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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Let me ask you this: How many of you receive dozens of ezines and newsletters in your email every day, which are quickly disposed of with the click of the "delete" button? That's what I thought! Shame on you!...OK, ahem, I'm guilty of it too!

Or, at least, I used to be. Since becoming an editor/publisher myself, I've come to realize just how important the newsletters to which I subscribe are for me and my business. Frankly, you must admit there has never been as much free information and valuable resources all in one place, as online ezines provide. When the gurus talk about this being the time of a "goldrush" on the internet, they're not kidding!

Then why "garbage" each newsletter - perhaps the most valuable resource any online marketer has at his/her fingertips - so fast? After all, didn't we subscribe to them? And didn't we subscribe because that ezine appealed to us in some way, or catered to a particular interest? I would consider the action of throwing away a newsletter before it's properly read an attempt to succeed in business without really trying.

It's not as if online newsletters are very "difficult" to read...two or three articles, a few tips, a handful of ads, some welcoming and ciao messages from the editor - whew! Come to think of it, in this day-and-age of high-speed, mega-this and hyper-that, maybe that IS too difficult to read!

Now, I should point out that this particular phenomenon pertains more to business and marketing ezines than any other type. Stands to reason, as there appear to be more ezines in this category than in any other. Fair enough. But, it's precisely because of this that I learned you can and should NOT throw these newsletters away so quickly. Not, at least, until you've read or examined each issue you receive from top to bottom, and vice-versa.

Let's face it, if you're doing any kind of business - on or offline - you must take advantage of any resource that will help you and your business not simply to exist - but to grow! In the offline world, as we all know, this NEVER EVER EVER comes free. No siree! But the internet...oh, the internet. (Let's throw a great big kiss to the person who invented the internet right now, shall we?) Isn't that why you and I are here? Where else can someone start a home-based business, from one computer on one desk in one home for next-to-nothing?

What this ultimately reveals is how important it is to read all the ezines and newsletters you receive daily. If they bore you, or you don't like them, then unsubscribe. Easy. But, for doing business online, there is no more important resource than an ezine! The articles cover ALL aspects of marketing on the net. The resources, most of which are still free, are changing and improving all the time. Needless to say, this information is priceless.

The classifieds section, itself, represents, arguably, the most vital aspect of the newsletter: the ads enable you to monitor your competition! Plus, you can measure the quality of your own advertising campaign by examining the style and content of other people's ads. Just because many classifieds are listed at the bottom of an ezine is no reason to underestimate their value. They are ALL important. If, from reading all the ads, you only learn what NOT to do, then you have accomplished something!

This all ads up to one thing, of course: KNOWLEDGE. And, as more than one philosophy professor is always quick to point out, "KNOWLEDGE=POWER." Need I say more?

Without question, it's the responsibility of ezine editors to make their publications interesting and "readable," from top-to-bottom. If you find it difficult to read online you can simply print it out to read later, or to file away as a business resource.

To be honest, I don't know if you can succeed in business without really trying. But if you want to give yourself a huge advantage with a minimum of effort...just read your ezines!

And keep your pointer off the "delete" button!

About the author:
Mark Greenberg is the editor of the GlobeNet Biz Marketing Ezine, a free newsletter aimed at helping your business succeed in the global online marketplace. Subscribe at and get 1 FREE ad every week.

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