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The 13 Worst Marketing Mistakes

Are you disappointed? Your ads drawing minimal results?

Well, I've got great news for you, because we're going to change that forever right here and right now!

Let me show you which mistakes are killing your profits. And precisely how to correct them. And you'll soon have a powerful set of weapons to make sure all your efforts generate cash.

Mistake #1
Marketing To The Wrong Audience
Even with the world's best product, copy and price - if you try to sell it to the wrong people, you'll flop.
Mistake #2
Assuming You Know What Your Customers Want
Listen to what your market has to say. Offer products based on your customers' answers.
Mistake #3
Focusing Your Copy On You
Customers don't care about your product. So talk directly to their problems, needs and desires.
Mistake #4
Assuming You Know What Your Customers Value Most
Poll your customers. Then adjust the benefits in your copy accordingly.
Mistake #5
You Think Your Ad Or Your Product Are Important
Forget about your ad and its fancy layout. Concentrate on hitting your customers right between the eyes with the most potent benefit you have to offer.
Mistake #6
Blindly Accepting Your Mail Will Reach Its Destination
Did you know that huge quantities of email are being dumped as spam? Remember, if your mail doesn't reach its destination, you can't sell!
Mistake #7
Blindly Accepting That People Will Open Your Mail
How many of us run through our in box with our finger on the delete button?

So follow the rules that ensure your mail gets opened.
Mistake #8
Assuming You Have Your Prospect's Undivided Attention
You're competing against everything that vies for your prospect's attention - other businesses, and their work, family, and hobbies.

So write hard-driving, persuasive pieces packed with so many benefits, your prospect can't help but be interested.
Mistake #9
Being Deceitful Or "Standing Too Close To The Shade"
Unfortunately, some get swept away by their own greed.

Better to solve your customers' problems, help them, and deliver more than you promised.

And you'll sleep well at night!
Mistake #10
Failing To Track Your Results
You should key your ads, sales letters and news releases to track precisely what's working and what isn't - which marketing efforts to stick with and which to modify or abandon.
Mistake #11
Not Having A Profitably Planned Follow-up Campaign
It's much easier and less costly to sell to someone who's already bought from you than it is to bring in new business.

Follow up from every sale. Strike while the iron is hot.

Send follow-up mailings at least every quarter. Build on their trust in you.
Mistake #12
You're Trying To Sell Unrelated Products
You can't follow-up effectively with unrelated products. Pick an area to specialize in and offer the best group of related products that you can.
Mistake #13
Changing Your Marketing Out Of Boredom
If the market continues to respond to your promotions, don't change it!
. . .

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