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Recognizing Internet Marketing

Interestingly, this week I was asked to teach two new classes -- this time, in the evenings (with the continuing education department of the college, to be more specific). While one of the classes is one I have been teaching for three years in the regular daytime business programs (i.e., "Intro to Marketing Management"), the other is new addition to my portfolio: The course is entitled "Information Technology Marketing."

The curriculum blends several components: Internet marketing, ecommerce and information technology marketing. What's really interesting here is that, as of about two weeks ago, Ottawa's growing hi-tech sector is now the largest employer in Canada's national capital region (surpassing the federal government, which for the longest time used to hold that top position).

Quite simply, the demand for marketers in the hi-tech field is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only is the Internet growing but the demand for Internet-savvy marketers is in a state of hypergrowth as well. Thus, Internet marketing is becoming an area of greater importance, especially among academic circles.

In other words, more and more universities, colleges and IT schools are slowly recognizing Internet marketing not only as a viable career prospect but also as an important aspect of ecommerce and Internet technology. For example, in Canada (and particularly in Ottawa) we are bombarded with schools offering IT, computer programming and ecommerce programs. But Internet marketing was never really part of any curriculum ... Until now. To illustrate, here are a few related links:

The University of British Columbia was the first university in Canada to offer a complete academic (certification) program on Internet marketing alone. And ever since its inception over a year ago, it seems that more and more schools are starting to offer similar programs as to compete with the pioneering UBC.

Humber College is another school now offering a program that's completely dedicated to ebusiness and specifically to Internet marketing. What's interesting to note is that Humber classifies "Internet marketing" as part of direct marketing -- and it should, since the web is a direct marketing process. But another is the fact that the program is coordinated in an alliance with Microsoft.

Web Profession, a site developed by the IWA (or "International Webmasters Association") includes tons of resources: Articles on webmarketing and webmastery; information on education and training; a database of educational and training programs for web professionals and students; various articles and resources on web marketing, ecommerce and business operations; a listing of tradeshows, events and conferences; legal issues that are influencing the web; and a jobs resource for web careers. (By the way, becoming a member of the association is free.)

Know This! is a virtual library dedicated to marketing in general -- a reference and resource website for marketing, market research, advertising, selling, promotion and more. What's interesting is that this site, to which I often refer in my academic work, now offers an entire section on Internet marketing at

The eCommerce Guidebook, which I often use as a resource in my classes, is a comprehensive reference site offering a step-by- step guide to the process of becoming ecommerce-enabled, and a listing of all the known online transaction providers and a condensed comparison of the prices and services they offer -- and more (including tutorials and a directory of ratings).

Now that more and more universities offer ecommerce classes and Internet marketing training programs, this website offers probably one of the most comprehensive academic resources on the subject. In addition to classes, manuals and links, "Going Beyond eCommerce Technology" also offers "The E-Commerce Book, Building The E-Empire," which is a resource every student, teacher and businessperson in the 21st century should have.

Nevertheless, my "new" course starts this evening. If you are looking to hire recent graduates from the programs, drop me a line at

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Michel Fortin of is a consultant dedicated to helping businesses turn into powerful magnets. Visit his site for more information or to receive a FREE copy of his ebook, "The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning."

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