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Look Back, Look Ahead

Well, 2001 has come and gone. And with a new year upon us, I'd like to close out the old one by sharing a few web facts with my fellow online business enthusiasts.

Here's a quick assortment of tidbits you may find interesting. Included are statistics about the web, as well as my own observations...

World Wide Web still growing...

While hard numbers are difficult to pin down, estimates indicate that there are now approximately 520 million with online access across the world. Of that number, just one-third are from US and Canada.

I've seen the global expansion first-hand...

During 2001, a full 23% of sales from my own websites were from customers outside the US. This was nearly double the non-US buyers last year. I expect this trend to continue through the next few years. Online business owners... remember, your customer base online is truly international. While you may not be ready to offer more languages on your site, your site CAN at least be "international friendly" by offering worldwide shipping and payment options.

Web use still growing in the US too...

According to the UCLA Internet Report 2001, a full 72.3 percent of Americans now use the Internet, up from 66.9 percent last year. What's more, users spend an average of 9.8 hours online per week, up from 9.4 hours per week in 2000.

Why so many people?

The three biggest reasons people go online are to find information quickly, for work reasons, and to access email. The five most popular online activities are email and instant messaging, browsing, buying online, finding entertainment information, and reading news. Of non-Internet users, 44.4 percent say they will be online within the next year. The main reason non-users do not go online is that they do not have a computer or access to an adequate computer. (This data also from UCLA Internet Report.)

And they're buying too...

About half of Internet users bought something on the Internet during 2001. That's a staggering 250 million people making purchases through their computer. Who was it that said online marketing was a fad? ;-)

So how do YOU get website traffic and buyers...?

That's the question most web business owners ask constantly. And this past year brought many new methods for getting website traffic. However, many of them were a disappointment. I tried quite a few new strategies myself, including "guaranteed click deals", a variety of "pay per click" engines, and even some innovative, new banner advertising strategies. Yet not one of the new techniques came close to the results I still get advertising with good old fashioned email. My best new email marketing strategy is paying email newsletter management sites to run top sponsorship ads across their network of newsletters. The traffic can be targeted to just about any niche and the clicks result in sales.

So what do today's observations reveal?

That it is FAR from too late for you to start your own business online.

Perhaps you've been considering it but have not made the commitment just yet. Or maybe you've started but have not given it everything you can. Why not make a New Year's resolution right now. Here are a few suggestions...

"I will tackle my financial situation with a long term solution."

"I will take the steps necessary to enjoy life more."

"I will find a way to spend more time with my loved ones."

If any of these sound like something you could get attached to and work toward, perhaps an online business is the answer for you. And no, I'm not leading into some big sales pitch here. I just want to motivate a few more of you to take the bull by the horns and tackle it. I know the rewards of being my own boss and I get a kick out of helping others do the same.

So start by downloading and reading my free ebook called "A Beginner's Guide to Starting a High Income Internet Business." It's filled with information to get you started on the right path. A direct download URL for my subscribers is:

And if you have more questions about how to start and grow a business online, spend some time at the URL's below. You'll find more answers than you can imagine...

Those URLs reveal many of the low cost strategies I use to earn my living online. I'm quite sure they'll help you. Finally, be sure to read this newsletter every other week. I'll continue to bring you only the information you need to help you earn a living from the Internet.

To you success,
Jim Daniels

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