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How to Create Your Own Viral Ebook

First, find a subject that is HOT. When I wrote the '7 Viral Marketing Articles,' the "viral" subject was hot. Today, it's still a hot subject.

Find YOUR subject.

(You can read my article, 'How to Read What People Have In Mind,' for getting some ideas on how to find your subject.)

Then use the 'Article Finder.' Open the software and type the keywords for the subject you want to create the ebook for. This software will search the majority of the online archives of articles and will bring you several pages of results. You can re-publish the articles as long as you don't alter the 'Resource Box' that mentions the writer (this is the Copyright section.)

Select the articles you want to re-publish. Pick a magic number. A number is magical when it ends in 1 or 7. Don't ask me why. It just is. So, it could be 7, 17, 27 or 11, 21, 31, etc...

Then find 1-2 (only ONE to TWO) products that offer an affiliate program AND are relevant to the subject you're dealing with. Example: I created the '7 Viral Marketing Articles' for promoting 'TurboReferer' because my software deals with viral marketing. I created the '7 Ebook Marketing Articles' for promoting the 'Best Free Ebook' and 'Free Software Forever' because of the relevancy these products have with ebook marketing. Register as an affiliate and get your promotional tools for the product/s you want to promote: a banner, a text ad, etc. As you can understand, the point is to include ads for the product/s you want to promote as an affiliate inside the (free) ebook you're creating. You can also check my affiliates' center for products you can promote as an affiliate.

Then create the STRUCTURE & the STYLE of your ebook. You'll need an HTML editor, some images, an ebook COMPILER, and an ebook cover generator.

You can choose one of the following free html editors:
  - HTML-Kit -
  - Amaya -
  - Sothink HTML Editor -
Or You can use commercial software like FrontPage(TM) or DreamWeaver(TM).

As for the ebook compiler you need, you can find one here: (this is Jimmy D. Brown's product too). There is also an ebook compiler in the Best Seller Ebook collection. (Check Software - you can order all of the products listed in the BSE here: Note: I know there are many free ebook compilers. You need one that will allow you to offer BRANDABLE copies to your readers. More about this below.

I'd suggest you add some images to your html pages. Some bullets, a logo, and images will make your ebook stand out. Furthermore, you can see when I created my first ebook that I had ALREADY decided the STYLE I'd use for the rest of the ebooks I WOULD create in the future. Look at and you'll see that ALL the ebooks have the same STYLE. I even gave a title to the SERIES of ebooks *I would* create: 'PillSeries Ebooks' (because they all would be small ones - like pills:-) So, you also need to create YOUR STYLE and keep it the same for ALL the ebooks you'll create in the future. Read what Allan says about my style above. Your style is a part of your brand. Remember this.

You'll also need software for creating your ebook covers. Check Armand Morin's Ebook Cover Generator.

So... let's say that you chose the subject for your ebook, found the relevant articles to re-publish, created a style for your ebook, wrote the html pages, added your affiliate links to the product/s you want to promote through your free ebook, created the images (or used some free ones you found on the Net), created the ebook cover...

What's next?

Believe it or not, this is just the beginning. Why should someone distribute your ebook? *Money* should be the reason. Unless you have written the BEST ebook with UNIQUE content that others will spread all over the Net like maniacs (like what happened to Seth Godin's "Unleashing the Idea Virus" - do you remember that ebook?), you need to offer a REASON for people to redistribute your ebook to their audiences.

So, you can either:
- offer an affiliate program and allow your affiliates to insert their affiliate links into your ebook,
- or just offer a brandable version of this ebook with links that people can re-brand.

In both cases, you need to create a BRANDABLE version of your ebook. That's why the ebook compiler I suggested to you above is the one you need. You can also check Armand Morin's Ebook Generator or if you want to offer your ebook in a PDF format, you can use Michael Wagner's ViralPDF. By using one of the suggested ebook compilers, you'll distribute the brandable version of your ebook along with a special brander application so your readers/affiliates will be able to brand your ebook with their information. Read again the description Allan gives for my ebooks and the sections available for branding offered to my readers.

You also have to write the instructions your readers/affiliates will need in order to brand your ebook. Then, use a compression utility and compress the 2 versions of your ebook: the plain one and the brandable one. JustZIPit is a free compression utility you can use.

Let's say that you have created both your ebook and the brandable version of your ebook.

Note: you can also CHARGE a small fee for allowing others to brand your ebook with their information. I do not suggest this method if you do not offer unique content. Your first ebooks MUST BE FREE, so you'll become KNOWN - then you can create other ebooks and charge for the brandable version.

What's next?

You have to install an autoresponder like Autoresponse Plus, or Autoresponder Unlimited, (this software is also included free in the 'Best Seller Ebook' collection.)

Or you can use a remote autoresponder service like Get Response or SendFree.

Why do you need the autoresponder?

Don't ask me this question...

No matter what you create online, your task is to increase your list of subscribers/readers/customers, etc... the MONEY is in the LIST, remember? I use a separate autoresponder for each ebook I released. I want to know who downloads my ebook and I want to be able to follow up with my readers to either promote my products or to inform them about my new free ebooks.

If you do not use an autoresponder for gathering the names and email addresses of the people who'll download your ebook, then... do NOT create your ebook, do NOT create anything... There is no point.

What's next...

Your last task is creating the web pages for offering your ebooks. I can hear you whispering... "Offering my ebooks to whom?"

Good question.

I told you how to create your ebooks. The promotion of your ebooks on the web is another big matter and it's just like the promotion of your products. You must become a 'cyber-social' person, participate in forums, use your email signature, etc., in order to make your ebook known. And of course, you can submit it to ebook directories you find online.


What do you think? Is it easy to create a viral ebook? I hope so. Okay:-) It's not that easy, but once you create your first one, all the following ebooks will be a "piece of cake" for you. Remember that the most difficult part is NOT the creation of your ebook; it's the PROMOTION of your ebook.

However, if you have NO idea of what I described above or if the whole procedure scared you so much that you're now saying, "there is no way I can create my ebook this year or in the next one coming," please calm down...

As I have told you in my past articles, there are always ways to reach your Ithaca. And in most cases money helps to reach your island faster. :-)

So, if you can afford my services, I can create your ebook in a few days from scratch, create your website, and even install the autoresponder for you. Of course, you need to have your own hosting and your own domain name, but we can also find a solution for those too. Interested? Send me an email at and I'll tell you my rates and how we can proceed.

I wish you all a productive New Year!

. . .

© 2004 John Delavera - All rights reserved
Automated Solutions for Internet Marketers!

P.S. If you're going to write your own story instead of compiling some articles to create your ebook, I found a terrific IDEA GENERATOR you can use for free. I have never seen software like this in the past. This is new and it's the best (free) solution I have found online. It's called 'WriteSparks! For Writers' and it includes a First Line Generator, a Cliche Starter Generator, a Mixed Metaphors Generator, a Mixed Proverbs Generator, a Random Story Words Generator, a What If Story Generator, and a Quick Prompts Generator. download it here for free

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