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The Biggest Mistake Publishers Make

"I just sent out a great offer to my list. But, only three clickthroughs! (Arrrrrgh!)"

Sound familiar?

If you are tired of sending promotions to your list with little or no success, you'll want to read this article. Maybe even three times.

Chances are, you are failing to incorporate the most critical ingredient of any successful ezine.

Without this essential ingredient ...
  • You will get more unsubscribes
  • Your website will be about as dead as the Mohabi desert
  • Your subscribers will seldom buy anything you recommend
  • You will grow increasingly more frustrated with your subscribers
What am I referring to here? I'm talking about the power of personalization. Without it, your ezine is toast -- period!

Let me explain.

How many ezines have you read that are boring, lifeless, shameful bodies of work that should be banished from the Internet?

We've all read a few, right?

But YOUR ezine is different, isn't it?

.. Is it?

Here's a way to put it to the test. What is your primary goal in publishing an ezine? Are you interested in purely throwing products at your subscribers and expecting them to buy?

There's nothing wrong with making money, but the relationship comes first, then the profits.

It's just like dating. You meet. Go on a few dates, and if you are lucky, you might even get a kiss once you've earned the trust of your partner ;-)

Treat your subscribers the same way and watch your profits soar. Let your subscribers get to know you. I mean, *really* know you. Develop a relationship with them.

For example. Do you express your opinions in your ezine? Are you NOT afraid to speak your mind, even at the risk of offending a few people?

Controversy is one of the most powerful tools you can use to develop reader loyalty. Go ahead, write how you feel. Say it with heart. Your subscribers will respect you for it.

Is your ezine an extension of your life? Do your subscribers really know what's going on at your house? Do they even know what you look like?

Do they even like you?

If you are holding back and afraid to let your personality shine through, chances are your subscribers couldn't care less about you. Why would they? They don't even know you!

Don't shut your subscribers out, let them in.

Are you just like 90% of the other frustrated ezine publishers out there? Pumping out issue after issue and wondering why no one is responding and everyone is unsubscribing.

Don't take it personal. GET personal!

There are way too many good ezine choices out there today. If your ezine doesn't captivate your audience in the first issue or two .. click, unsubscribe ... next.

But wait. Before you start injecting emotion, personal stories and your opinions into your ezine, here's a warning.

Please. Use it in context. For example, telling you that I drive a green Dodge Caravan and would rather drink from a stinky sneaker than fly in an airplane, won't do any good.

Who cares? Wrong content.

Keep it in context and you'll be on your way to developing iron strength bonds and relationships with your subscribers.

Once people get to know you, they learn to like you. And if they like you, they might even trust you.

People buy things from people they trust.

Who would you trust more?
  1. A recommendation from a good friend
  2. A billboard ad on the freeway
I probably could have saved you from reading 660 words or so by making this the shortest article in the history of the Internet. It could have been condensed into ten words:

To succeed in ezine publishing, get personal with your audience!

But then again, if you only read ten words, what chance would I have to build a repoire with you? Or, start to build a relationship with you?

I hope I've done my job. Now, it's your turn to do yours!

(with personality, that is ...)

. . .
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through ezine publishing, articles, and joint-ventures.
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