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What I learned from Jonathan Mizel, part 1 of 2

What do Internet marketers Rick Beneteau, Jim Daniels, and Marlon Sanders, and Mark Enlow have in common? They have all made their personal fortunes as authors of top-selling ebooks!

When Stephen King brought in $450,000 in a mere three days with the recent release of "Riding the Bullet", he made it clear that ebooks SELL!

Like our pioneer forefathers, cyber marketers are struggling to learn the basics of survival on the Internet frontier. In desperation we try the "marketing technique of the week", only to see our efforts run dry.

Your experience and knowledge are priceless. Why not tap into that wealth of knowledge and profit from it? Truth is that dot comers are hungry for information on how to get ahead in business. When start ups jump into business; they lack the business savvy that only comes with real work experience. If you can help them JUMP that learning curve, you've got yourself a topic for a winning ebook.

Tapping into this Powerhouse Promotion Tool

Ebooks can be sent as attachment in an email, downloaded from a web site, or sent on disk in the mail! You can use ebooks to build your opt-in email list. You can even allow others to distribute it for you. This versatile format is well suited for electronic brochures, marketing tools, training tools, and for profit.

When used correctly, you can use them to:
  • Generate sales leads
  • Educate prospects about your product or company
  • Teach a new procedure or technique
  • Build traffic on your web site when used as a giveaway
  • Get new ezine or newsletter subscribers
  • Reward customers who fill out a customer survey
  • Build your reputation as someone knowledgeable in your field
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Increase profits by selling the product itself

Ebooks Pack a Powerful Punch Compared to Other Advertising

It's no wonder that electronic self-publishing is becoming so popular. It is providing a whole new medium for sharing ideas and knowledge. As the number of people with Internet access is growing, the reach of ebooks is ever expanding too. What is unique and special about ebooks as a medium? What can ebooks offer that other mediums cannot?
  • Easy and inexpensive to create. You don't need a printer or publisher, just a good idea and some software!
  • Quickly and easily distributed and updated. Your ebook can easily grow and change.
  • Interactivity. Hyperlinks, sound, and video allow the reader to become more involved with the piece than they would with traditional printed matter.
  • Immediately accessible. In a matter of seconds someone can download an ebook/
  • Permanence. Unlike radio or television, ebooks are a more permanent media. They can be read at leisure. This makes ebook material more likely to be remembered and referenced.
  • Easy to navigate. Hyperlinks can be used both within the piece and to links on the Internet.
  • Less barriers to the market. Anyone with a computer and some software can create an ebook. No waiting and hoping to get published. Once you write an ebook, your place in the market is certain.
  • Allow total creative freedom. You don't have to work through an editor, a design house, or wait for red marks to be placed on your script. You are in charge of the look and feel of your piece!
You can use ebooks as a free giveaway, as a thank you gift, or as an add-on bonus when a customer purchases a product or service. Looking for a surefire way to get better response to your survey? Reward visitors who fill out your survey with an ebook. An ebook on disk makes a fantastic virtual brochure. Make a big impact with prospects when you placing your ebook on disk and tuck it in with a sales letter.

If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, then I invite you seize this opportunity to write your own ebook. Whether your goal is one of fame, fortune, notoriety, or personal accomplishment, writing an ebook can be a step in the right direction.

Article by Kristie Tamsevicius, author of the newly released ebook, "The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Marketing eBooks." Kristie Tamsevicius is President of Kristie's Custom Design a full service web development and hosting services.

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