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  • People Do Judge Websites by Their Front Pages
    The Internet is a phenomenal place for resources, tools and information that can help quicken the entrepreneurial learning curve, which can be dramatically slow for many new businesses in today's hypercompetitive world. It is important to realize, though, that the web, as in all things, has important elements one can never ignore. One of them is the human element.

  • Ten Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make
    How do you judge the effectiveness of your small business marketing efforts? Easy...does it produce results? Great looking ads, fancy logos and flashy web sites are worthless if they don't bring business to your door. This list of 10 common marketing mistakes can help you produce better results.

  • Secrets to Explosive Web Traffic
    Something for nothing is a universal passion and successful webmasters are aware of this aspect of human psychology. A very effective method to increase your customer base is giving something away.

  • Get Out of Your Own Way!
    What are the first thoughts that come to mind when you think of starting your own business? If you've been reluctant to go out on your own, it's time to consider what may be the biggest obstacle in your path... You.

  • Diversify to Survive
    Protect yourself in this dynamic and volatile dot-com environment by diversifying your product and service offerings to generate multiple streams of income.

  • How a Targeted Linkage Campaign Compares to an SEO Campaign
    Today both targeted linkage and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns require an investment. Want to know where you'll get the most bang for your buck? The answer is...

  • 5 Keys to Copywriting for Site Visitors and Search Engines
    When it comes to writing your Web site copy, you must balance the needs of your target audience with search engine optimization. Here are the 5 keys to help you succeed with both site visitors and search engines.

  • Optimization Copywriting for Theme Indexing Search Engines
    Theme indexing is a process used by search engines to determine an entire site's primary theme. In other words, your complete set of Web pages is indexed as one, and defined as one. Let's look at the theme indexing process from the search engine's point of view...

  • Pin The Tail On The Web Marketing Donkey
    Jimmy Brown gives you 6 quick LAWS to LIVE BY if you really want to stop walking around blindly online and finally find the promised success you've been reading about...

  • How To Test Classified Ads in Ezines
    In most cases, an Internet businesses' primary problem is getting traffic to their web site. This can be resolved simply by doing the right type of advertising to target the type of customer you need to purchase your product or service. You need to get targeted traffic to your website, in the quantity you will be satisfied with, and you need buyers not surfers.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Customer Follow-up
    Following up with your customer, once you've made a sale, is an important part of providing good customer service. Not only is it an important part of developing a good relationship with your customer, but it will also enable you to introduce your new products.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Building An Opt-in List
    Developing your own list of targeted potential customers is the absolute most important marketing strategy you can use. No matter what strategies you're currently using, if you're not collecting the email addresses of your potential customers, you're literally guaranteeing your failure.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Purchasing Advertising
    If you really want to build your business online, you must be willing to invest a portion of your profits back into your business. There are several advertising opportunities available on the Internet that will enable you to purchase targeted advertising very reasonably.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Paying For Traffic
    If you've been struggling with your website traffic and your sales aren't what you had hoped for, then maybe it's time to start paying for traffic. Pay-per-click Search Engines provide an extremely effective means of obtaining highly targeted traffic to your website.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Setting Up Your Affiliate Program
    If you're marketing your own product on the Internet, you can dramatically increase your sales with an affiliate program. An Affiliate program will enable you to recruit an unlimited number of individuals to sell your products...

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Accepting Payment Through Your Website
    If you're doing business on the Internet, accepting payment through your website is an absolute must. If you're not processing orders online, you're losing a great deal of money in lost sales.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Writing Effective Website Sales Copy
    Words make sales, not fancy websites. Your words are the entire foundation of your business. Your product, your website and your marketing strategies all depend upon your words. You must learn how to write persuasive words specifically written for your targeted customer.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Designing Your Product's Website
    Designing a website specifically designed to sell your product is an essential part of your success. Everything within your website should have one specific purpose - getting your visitor to take action...

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Developing Your Product
    Developing your own product isn't as difficult as you may think. Today's technology has opened a whole New World of opportunity for even the smallest homebased business owner. The knowledge you have within your own mind is all you'll need to develop a successful product.

  • Internet Marketing Strategies - Three Step Formula
    Developing a successful marketing strategy is an essential part of your online success. In order to succeed, you must develop and implement a strategic plan that includes all of the following...

  • Put Your Business On Autopilot!
    Your time is valuable! Why do mundane tasks that your computer or that computer software can do? Here are eight ways to make your life easier, by putting some aspects of your business on "autopilot".

  • Nothing is Secret Anymore!
    The Confessions of a Millionaire Information Broker. Information is the currency of today's world. Those who control information are the most powerful people on the planet - and the ones with the most bulging bank accounts.

  • Dependence - The Key to Success!
    Whether you are just getting started doing business on the Internet, or are a seasoned professional, "Dependence" is one aspect of Internet Business that will always stay at the top of the "Essential Skills" list!

  • How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
    I've come to realize just how important the newsletters to which I subscribe are for me and my business. Frankly, you must admit there has never been as much free information and valuable resources all in one place, as online ezines provide. When the gurus talk about this being the time of a "goldrush" on the internet, they're not kidding!

  • The Easiest Way To Write Anything
    You've got something to say, but you don't think of yourself as "a writer." Copywriting expert Joe Vitale shares this handy little "two-step" process to help you best communicate your thoughts.

  • Online Hype Is Getting Funnier
    I am getting more and more 'be-a-millionaire-in-6-weeks' emails in my inbox. The Internet makes MLM hype travel faster; at least it's funnier than it used to be. I feel ready for another career change and reckon I've got what it takes to be an online MLM copywriter... :-)

  • The Triggers of Success
    A desire to buy something often involves a subconscious decision. Knowing the subconscious reasons why people buy, and using this information in a fair and constructive way, will trigger greater sales response... often far beyond what you could imagine.

  • Mini-Sites - Highly Targeted Sales Generators
    If you're looking for a highly effective method of increasing your Internet sales, then mini-sites may be your answer. Mini-sites are one of the most effective marketing tools online. Not only are they effective, but they're also very inexpensive and easy to create.

  • Let's Flash
    Flash (developed by Macromedia) is the leading vector graphics technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth web sites. SWF (ShockWave Flash) is the file format used by Macromedia Flash to deliver graphics, animation and sound over the Internet. These techniques are rapidly changing the way we play, work, or just browse online.

  • Learn Your Way to Greater Profits
    Teleclasses and Online Seminars are increasing in fervor these days. Aside from the savings such courses incur (over traditional classrooms and board rooms), there are many other benefits for organizations. Some include increased speed, control and automation of content delivery.

  • A to Z of Domain Name Selection
    Selecting a domain name, or web address, is the most important task you will undertake when moving your business online. Here's an A to Z guide, which should help you choose the right domain names for your website.

  • The Success Doctor™'s Targeting Model
    Michel Fortin explains his Targeting Model, (a format to follow when targeting any market or audience, or while engaged in any targeting activity) and illustrates it's use with real life examples.

  • Seven Search Engine Similarities
    It's true -- search engines are a royal pain when you try to optimize your web pages for them but you can reduce the pain by analyzing their similarities. Judith Tramayne-Barth has some excellent advice here for dealing with today's search engines!

  • Email Marketing - How Best To Manage and Distribute Your Messages
    Doing business over the net is growing at incredible rates and email marketing is becoming a ‘given’ element of many marketing campaigns. It should come as no surprise that tools to help us manage our email lists and distribution are becoming increasingly important. The challenge in incorporating email marketing into a campaign is determining what type of email service best suits your business needs, today and in the long-term.

  • How to Use Other People's Money for Your Business
    John Ray, the famous 17th century author, was known to have written the aphorism, "Money begets money." In the business world, I'm sure you've also heard the saying, "You've got to have money to make money." There are countless sources of cash, but by far, the best one to utilize for your business is ... other people's money.

  • Why Newbies Are Afraid To Build A Website
    If you want to increase your business - no matter how technical your product - have your Website copy, help files and tutorials read out loud by a Newbie. You'll be amazed at what you learn!

  • Gateway Pages My Patootie
    Everybody and their sister is telling you to make Gateway or Doorway pages to get listed higher in search engines. I'm here to tell you this is a waste of your valuable time. If you follow the guidelines given here, you should increase your position and, if you do it right, be ranked in the top 10.

  • Maximizing Your Internet Marketing Strategies
    Developing a successful Internet marketing strategy is the key to your online success. You must develop and implement both short-term and long-term marketing strategies to bring a continuous flow of targeted traffic to your web site.

  • Build Your Business with Strong Brands ...not a Mountain of Cash
    If you're involved in marketing in any way, shape of form, you've heard the term "branding" but you probably couldn't define it. And if Regis asked you "Is that your final answer?" you'd probably take your money and run rather than risk losing your cash. Branding is important because it makes sales easier!

  • Putting People In A Buying Mood
    To succeed as a "affiliate program" marketer you will need to learn one essential skill. It is a skill has nothing to do with SPAM campaigns, posting to FFA pages, or placing FREE Classified Ads. In fact these "marketing" techniques are usually counterproductive. Why? Because they waste valuable time that could be using on more productive efforts.

  • How To Win The Affiliate Game
    Over-selling is the most common mistake of affiliates. Keep in mind that all you need to do to succeed with affiliate programs is to get your potential customer to click through to the affiliate website in an 'open-to-buy' mindset. Michael Southon gives you timely tips to help increase your affiliate sales.

  • The Truth About Branding for Publishers
    Branding, or brand marketing as some now call it, is one of the buzzwords of public relations and marketing. I searched several dictionaries in vain for a precise definition of this high profile concept as it is applied in the business world. The closest I got was the one that explained the verb "to brand" as "to impress firmly." This is the very essence of what branding in business is.

  • A Press Release, A Media Kit and A Jug of Wine - by Angie Dixon
    What is a media kit and how do you use it? Basically, it's just what it sounds like--a "kit," or set of materials, to tell the media about you. At the minimum it should contain a company profile (a "bio" of the company), a bio of you, and a company fact sheet with more detailed information. Ideally, it will have much more information, including a sample product if possible, a promotional item, and clips of previous media coverage.

  • Making e-Biz Work - a White Paper from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce
    Small-business operators face tough challenges while chasing e-commerce opportunities. Small business in Canada may be getting wired but it's not staying competitive, according to a White Paper from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

  • Writing a Winning Email Newsletter
    Email newsletters are one of the fastest growing communication/marketing tools today. In addition to being a dynamic, affordable marketing tool, they are also one of the best ways to promote a web site and give you and your clients an excuse to capture valuable data to use for other marketing campaigns however, email newsletters aren't just printed newsletters delivered electronically.

  • Integrity... the Glue to Prosperity
    All of our visions of grandeur begin with putting ourselves together first. Integrity ensures that you will succeed. And, let me point out, integrity allows you to make mistakes. Because if you have integrity, you can deviate from your course, yet still see the error of your ways, self-correct, and find your way back. I liken integrity to "true north". True north never changes. People do.

  • If You Can't Beat Them... Join Them!
    What do Internet marketers Rick Beneteau, Jim Daniels, and Marlon Sanders, and Mark Enlow have in common? They have all made their personal fortunes as authors of top-selling ebooks! When Stephen King brought in $450,000 in a mere three days with the recent release of "Riding the Bullet", he made it clear that ebooks SELL!

  • Autoresponder Courses: The Automated Marketing Tool
    Autoresponders, also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on demand were derived from the very popular fax on demand and designed to automatically respond to any email message it receives with an automatic response. This powerful technology is currently being used by some of the top online marketers to reach thousands of potential customers.

  • 14 Marketing Myths That Can Hurt You
    In this article, I am going to discuss some of the myths that I am constantly dealing with -- and the realities behind them! Knowing the reality is critical to your Internet marketing health and success ... So read on! - Condensed from the IMC Private Website

  • Would You Rather Be Rich or Famous?
    Publicity starts with a news release. The news release is one of the world's best marketing tools, but is also that wretched thing that often shatters the hopes of all who dare to seek publicity. But stick with me and I'll show you how to get the upper hand that will put you far ahead of all others who have tried and failed.

  • Creating Your New Web Site
    With a little thought and preparation you can design a good Web site from the outset. One that does the job it was intended for, and stands a fair chance of getting decent search engine rankings. You'll also have a site that is easy to modify, just in case you didn't get it quite right first time!

  • CRM in SmallBiz: disappointing misconceptions
    In the last few months there has been quite a lot of discussion on CRM (customer relationship management) solutions in the forums and ezines. Although it is extremely positive that people finally started to talk about the one concept that will make the future of a business successful or unsuccessful, there are quite a few misconceptions about the term. Those misconceptions make people lose time and energy finding solutions in areas they should not be even searching, instead in concentrating on the really important things.

  • How To Create A Strategic Web Advertising Campaign
    The internet is fast becoming a required component in every advertising campaign. So, what is the best way to advertise on the internet? The answer to that question depends on why you are advertising. Do you want to build a brand, increase traffic or sell a product?

  • Recognizing Internet Marketing - by Michel Fortin
    The demand for marketers in the hi-tech field is growing by leaps and bounds. Not only is the Internet growing but the demand for Internet-savvy marketers is in a state of hypergrowth as well. Thus, Internet marketing is becoming an area of greater importance, especially among academic circles.

  • Internet Marketing Expert Can't Give Away $100 Bills!
    Where were you when the teacher was giving out the valuable, life-changing lessons? If you missed school that day, don't worry. Chances are, they couldn't have been as life-changing as the lesson one Internet marketer learned while trying to give away $100 bills. This issue of Killer Tactics Journal will tell you his story.

  • Increase Sales with Payment Solutions
    Accepting credit cards is the most well known way to accept payment on the Internet. Almost everyone has a credit card and by accepting his or hers, it makes customers' ordering process much more convenient and time saving, not to mention it encourages them to purchase from you. Accepting credit cards has become a necessity to the survival of e-businesses.

  • Where's The S.E.X. in Your Business?
    It's absolutely amazing how SEX sells! I'm always amazed how many businesses, such as Coca Cola, Mercedes, Sony, etc., use sex appeal in their ads, to sell their products. Ever wondered why? When you add the element of sex appeal, you add the element of emotion, and most people buy for emotional reasons than any other reason.

  • The 20 Rules of a Killer Website
    You have no choice. If you want to be successful online, you need to develop a website that serves the needs of your visitors in a manner that is both user-friendly and easily understood. This sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, no one thing is going to make your website a success. You will need to constantly be trying and testing new things, even if you currently have a website that is doing well. Why? Because what works today isn't necessarily going to work tomorrow!

  • Don't Play Follow The Leader
    The Internet marketing machine is like a large information freight train running out of control, 99 miles an hour down a dead end street. There is so much information and misinformation it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference. To make things even more difficult to understand, what works and what doesn't work today is changing all the time.

  • Is Search Engine Positioning Really Worthwhile?
    Here are some very serious questions that I've been asked about search engine positioning. How much traffic can search engine positioning generate? Is search engine optimization worth my time to pursue? Is it cost-effective? These are legitimate questions that our subscribers have asked about this popular marketing practice. - from the MarketPosition Monthly

  • 'One...Two...Three...Profit'
    Most people are overwhelmed when they first start marketing online. There are so many things to learn and so many different gurus teaching different techniques that it is almost impossible to figure out what to do. You may just want to throw up your hands in total frustration and quit BUT it doesn't have to be like this! - by Terry Dean

  • Search engine Promotion - Options Explained
    Most people have limited knowledge when it comes to search engine ranking and the various types of services on offer. We all know that having top 10 positions on some of the leading engines can bring all the traffic we can handle, and then some. But how do we get those top 10 listings and what should we expect to pay to get them?

  • Survival Tips For Small Businesses
    You may be in Mail Order, Direct Mail, or you may be a local merchant with 150 employees; whichever, however or whatever - you've got to know how to keep your business alive during economic recessions. Anytime the cash flow in a business, large or small, starts to tighten up, the money management of that business has to be run as a "tight ship."

  • A Venture Capital Primer For Small Business
    This report discusses what venture capital firms look for when they analyze a company and its proposal for investment, the kinds of conditions venture firms may require in financing agreements, and the various types of venture capital investors. It stresses the importance of formal financial planning as the first step to getting venture capital financing.

  • The 3 Musts of Pre-Selling Your Offers
    When looking at the task of promoting your offers, no matter what they may be, it helps to understand what this task truly involves. Because most, if not all of your promotions are to generate highly targeted, qualified "eyeballs" for your "selling Web site", your salesman in print, it is understandable that you must create the needed ... 1. Interest; 2. Education; 3. Desire

  • Credible Content on a Credible Site
    The credibility of your Web site is a huge issue for Web users. Thousands of students are currently being trained to evaluate sites on this basis. Who has provided the information on this page? Can the information be trusted? Can the people behind it be trusted? Is it safe to send an e-mail to these unknown people? Will an order be secure? Without credibility, there's not going to be much action.

  • Profiting From Ezines and Discussion Lists
    There are well over 100,000 email newsletters and discussion lists on just about every topic you can think of - and if we had to pick just one we would have to say that email marketing tops our list of favorite Internet marketing strategies. From establishing your presence as an expert in your industry, to networking with other marketers, promoting products and services, and building relationships - you can do it all with email.

  • How To Ignite The Explosive Power of Questions Under Your Business
    The power of the human mind is incredible! How can you tap this awesome potential? By using questions. The brain responds every time to questions. Ask yourself a question and your brain automatically starts considering the answer. Some answers come quickly - the obvious ones. Others require pondering, concentration, thought! The results from questions that generate this kind of thinking can turn your business around, absolutely!

  • The Science Of Alternative Traffic Generation
    The greatest rule in marketing success often taught in the academic world is "location, location, location." In cyberspace, that rule applies even more. In other words, your site must be located in as many places as possible and it must be as easily accessible.

  • Guerrilla Insights into Technology
    The very first insight is to realize that technology isn't what it was while you were growing up and isn't what it was when I was writing this sentence. The blurring speed of change in technology is so pervasive and dramatic that only a dunce would attempt to pin it down. Breakthroughs are reported every day and happening at a pace even faster than that. Your job is to be aware of the changes and to be grateful for technology.

  • Turning Your Home Page Into A Secret Weapon
    I'm going to blow away any idea, any concept at all, of what you think a home page should be about. Your home page must be about one thing, attracting a major search engine. Its like a beauty pageant, you want your home page to win the highest mark from the panel of judges, the rules of a major search engine. You will need to redesign your web site so your new "index" or "home" page leads to what you currently call your "home" page.

  • The Top 7 Rules of Power Copywriting!
    The biggest difference between good copywriters and great copywriters is research. Before you start writing your copy, do the work. Research the product or service. Research your (or your clients) product or service. More importantly though, research and study as many of the competitors as you can find for which realistic time allows. Gather as much data on you product (or service) and your market as possible. After researching the gathered material, ask questions.

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