orders.

She had just taken an everyday bowl of soup and made that puppy sizzle.

How about you?

Do your ads sizzle, or do you just try to sell the same old, same old?

Don't write the same boring ads, make your ads sizzle. Make the reader picturize the benefits. Grab them by the emotions and make their mouths water.

Start making your ads sizzle and watch your sales skyrocket.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

About the author:
Copyright (c) 2001 John Colanzi. John publishes the "Street Smart Marketing" newsletter. Subscribe now and receive access to our Free Internet Marketing Library: If you want to cash in on the the information gold mine and make 100% profits visit:

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