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How to Test Classified Ads in Ezines

In most cases, an Internet businesses' primary problem is getting traffic to their web site. This can be resolved simply by doing the right type of advertising to target the type of customer you need to purchase your product or service. You need to get targeted traffic to your website, in the quantity you will be satisfied with, and you need buyers not surfers.

The product or service must have real value and have wide appeal to the people who are on the Internet. If the product is not of value to a wide audience, then all the advertising in the world is not going to help you. The product needs to excite people. It has to make them think: I need this. To find a good product, you have to do some research.

Then, once you are sure you have the right product or service it's time to advertise. I have tried almost every means of advertising on the Internet, and the best bang for the bucks has been ezine classified advertising. If you want almost instant results, ezine ads are the most effective way to advertise. If you have a tested ad that has been proven effective, the results can be almost instantaneous. Once the ezine is sent out you can start to see results within 30 minutes to an hour.

There are many variables in ezine advertising. You can't just throw an ad in a bunch of ezines and just like magic you're rich. It doesn't work that way. A classified ad must be tested to find the "killer" ad. The headline of the ad is the most important part of a classified advertisement. The headline must catch your prospects' attention and draw them into the body of the ad.

Here is how to test a classified ad. First, write five different small classified ads. Then try to improve upon them until you love them all and they are perfect. Then you must shop for some small ezines that offer low-cost classified ads in a price range of $10 to $15 each, with the highest circulations you can get in that price range.

Get five autoresponders with a series of sales letters installed for each of the five test ads. That allows you to track the results of each ad and do followup sales letters automatically. Once the letters are installed, you can use the same sales letters in all your autoresponders if you're selling the same product. You can also use ad-tracking URLs. Here is a free-to-join tracking website called ROIbot. Sign up as a reseller; it comes with three free tracking URLs.

The purpose of this series of sales letters is to keep reminding the person that requested more information that your product or service is still waiting there for them to purchase. There should be the original sales letter and at least three followup letters, up to as many as seven. Most sales from ezines are not made from the first sales letter. The sales normally come from the followup letters.

The ad with the best results or the most hits to your autoresponder is the ad to run. If one of your ads did very well, then run it again in all five ezines. Or, if your budget allows you to go with larger, high-circulation ezines, then do so.

This is the same way a mail-order company does a test mailing. They first send out 1,000 letters to test the market for their sales letter and product before they send out 100,000 letters.

Now it's time to count the money. Let's say the amount of money you spent on the five ads was $50 and your total sales were $150. That's a $100 profit for your $50 investment. Now, one of your ads did better than the rest, so you run this "killer" ad with, say, $150 in ads. You should bring in no less than $450 in sales, for a $300 profit. This is the way snail mail-order companies test their mailings. It is done the same way on the Internet.

Once you have this system in place and working, making a profit each time you advertise, how many times each day would you like to spend $150 and make a $300 profit?

Your next step is to improve your profits once you have the money available. Try top spots with your classified ad. A top-spot ad, of course, is the very first ad that a reader of the ezine sees. This ad has a better chance of being clicked on. If you have a well-tested "killer" ad, the top spot is the place to be.

Then there is the solo ezine mailing where your sales letter advertisement goes out by itself with no other advertisements in the mailing. This costs a lot more, but, once again, if you have found the "killer" ad, you can add more text to the classified ad, telling people more about your product or service. The solo ad gets amazing results if you have a good sales letter.

I can't go into more detail without creating an ebook or a website on this subject. There are many more variables to ezine advertising than I can put in this article. This only covers the basics of how to test ads and advertise in ezines. If you want to know all the details of how to advertise in ezines,

About the author:
Glenn Curry is the publisher, author, and webmaster of the Enterprise ezine. Advertise Free in 230 Ezines with over 200,000 circulation. When you subscribe to the Enterprise ezine you get the Free ad directory of ezines. For a FREE subscription just send a blank email to:
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