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Who Wants a Job?

The world wide web is the ideal place to start a new career. But you have to know what you are looking for first. Today let's talk about three "career choices" you have at your disposal online...

In a nutshell, you can choose between three paths when using the web to enhance your earning power. You can...
  1. Find a new job.

  2. Try your hand at an "opportunity" (Beware of this one!)

  3. Start your own business.

Each one of these has its ups and downs. And it all depends on the individual to determine which one is right for them. Let's look further into each of these three choices so that you can make a more informed decision...

1. The Job.

Some folks love their job, some despise it. Some folks love the IDEA of having a job and some despise it. Which type are you? Are you happy working 9-5 and in return getting a weekly paycheck and some benefits? If so, that's super! A job is ideal for you. And contrary to what many business owners say, jobs ARE the right choice for some people.

I worked jobs all my life until about six years ago. And I was pretty much content going through my weekly motions. It was a lifestyle I had gotten used and a decent job provides an earning solution that is a good fit for many people.

Sure, I would occasionally consider upgrading my job to earn more money but I always decided to "stay put." However, had I had access to the great job finding tools the web now offers, I probably would have migrated to higher paying jobs more regularly.

If you are content in your job and happy working for a weekly paycheck, then good for you! And if you are happy with the IDEA of a "job" but you want a better one, then use the web to upgrade your situation with a better job. You can do that at one of the following excellent job-search sites...
2. Opportunities.

Now we come to the folks who are a bit less than content in their jobs. So they go out onto the web in hopes of finding a better way to make money. What they usually find is a myriad of "opportunities". An opportunity is simply a chance to earn money "without having a job."

Unfortunately, what most folks find is that these so-called opportunities are actually WORSE than having a job! They require large cash outlays or long hours. And when you try to juggle a job AND an opportunity, your job usually wins out. That's because the job pays steady income and the opportunity does not.

You see, there are BILLIONS of people looking for their next big opportunity -- their "break" or key to riches. And it has created an entire market unto itself; the "opportunity seekers market". What it really should be called is a black hole! That's because it usually sucks up opportunity seekers, cleans out their pockets and spits them back out to their job.

I know, that sounds a bit harsh. But it is true too often, especially on the web. You see, opportunity seekers have to be very wary of these black holes. They are everywhere. Here's just one example...

Have you ever seen the "opportunity" labeled "email processors needed"? You know, the one that offers you unlimited salary working from home on your computer.

Maybe you even tried it. And if you did, I don't blame you a bit. It sounds great. Actually, millions of folks have tried it. But what they soon learned is that it is a scam. It is a web version of the oldest mail-order scam in the world -- the envelope-stuffing scheme. Customers PAY to get into the opportunity only to find out "exactly" how it works... Money is generated by getting other unsuspecting people to send their hard-earned cash to them, for directions on how to do the same thing to more suckers. "In the black hole, out the black hole, back to work."

Oh sure, there are some legitimate opportunities on the web. Plenty of them actually. Established affiliate programs, a few decent network marketing programs, and the like. But two facts will never go away. There will always be billions of people looking for opportunities. And there will always be plenty of other people willing to take their money.

So if you are looking for an opportunity to make your fortunes overnight, do yourself a favor and go back to work. You'll make a lot more money at your job than you will chasing opportunities. Unless you want to go a step further and actually...

3. Start Your Own Business.

OK, so you're tired of the job thing. Can't blame ya. Years of commuting, overtime to make ends meet and trying to "move up" made me tired of it too.

And what's that, you've tried a few "opportunities" that didn't pan out as you had hoped? Yeah, me too. Bummer eh?

So what's left for you. Well, there's one more route that may sound like a huge undertaking. But if you look closely it can actually be EASIER than the two previous choices.

I know because I took that route six years ago and now I work when I want and make more money than I ever thought possible. The route?... I started my OWN business.

No, I am not saying you'll get rich overnight. And sure, you'll have to put in some long hours, especially early on. But it could be the most rewarding experience you've ever had. And yes, in the long-run your life may turn out to be MUCH easier than you could imagine.

I know, it may difficult to think in the long-term right now. After all, the problems you face are happening TODAY. Bills are due in a week and you're not sure if you'll have enough to cover them all. You work hard but your credit card debts get bigger every month. And with all that overtime you've been putting in you're starting to wonder if your kids think you're some entity that exists only on the weekends. (Maybe you're thinking the same thing!)

OK, maybe it's not all that bad. Maybe you just want a way to make more money and work less. That's a noble goal. That's really what got me started. And that's why thousands of people start a new business every day.

So take the first steps... Call your local town hall and ask them if you need a license to start a home business in your county or town. If so, fill out the paperwork and you're in business. Then use the web to do some due-diligence. Research your preferred field thoroughly. Research other businesses that already do what you would be interested in doing from home. Ask them questions. Ask their customers questions. Join them if they are established.

Starting your own business does not have to be a giant undertaking. Thanks to the web, it is something you can do from your own home, part-time if you want. And you do NOT need a large cash investment. You probably already charge more every month on credit cards than a new web-based business will require.

The whole key to 'starting a successful business online' is that very first word... starting. That's the step that keeps people in jobs they do not like year after year after year. So if starting a business is something you really want to do, START TODAY! Who knows, in a year or two you may be leaving your 9-5 job for good and never looking back.

By Jim Daniels of

Countless people over the years have written to thank Jim for giving them that nudge they needed to get their business started. Here's hoping the above piece is the little push you need! And if you want more help, visit Jim's new web-based guide to Making a Living Online. You'll find it at:

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