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Internet Marketing - The Google Way

I think I could safely say almost everyone who ever started or thought about starting a website on the internet had the hope of making extra money as their main objective. Unfortunately for many there comes a rude awakening somewhere between the dreams and the reality.

The blame for a lot of the misconceptions regarding the ease of marketing on the internet lies with the marketing pioneers - whose primary tactic 'to encourage people to buy their product', was to falsely claim how easily one could earn a substantial income by simply setting up a website and reselling their product. You know ... "make huge amounts of money while enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous"

They forget to tell you - to market on the internet you only need to get two things right - you need traffic, then you need to convert the traffic to sales, that my friends is it.

I don't want to be the angel of doom and gloom because marketing on the internet is a long way from doom or gloom. Our friends at Google have probably given us the greatest exact advertising tool ever available in the history of marketing. As I said before one of the two 'secrets' is getting traffic to your webpage. With Google adWords you can switch the traffic on to your offer within an hour.

The downside of using Google adWords is, that it does cost money. When you set up your campaign, you nominate what price you are prepared to pay Google for a visitor to your website - the minimum price being five cents, the maximum - fifty dollars.

The advantages of advertising using the adWords system is you can track everything. For example if you do a test campaign and Google is sending you the traffic but you're not getting sales, you might need to have a look at and modify the wording on your landing page.

While running an adWords campaign Google sets a minimum click through rate of 1% ie: if Google displays your Ad 100 times they want and expect at least 1 person to click on your Ad and if this isn't achieved, Google will disable your Ad. It is then up to you to modify your Ad until you do achieve the minimum required click through rate (CTR)

I recommend you run more than one Ad simultaneously so you can weigh the performance of your Ads one against the other. For example you may find one Ad is achieving a 1.5% CLR while the other is achieving a 3% CLR. You would then modify the wording on the 1.5% CTR Ad to see if you can better the CTR of the higher performing Ad.

Similarly, I recommend using multiple landing pages so you can again weigh and test the performance - the same as before. Let's assume google sends you 100 clicks to each of your pages, one page is getting 1 sale per hundred clicks the other page is getting 2 sales. You would then alter the wording on the lesser performing page to try to beat the better page. The trick is to keep constantly tracking, testing and improving. CTR's of 10% - 15% are not unheard of.

The best way to learn in this case is by getting your feet wet. I would be quite surprised if you get everything right on your first attempt, so probably the worst that can happen if you get it wrong is Google will disable your Ad or maybe worse than that if you do get your Google Ad right, Google sends you the clicks and your landing page doesn't convert them to sales. You know what you need to do then, don't you? (If you do get it right the first time, could you let me know how you did it. I'm still tracking, testing and improving my Ads too you know!)

Some other tips I should let you know, make sure your Ad has the correct URL for your landing page. Make sure the visitors can find your offer when they arrive on your page. Don't use the word FR*E or you may find you get plenty of visitors but not many buyers. If possible display the price of your product or service in your adWords Ad that way you may get less clicks but those who do click through to your link will be more likely to buy because they already know the price of your offer. Don't end your price with 5 use a 7 for some reason you will find up to 15 times more people will click on a price ending in 7 than a 5 eg: $9.97.

Unfortunately because of the size limitations of an article I can only give you a brief overview of this marketing strategy that does work. If you think you may like to learn more about Google adWords I might suggest you go to - follow the directions on bookmarking Net Wealth Group - you will then have a Control Panel on your desktop where you will find a link called Advertising Campaign Control Panel, this will give you a step by step guide to setting up a Google adWords campaign.

Not too hard at all is it? :o)

Article Written By Kerry Harrington
Copyright © 2004 The Wealth Writer eZine.

Kerry Harrington is the publisher of The Wealth Writer eZine - This interesting weekly eZine is known for it's useful and informative articles, written in a personal style by Kerry. To subscribe by email simply click the mail link then send mailto:

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