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Stick Me with a Brand Then Put Me Out to Cyber-Pasture

...where the Grass (and Other Things) are SO Much Greener

One of the big buzzwords of the binary revolution is Branding. But branding has, and always will be, the most powerful ingredient to successful selling on or offline. Mind you, I did NOT say marketing, because branding is actually the reverse of marketing. With marketing, you attempt to bring your products to the attention of the masses. Branding brings, and endears the masses, to You. Big difference!

Look at it this way - marketing is a step that will lead potential customers closer to a sale. Branding is the glue that holds the entire staircase together and makes the myriads of customers stay at your door to keep buying from you.

Keyword in this last sentence is You! The concept I am presenting here is NOT branding your product, or service, or website. It is in fact, Branding YOU!

So stoke up the coals and lay your iron in the fire while we get ready to begin exploring what is perhaps the most powerful method of achieving success on the Internet.

Question first. Do you have any idea who are the most successful businesses, per capita, on the Internet? You may be thinking Yahoo or one of the other mammoth search engines, portals or Wall Street giants, but you'd be very incorrect. By a cyber-mile, the most successful Internet businesses, per capita, are owned and operated by a handful of home-based entrepreneurs - the smart marketers who have taken the time and laid out their names and beliefs for all on the Internet to see. In other words, they've Branded Themselves!

Who am I talking about? Folks like Mark Joyner, Marlon Sanders, Jim Daniels and well, yours truly. Do we make more money than Of course not, but I can safely tell you that we all are in such profit positions that major corporations are now calling us for consultation. Ironic, huh?

Face it, the Internet is our future, but it is one cold and faceless frontier. Add to that the legions of scam artists out there stalking prey with their get-rich, sell-'n-duck schemes and you've got the vast majority of the now 350,000,000 Internet users (yes, that's right!) still very wary to place their credit card info online.

This is where the most important element (result actually) of branding comes into play - Trust. Trust indeed is a rare commodity, but when a trustworthy entrepreneur puts a great product out along with their integrity, and begins to brand themselves "in all the right places", amazing results occur - dramatic sales increases included! This is exactly what the mega cyber-corporations have not done, and why you should begin the process of Branding YOU today!

Hey look, I'm just a small-time, work-at-home business person who instinctively *knew* to present myself online the only way I knew how - the REAL me. Call me lucky, but I, and that tiny handful of others, discovered ways to make our name and beliefs known in such a way that it's become "viral" in nature and would blow most people's cyber-socks off (cause it certainly has mine!).

Perhaps you are, or are close to becoming, an Internet success story right now and if so, I ask you to still consider the process of Branding YOU to further your career. But if you're not and are looking for a financially secure future on the World Wide Web for you and your family, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that you CAN buck the odds and join the small but ever-growing crowd of online entrepreneurs who have taken the time to Brand Themselves into the big leagues.

Further reading:

© 2000 Rick Beneteau
Are you ready to take action? Good, then take that branding iron outa the fire and spend what I guarantee will be the most important few minutes you'll spend on the Internet and Start Branding YOU and Breaking the Bank!!

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